Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Woohoo I am back!

Wow, I can't believe how much I missed being without our computer! I couldn't visit any of my favorite blogs and just take in all the inspirational beauty (eye candy) I love reading all the posts and seeing what everyone is up to, not just creating but in their lives. You know when Dawn first told me about all the different wonderful ways you can use your blog, I especially loved the journal part. I have always kept a journal since I was a lil girl, a trait I have passed onto my daughters. When my oldest was only 3 yrs. old she kept a journal lol it was all jibberish that she wrote, but she could "read" to you what she had on each page and tell you about her "secrets" and not only that but, she could go back thru the pages and give you the same stories about it that she originally told you, she didn't mix them up, so apparently what was gibberish to us, was common sense to her! I remember her getting so upset when we pretended to read what we thought she had wrote and she would correct us and ask "don'tcha know how to wead?" When she "learned" to write, she did so in her own way lol She would write backwards really fast like we write 'normal" and could still tell you what she wrote quickly! I had to use a mirror to read her secrets, I know a 5 yr old with secrets lol But she did have them like putting a small box full of rolly pollys in her bed so that they wouldn't get cold, lol I remember running up to her room and screaming when I found her writtings were true! lol Now I would give anything for those days of innocence, she is 18 now, knows EVERYTHING, just graduated from High School and getting ready for college. My stars where did the time go????

Anyways sorry for rambling, getting back to Blogs :) I love how honest so many of you are, sharing your life's moments with all of us. It truly makes me feel good reading them because it reminds me that we are not alone, going thru whatever we are going thru in our own lives good or bad. We are not alone. When I read the sadness such as posts of a loved one passing, I cry with you. We lost our dad on March 14, and when he left us, everyone told me be strong! Don't cry in front of your mom or sister, be strong for them, they need you, you are the oldest, you have to take care of them now. But you know what? I forgot to take care of myself too. I didn't cry. I made myself so busy that I didn't let myself feel what I needed to. I have 3 older brothers, but the eldest is in Texas and he along with the other 2 have their own lives and were dealing with their own grief of losing their dad, so here it was just my mama, my younger sister and me. So late at night when everyone was sleeping and I was visiting all your blogs, when one of you posted of the loss of someone in your lives, from just reading it, I cried for your sadness because it mirrored mine, I guess in my mind I wasn't crying for me, so it was ok. But let me tell you it helped....alot. When you all write about the wonderful moments going on, I am excited right along with you. When you are venting about someone borrowing (stealing) your pictures or art work ideas, I am upset right along with you. When you write about funny moments I sometimes have to remind myself that it is after 1 in the morning and I have to watch how loud I am laughing :) So you see without realizing it, you all matter, everything you write, create and share is much, much appreciated! When you don't post for awhile because life gets in the way and you think, does anyone really care? I have nothing interesting to say or share, it does matter, because you matter :) When someone enjoys visiting your blog, they become your "friend" you become important, because you are now apart of their world! Wooo, did I just say all that? I only meant to tell you how much I missed being off line those few days lol.

Well I am gonna write a few more quick posts that were in my head when I couldn't get online :) so sorry for the huge deluge lol I promise after these posts the rest will have pictures too. So everyone remember to just take a moment to stop.........breath..........and just smile :)

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