Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Wonderful Giveaway...

Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell you about a wonderful giveaway that Anne of Fiona and Twig is having. Please go visit her and see her lovely blog, I loved it, She has such a wonderful way of writing and making you feel so welcome, I haven't yet visited her Etsy store, but I plan on it...Enjoy your visit, I know I will be going back myself to visit and peruse her older posts. Good luck...The winner will be picked Sunday Dec. 6th so don't forget to enter....Good luck...No really...this time I mean it :)

Clik here to enter

I'll be back tomorrow with a new battery ran out and darn it just when I needed your opinion on somethin :) Please check back so I can get your valuable help, because your opinion matters :)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My wish to you for this Thanksgiving....


Here in our home the last few days have been a whirlwind of getting the ideas together for dinner, the shopping and prep for this years Thanksgiving dinner and get-together. We are all looking forward to it and somewhat dreading it at the same time. In the last 2 years we have lost 5 beloved family members...I know there are so many of you out there that have your own losses of loved ones this heart and thoughts go out to each and everyone of you. With our family as I am sure with many of you, our get together will be kind of small this year, everyone is grown now and making plans of their own, but so far in our house, it will be my mama, my sister and her 2 beautiful children, my husband, my girls and myself and even though some of our most loved ones will be missing from our table they are here... in our hearts, thoughts and memories, as I am sure they will be in yours.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day, it reminds us not just of all the yummy foods that I and I am sure some of you :) give yourself free license to enjoy as much as you want even for just one day or like me the left over heaven that is the WHOLE weekend (lol, I can always start my diet Monday) But most importantly reminds us...sometimes thru our painful losses...just how much we truly have to be THANKFUL for.

The wonderful June of Laughing with Angels did a beautiful post on this HERE and it inspired me to write my own...

Please indulge me a lil moment...

Even with so many losses to our little family there is still so much to be thankful for...
Me..myself...I am thankful for...

Our family being in good health and even though some of our family members are off with plans of their own, they are still with us in heart and spirit knowing that we will see each other through out the year on special occasions and on my favorite get-togethers of all...the just because :)...

That we have gotten a blessed chance to stay in our home...because so many others out there are not, and we are very close to being one of them...My prayers & thoughts go out to all those that have lost their homes or are in the process of...Things have to get better regarding this...they just have to...I don't think anyone should give up hope on this. But all prayers on this, for us and everyone else in this situation are welcome :) beacuse we never know how quickly our lives can change...

That we have a warm (well kinda, in a 1916 house, you can only get so warm :) home filled with the love of our family and good food to keep our tummys full...what else is there be at this moment for me to be more thankful for? Well good health...How in the world did I forget that one...

That even though we are missing some of our loved ones so much it hurts to breathe...we have been blessed with the gift of bring forth all those cherished memories of all those our hearts so miss...

That I have "met" so many amazing woman & men, here in Blogland that have so enriched my much more that I could ever imagine....

That I "met" my wonderful friend Dawn of The Feathered Nest that is so full of love and understanding and gave me the gift of this Beautiful blog she made for me....that has so changed my life and given me so much...I cry just to think about how much it has enriched my life in so many ways!

That I am soo blessed to have so many amazing people in my life that love and support me unconditionally and trust me....I can sometimes make that not so easy...(who

Thank you own mr wonderful...for keeping my head above the water... when I was only too happy and ready to let the tides pull me under....

Now...I ask for just one more indulgence from you....(well in this post at least...see if anything I try to be honest....and your welcome :)...

