Monday, June 22, 2009

My bebe studio......

Ok Dawn, Amor this is for you :)

The following pics are of what will soon be my bebe art studio, when it grows up it aspires to be just like Dawns' from The Feathered Nest :)

Please, please excuse the mess, but it is a work in progress. Lord grant me the patience and please don't let my mama see these pics lol. ( I was bought up by my abuelita (grandma) to always have on clean chonies (panties) without holes, cause you never know what might happen (getting hit by a car etc. etc.) and to Always have your house presentable when your having company) but being that you aren't physically here in my casa, hmmm does that mean showing you my mess in all its glory is ok? lol

Anyways here goes nada. (nothing)

These first 2 pics I actually like the best. No flash, Dawn I tried, I truly did, but I think you meant no flash in daylight right? These are at night lol They came out kinda sephia, I like the way they look, my messy treasures (junk) don't look as bad :) Dawn these are the things I told you My McDreamy set up on the table, I think I might just leave it like that. Without meaning too it looks purty...

Okay, the rest are with the flash and much more clear. Beware bright mess ahead :)

I love this table, it is curb treasure, already tattered and dingy, but I loves it. How could you not...

See that lil white cabinet in the corner? I bought that from a lady I met on Craiglist for $5, she has since become a wonderul friend.

This is the original wall Mr McDreamy gave me when I asked for my own lil space to create :)

Old watch makers desk. Craigslist, loves it.

The cabinet on the right was a thrift find. McDreamy thought I needed something to store all my magazines in, I think he was getting tired of all the piles that are every where :)

The apothecary chest on the left has a heartbreakingly strange but somehow so right story, that I will have to share with you sometime.

Ha, I just noticed some of my light bulbs burnt out :) oy, also that the lamp is covered w/dust...

dio mio, I truly hope my abuelita isn't looking down from heaven at this moment :)

See my doll way on the right, poor thing, she is one of my projects in waiting...

In Closing, I think this lil wall my McDreamy did for me says it all, don't you?

You know, I loved this movie long ago called Mr. Wonderful, with Matt Dillion, I for the longest time called my husband that, maybe that should be his default blog name or at least be in the running :)


The Feathered Nest said...

Ahhhhh!!!! OMYGOODNESS!! I am in LOVE with your stuff!!! I cannot believe the cool things you have Rose! I love all the drawers that your pieces have and that shelf thing with paper on it, it is AMAZING!

Wonderful pieces girl, your bebe is already beautiful to me ~ You were right, you have to use a flash at night :) I have about twelve lamps in my room so I don't have blinds my family when I'm taking photos! You've already gotten so much done Rose ~ Keep showing us more, I love it! I've posted about you and your new sweet blog and hope to send some friends your way ~ you go girl!!!!
hugs and love,

abeachcottage said...

welcoming you to blogland...enjoy the fun!


Christine said...

Welcome to Bloggerville! I hope you enjoy your stay!!!


Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Welcome to blogland Rose! Your posts are inspiring and I love your space, your really neat cabinets, and your honesty!
I had to laugh about your house and your panties, my mom always said the same to me!!! I did have a wreck and was thrown from the vehicle(before seatbelt laws). When my mom gave me the sack of my clothing, my panties were in shreds! I promised her they did not look that way when I put them on! LOL!
I just started a blog last month because of all the inspiration and creativity out there and to kind of keep a journal. It is harder than it looks to think up things to post about! I admire all those that post daily.

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing the things you are creating.
Love your writing too!

A new blog friend,

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

Welcome to the land of blogs!!! I love all your stuff!!! I really love all your storage!!
Great blog and will visit you often!
Have a great day!!

Sandy said...


Welcome to the land of blog, may your journey be filled with fun and friendship.

marie said...

Great post Rose! You have a way with words and I look forward to reading more!
Your creative space is wonderful ~ love all the "drawers"!

Charlene said...

Welcome to Blogland! I had to pop over to say hello because I saw you mentioned at Dawn's. SHE IS THE GREATEST!!!!! I hope you enjoy your blog as much as do mine. I have not been doing this a whole year yet,but LOVE it! I have met so many amazing sharing friends. Some of them I only communicate with via the blogs... others, I have met & gotten to visit in person. Hope you will pop by & visit me too & we can become blog friends. By the way, soooooooooo glad to find someone else with the magazine pile thing going on. "Honey" just doesn't "get it". Oh well.

Vee said...

Wonderful to welcome you to Blogland...visiting you via The Feathered Nest...speaking of feathers, you and Dawn are definitely two birds of a feather. I could easily become confused and think that I was seeing her studio here. Best wishes with your blogging endeavors!

Linda Jo said...

Welcome to blogland. Don't I see you on Flickr? Love all your cabinets and cubbies!

KV Creative Designs said...

Welcome to Blogsphere! I love you things! Especially the piece with the three Cherubs! Just love it!

Artful Blessings,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Welcome! I love your beautiful space...especially the large frame of flowers above your work space. Is it a mosaic?

Love your blog!

maggiegracecreates said...

Welcome welcome. I linked from dawn's and have been catching up. I have just added you to my google reader list so I can keep up.

The studio is wonderful. I think all our studios want to be like Dawn's when they grow up.

FrenchGardenHouse said..., here in my smallish California home is almost jealous of the S p a c e you have! The rack for the magazines? fabulous. Mr. Wonderful is a great name. love that.
xo Lidy

Faded Plains said...

Your space already looks amazing. You have some gorgeous the apothocary, the magazine cabinet, watch get the idea :o) the way, Pudge looks too cute in her lil' bed.

Vintage Papers said...

Your studio is soooo gorgeous! I am drooling over all the beautiful pieces in it this morning. Thank you for your kind comments on my space, it took a lot of "purging" to move into the sunroom from the spare bedroom, but I am able to stay a bit more organized.

You asked about the paint is a Behr paint from Home Depot. I really love the color we painted my brother's room also which is called "Brown Teepee"...both are great warm neutral colors. I hope this helps your project! Happy Creating! :)

Lovey said...

Loving the great studio Rose. Your pieces are divine!!! This is a great space to come in and create art! I LOVE IT!!!!!!