Thanksgiving other than for the good foods and the days off from work, and getting to spend time with loved ones, well...I will be honest...since I was a child this was the reason I liked the holiday, for I had many more "important" ones ie...Christmas, my families birthdays...MY birthday...Hey I never said I wasn't some what selfish :) & yes we consider birthdays a holiday in our home...we celebrate you the whole day...week if you have been extra good :) lol

But these last few years with all our family losses...things in my mind and heart have changed....See like I have shared with you before....My dad...he made all the other holidays about us...Christmas, birthdays..forget about it...he made us all...his focus...But...Thanksgiving was his holiday....we all made it about him, his favorite foods, the whole family getting together...even if everyone came in shifts on the actual day or over the long weekend...but we all was his day....the day he ate the dreaded sour cherry pie in a bowl with milk over it :) yes...he always said it was a "Southern thing" Southern ladies will have to tell me if that is true or not lol He had so many favorites...chicken noodles with lots of gravy over mashed potatos turkey n lots of gravy.. and my ham! He LOVED my ham, our last Thanksgiving with him, I took it over whole to save time and cut it once we got there....he saw the pineapple on top of the ham...and had a only he I can laugh at this memory now :) He HATED pineapple (in my defense, who knew?) ...he was so mad that I had it on there and I told him" But Sonny, I have always made my ham with pineapple" he said "since when Dammit" lol like I said, he was a pistol and never held anything back :) I said in reply..."like since I made my first ham....the pineapple juice is even in the sauce I make to baste my ALWAYS tell me how much you love it and how sweet and moist it is, my stars your a big ole grump butt :)"....(dumb..dumb...did I mention DUMB on my part!) I shoulda just said I'd take the slices off the ham....but nooo....we loved to go rounds with each other...did I mention that before? lol

Well to my heartbreak now....he didn't even have a bite of my ham...I could see his mouth watering with each slice someone took from the platter (not to mention the dirty looks he kept giving me and the grumbling :) but he stuck to his guns...If I only knew that this was our last with him....I would have cut the dam ham at home and bought it on a platter like I always did...If I had only known.....oh god....give me a moment.....

This year...I will bring it to my mamas table on a beautiful platter and we will all have an extra piece in his honor....along with all his favorites...minus the sour cherry pie...although knowing my might be at the buffet...just incase anyone gets brave...I just hope she adds a lil sugar this year :)

The picture below is of our Beloved Sonny, where he was his most happy...besides being with all of us...his family...although he and my brother Perry loved playing golf together (it was their time) is a loss his group of friends and my brother couldn't get over and their weekly golf group broke up (I hope my brother will one day enjoy it again, I truly believe our dad would have wanted that) them all...I am so Thankful for giving my dad much deserved fun and happiness and a reason to leave the hospital...see I promised I would drive him around the golf course chasing all the hot big chested lady sorry I didn't get to keep that promise...We love and miss you more than words can say...but are FOREVER THANKFUL for the honor of having loved you in this life....

Besos to you all and until next time,

Remember to be Thankful for all your blessings no matter how small :)

***June...sorry I broke that long ass post promise :) Besos & hugs to you anyways!

Rose ~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Craigslist finds...Meant to be? That is the question...What is your answer?

Before, I start this new post...I have to tell you how thankful I am to have found and made so many new friends here in Blogland...Your inspiration, love and friendship mean soo much to me, with each comment that you leave me and each visit that I make to your blogs...Well it just proves to me...that no matter how ugly, sad or blue things sometimes get and feel...that there is so much goodness out just have to be receive it....accept it and embrace it!

And Kelly....Thank you for another wonderful Kreative Blogger Award! Is it cheating if I go ahead and accept it and use what I already wrote in my last post here ? :) The only thing I would love to change is this...I love what Lorraine of Paper Bird said when I awarded it to her...she went Rogue :)!! and gave the award to all the wonderful, inspiring blogs...and THAT is exactly what I wanted to do..but I was afraid of breaking the know...sometimes you just have to bite it... and do what feel right! :) So ladies congrats to all your wonderful blogs... for being so beautiful and inspiring!

Now to my new post :) thank you for indulging me that lil moment...

Have you ever come across something that you just loved and knew it was meant to be yours? I seem to do that ALOT lol Sadly my house isn't big enough to cater to these strong whims...err feelings!

I LOVE CraigsList...I can't tell you how many amazing things I have found on it...that I have not only bought... but even gotten for free....but as much as I love these has been the wonderful people that I have come in contact with and made wonderful friendships that I know will last...That has made me such a fan of it! Each time Mr wonderful has taken me to go pick up a new "treasure" he knows that it will be a few hours...even if it is 20 min away :) because we end up talking for hours and even getting together to visit again with many of these neat people :) So it is because of these amazing experiences that I have decided to write my Craigslist Chronicles....small random...out of order stories of my found treasures there....the wonderful people I met and how I have used my treasures...Every now and then I will add one to not only entertain you....but to make a permanent record of that I will hopefully never forget these wonderful people that sometimes came into my life for what might seem a moment...but left such an amazing footprint in my heart....

My Craigslist Chronicles Part 1 :
Sonny's lil cabinet...

See that beautiful cabinet above??? I saw it on Craigslist just this past February and Fell in love with it possible to fall in love with an object??? I think so...All I know is that I wanted it....I felt it MUST be mine...almost to the point of tears did I beg Mr wonderful that as tired as he was after work...that he just HAD to take me to go look at it (BUY IT) but knowing me...he already knew that :) On our way to look at the cabinet my mom called me...If you are familiar with So Calif...I live near Long Beach....the cabinet was in the Valley...we went on a Friday evening in rush hour traffic, took us over 2 hours just to get there.

As I was saying on the way there my mom called me...she said and I will never forget...."Sonny wants to go to the hospital...can you come take us?" I remember feeling sooo a bucket of cold water was dumped on me, I was suddenly sweating and with the chills... and trying not to cry...or vomit...sitting in the front seat of my husbands truck between him and my youngest daughter...I especially didn't want to scare her, she was only 12 years old. I was trying hard to keep it together. The last time I remember feeling that way was when I was told my dad Bob died...I was 10...and when my Ita (grandma) got sick and we lost her...just a couple of years ago...although it feels like yesterday...I hate that feeling and hope to never feel it again...wishful thinking I know...but it makes me feel better to say it to myself....

I explained to my mom where I was and that it would take me a few hours to get back home in Friday nite traffic! I asked her to call my sister and that I would meet them at the see my dad Sonny....has NEVER asked to be taken to the hospital...not even when he had a massive coronary heart attack!...He was after all...a just wasn't his style. BTW he had 3 of those and survived! I think that is why I was so scared...we were 1 block from where we were to look at the cabinet, my husband trying to calm me said " we're here....they are waiting, lets just look at it, and if you want it...lets take it home now" I agreed...When I saw it...I didn't even open the drawers...I wouldn't touch it and hardly looked at it, I asked its history I was told the original owner of their home had made it for his garage to hold his nuts and bolts back in the 50's from what the original owners wife had told them...I smiled because it reminded me of my dad and all his neato things in his garage...we paid and we left...from there straight to the ER, all I remember is that it was the longest drive... like we were driving through a few states....

At the ER that night we found out my dad had pneumonia, but then even worse...after 3 am we were told he had his lungs...It wasn't good the Dr said...I am sorry but when the hell is cancer good??? The next 2 weeks my dad was in the hospital....we were all there with him everyday...trying to find out what exactly we were looking at, what Stage, what were his chances? We knew nothing....till I finally felt beyond over whelmed and I yelled and threatened the Doctors and was finally told "he has 4th stage lung cancer" and I was the lucky one that had to go and tell that information to my mom, my sister and brothers....hmmmm now I understand the story of Pandora's Box....a little too well...don't know if I will ever push for answers like that again....

During all this time this lil cabinet sat on our porch...I would walk by it...NEVER touching it...almost hating it...because I wasn't where I should have been the nite we got it...and I wasn't about to forgive that stupid cabinet for that lil tragedy...much less myself. Funny thing is that during those long days in the hospital...I told my dad all about it and I promised to show it to him when he got home...the idea of all those lil drawers intrigued him too :) We never got that chance....and still the cabinet sat on my porch. My husband finally said "we need to clean it and bring it inside, it is going to get ruined outside" be honest after we buried my dad...I could have truly cared less about that stupid cabinet...all those great ideas that I had for it...seemed ludicris to me now...I just wanted to give it back and have that nite we got it never happen....

I forgot to tell dad Sonny was one of the few people that always supported my art work, my quirkiness...he said it made me special..made me stand out...he always looked at what I created and made my head and heart swell with his praise...he also would listen to my ideas and add his 2 cents when he wanted too :) He thought the cabinet was great for my supplies and doo dads and said that when I didn't want it...he would take it from me anytime...and still I wanted nothing to do with the stupid cabinet....

Mr wonderful bought it in for me to clean...I had decided to do that and sell actually made me sick to even look at you can imagine how I felt cleaning out over 70 lil drawers! late at night as I took each lil drawer out to clean, I suddenly realized that at the bottom of the drawers there was writting....I figured it was the company that made the metal studs ( I know this, because hubby is in construction so I learned some lingo :)...that is what all the lil drawers were made of with lil blocks of wood as drawer fronts with tiny handmade knobs....I didn't pay attention to what the writing said...It was late, I was tired and I didn't feel like hunting down my reading glasses....but if you look closely there are a few drawers that are double the size of the medium size drawers....when I held it to the light....this is what I saw...

ALCOA....Now this is where my heart stopped...see my dad worked for over 4o years for his company...It started as another company called Voi Shan...where he met and fell in love with my mami and I like to think with my sister and I :) from there it was taken over or merged with other companies, I think that is what happened... anyways because the last I knew it was Fairchild...but I had forgotten that it had changed names one more time... in the end and even now... it is named.....Ready for this??????? ALCOA

All I remember is sitting on my couch with the rag and hugging the drawer and crying... I truly believe with all my heart that it was his way of telling me it was ok...that it wasn't my fault and to be happy and let creativity back into my heart and life... Or as he would lovingly say to me..."Go play...Artsy Girl"

As you can see from this last picture...we kept is one of my most favorite possessions...That and the fact that everyone in our family has told me that when I am tired of it...they want it...even my mama when I told her the story...well she walked out of the room, I thought from her reactions that she was angry at me for telling her about my cabinet...but she left because it made her cry for a moment and being so soon after we lost him...she needed a moment that was just theirs...she went to their room to shed her tears...away from us all..but she did say if I still was intent on selling it...that she had to be the one to buy it....In this picture you see all the craziness that is my bebe is almost done...and when it is, you will see it in its new home and you know what? when I look at that stupid lil always makes me you tell me....Meant to be??.....what is your answer???

P.S. I love you Sonny...

So for those of you that have read this LONG post to the end...I thank you from my heart for indulging me in my story telling or as my best friend used to say....long ass stories that make her cry :)

***Just incase your is and you just clik on your state and cities you are intrested in...also I always look at the Freebies section first...I know I just gave myself a ton of competition...but hey with friends, you share and do what you have to do right?....Good Luck treasure hunting :)

Today I get to visit everyone....feels like I have missed so much in just 2-3 days :)

Until next time dear friends,


Rose ~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beyond words & a"lost" treasure...found.

When Rebecca of Rebecca for Vintage Living first gave me the Kreative Blogger Award, I was overwhelmed...why? Because of the simple gesture of someone who's work, blog and beauty of spirit so moved have some one like her give me an award...well to be seemed backwards...I feel I should be the one thanking her and all the other wonderful woman that I have met through their beautiful and creative blogs a HUGE thank you for sharing their visions & thoughts with me. When I join in a Giveaway, I always feel guilty...I feel like I should be sending them a gift for sharing their beauty with me, for allowing me to peek into their lives and thoughts, hopes, dreams, artistic creations, love and yes even their pain and loss...without ever meeting these woman, they have become my friends, I care for them, I cheer them on when they want to try something for the first time and I bask right along with them when they are thrilled with the results of their creations...I laugh, cry and even get angry right along with them, when they share their stories, good or bad, heartbreaking or enlightening, I learn and get strength from them all...I can visit at anytime of the day or night and they never complain that I am visiting them in my AC/DC jersey, sweats or whatever was comfortable, hair in a bun on top of my head with strands falling out everywhere, and trust me there is alot, my hair is to my waist "Ita" (grandma) used to call them my baby bird hairs :) and my make up...well lets face it, sometimes it is the makeup from the day before :) but none the less, I always feel welcome when I visit their blogs...So when one of the rules of receiving said award was to award it to 7 other blogs....well it was really hard because there are so many that I love and admire...but I chose the ones with people that I had made a connection on a personal level, who's artistic souls...keep calling me back and who's eye for beauty whether it is for an art creation or a found treasure from their beloved treasure haunts...they spoke to my mind...I think that Dawn, said it best... when I told her how I felt about these woman in Blogland, she said " isn't it amazing how woman we have never met, share our same tastes, love the same old tattered beautiful makes us kindred spirits"...I thought I understood it, but now...I know it. (Dawn, I hope I quoted you right :)

So when I chose these ladies for their beautiful blogs that I love so much because...when I need to get away for a moment alone and refuel my heart...their blogs are always an inspiring welcoming place to visit...but the irony of it all is this...I gave these woman an award...yet... they all came back and left me the most beautiful comments...they made me cry silent happy tears...because the words they left for me...well...they made my heart and soul smile beyond words...Thank You Ladies!!!

Now on to a not so sappy moment...betcha thought I didn't have any of those...right? Go on... admit it...I feel you smiling! :)

I think over a year ago, while on a treasure hunt at one of my favorite thirft stores, I found these 2 gorgeous pictures with these 2 beautiful bebes...and to be honest I am not sure if they are boys or girls...but I just fell in love with them. The pictures...well please forgive them, I am a work in learning process (on so many levels lol) so the pictures aren't that great and the frames might look a little gaudy in color but really they are not, they are a lovely antiquey (is that even a word :) tarnished gold color, but they have the prettiest details in the corners...I forgot what they are called, appliques ???. When I first spoted them, I thought they were paintings, but when a nice man got them down for me (did I mention I am short lol) I saw they are seem to be printed on material like silk or satin, whatever it is...they are beautiful and I love them :) The pictures are about 8x10 maybe a bit bigger and the frames 11x17...couldn't find my tape measure, so I am totally guessing :) They had been "put away" whos knows where and to be honest I forgot about them, but when going thru things for my bebe studio, I found them in the back of a closet and I felt just like the first time I saw them in the thrift lost treasure...was found! Anyways here are the pictures...please let me know what you think, I value all your opinions because I am always loving and drooling over your finds and stars...where are they huntin and when can I go lol

This is the first picture...girl or boy, does it even matter? He/she is beautiful

Close up

This one is my favorite though...I just love this little bebe...again, boy or girl?

close up

I added these last 3 close ups... because I thought they were so pretty and could be enlarged to use for a project...if I am doing it wrong, please let me know, I have no idea how I would scan them to make it a better picture :) the material they are printed on feels puffy.

Heres the best part...they were only $4.94 for the pair!

Woooohooo I don't believe it...2 posts in 1 week!! I finally learned how to upload my pictures (cruddy or not...tis what you get :) and save them...hoping to start posting more often now that I don't have to wait on Mr. wonderful to help me on his free time...but nahhh don't count on it :) lets face it...I am still me :)

***One more special thing...did you notice??? I sure did, I now have over 60 followers!! After following and visiting so many of you, to have followers myself now is beyond amazing! Thank you, hmmm, maybe soon I can have my own 100th Follower can wish right :)

Until next time dear friends.


Rose ~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A wonderful award & Honoring our Veterans....

I am truly honored and humbled to accept this Kreative Blogger award from the very lovely and talented Rebecca of Rebecca for Vintage Living. (if you haven't visited Rebecca's blog you is so beautiful, not only for her beautiful pictures and art, but her studio and home will leave you practically drooling if not down right green, I know it did for me :) Once you start looking at her blog, it is kinda hard to stop, it is just one beautiful image and post after another...enjoy! ohhh and your welcome...(sorry couldn't resist.)

Rebecca was so sweet that she had already given me another lovely award when I had dislocated my arm, being that I couldn't really type I thanked her for it but didn't honor its rules (bowing head in shame) But my sorry defense... being new to all of this, I wasn't sure what to do or how to do it, luckily, after I finally got to the nerve to admit and ask for help...I went to my wonderful friend...Whom you all know...Dawn of The Feathered Nest, who took a few minutes to explain things to me...Dawn what would I do without you?

So according to the rules on Rebecca's blog....I have to tell you 7 things about me and then award 7 other blogs..Soooo...ok ready?....seriously are you ready?....I know I am stalling but I am starting to hyperventilate and I am starting to see stars and my ears are buzzing....kidding...kinda lol.

1~ I fell in love with my husband when I was 16 and in high school, I saw him walking across the quad and said to my best friend..."see that guy, I am gonna marry him one day and we both laughed...We married...over 2o years later and I am still laughing :)

2~ I, like Rebecca and many others of you out there lost my dad this year, March 14th and even though I still miss him so much it sometimes hurts to breathe...the holiday I associate most with him is Thanksgiving because he always made birthdays and Christmas about us and all the grandkids, but Turkey day was all about him and his favorite foods...I hope we carry on those yummy traditions...even the tart cherry pie (mouth is puckerin just thinking about it lol)

3~ I have 2 daughters ages 19 and 13, who even though I love them with all my heart....and sometimes wish they were still like I see them in my hearts eye...little and sweet...sometimes wish they would grow up and actually act their age :)

4~ I have had the privilege and heartbreak of having and losing... not 1 but 2 wonderful, amazing, loving daddys in my life. My first daddy I lost when I was 10 and he was only 35...then like I said earlier, my dad Sonny, we lost just this year, he was 73 and amazing. As painful as it is losing these wonderful men, I thank God everytime I think of them, because I was loved so much by them both...the most amazing thing though... I was their step daughter...but never once did they call me that or treated me like them, I was their daughter, they were my daddys...and that is all that mattered.

5~I am so thankful for all the wonderful woman I have met and become friends with thru this amazing thing called my darkest moments...visiting you and talking to you has helped pull me out of some of the darkest moments... you will never know how truly thankful I and my family who have seen what this means to me, are.

6~I have so many ideas, so many things I want to do and try....but there just never seems to be enough time with all my excuses :)

7~I have the biggest weakness for chocolate and that is why I will forever battle the same 10-15 lbs lol (pathetic...I know but tis me)

Whewww that wasn't so bad....really, the shaking is finally subsiding :) Now the 7 blogs I want to give this award to are as follows...( if you feel you can't accept this award...because gets in the way) that is ok, because you know how wonderful you guys are...this is just away of letting you know, others think it too :) *I forgot to ask if you can give the award to someone the person who is giving you the award, chose too?

If you get a chance, visit these wonderful blogs, they are truly beautiful and inspiring.
Dawn of The Feathered Nest
June of Laughing With Angels
Carole of Maynard Greenhouse
Nancy of Fete et Fleur
Ana of A Petite Cottage
Carolyn of Little Bear Studio
Lorraine of Paper Bird

***I wanted to award these 2 wonderful ladies also, Rebecca, who originally gave this award to me and Tracey of French Larkspur, although Rebecca gave her the award already, I wanted to also....In fact there were so many more I wanted to give it to, all you have to do is look at the right side of my blog and see all those wonderful blogs...and you would know that this post would then be more than a few pages :)
Thank you, Rebecca!

Now to Honor all our Veterans and all who are still serving now...Thank you for so unselfishly serving our Country to protect and honor it and us...May you come home safe to those that love you...Thank you, thank you, thank you, I think a thousand thank you's would never be enough. To our dad Sonny, who will forever be a Marine....Thank you Dad, we love and miss you everyday!

Until next time dear friends...