Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beyond words & a"lost" treasure...found.

When Rebecca of Rebecca for Vintage Living first gave me the Kreative Blogger Award, I was overwhelmed...why? Because of the simple gesture of someone who's work, blog and beauty of spirit so moved have some one like her give me an award...well to be seemed backwards...I feel I should be the one thanking her and all the other wonderful woman that I have met through their beautiful and creative blogs a HUGE thank you for sharing their visions & thoughts with me. When I join in a Giveaway, I always feel guilty...I feel like I should be sending them a gift for sharing their beauty with me, for allowing me to peek into their lives and thoughts, hopes, dreams, artistic creations, love and yes even their pain and loss...without ever meeting these woman, they have become my friends, I care for them, I cheer them on when they want to try something for the first time and I bask right along with them when they are thrilled with the results of their creations...I laugh, cry and even get angry right along with them, when they share their stories, good or bad, heartbreaking or enlightening, I learn and get strength from them all...I can visit at anytime of the day or night and they never complain that I am visiting them in my AC/DC jersey, sweats or whatever was comfortable, hair in a bun on top of my head with strands falling out everywhere, and trust me there is alot, my hair is to my waist "Ita" (grandma) used to call them my baby bird hairs :) and my make up...well lets face it, sometimes it is the makeup from the day before :) but none the less, I always feel welcome when I visit their blogs...So when one of the rules of receiving said award was to award it to 7 other blogs....well it was really hard because there are so many that I love and admire...but I chose the ones with people that I had made a connection on a personal level, who's artistic souls...keep calling me back and who's eye for beauty whether it is for an art creation or a found treasure from their beloved treasure haunts...they spoke to my mind...I think that Dawn, said it best... when I told her how I felt about these woman in Blogland, she said " isn't it amazing how woman we have never met, share our same tastes, love the same old tattered beautiful makes us kindred spirits"...I thought I understood it, but now...I know it. (Dawn, I hope I quoted you right :)

So when I chose these ladies for their beautiful blogs that I love so much because...when I need to get away for a moment alone and refuel my heart...their blogs are always an inspiring welcoming place to visit...but the irony of it all is this...I gave these woman an award...yet... they all came back and left me the most beautiful comments...they made me cry silent happy tears...because the words they left for me...well...they made my heart and soul smile beyond words...Thank You Ladies!!!

Now on to a not so sappy moment...betcha thought I didn't have any of those...right? Go on... admit it...I feel you smiling! :)

I think over a year ago, while on a treasure hunt at one of my favorite thirft stores, I found these 2 gorgeous pictures with these 2 beautiful bebes...and to be honest I am not sure if they are boys or girls...but I just fell in love with them. The pictures...well please forgive them, I am a work in learning process (on so many levels lol) so the pictures aren't that great and the frames might look a little gaudy in color but really they are not, they are a lovely antiquey (is that even a word :) tarnished gold color, but they have the prettiest details in the corners...I forgot what they are called, appliques ???. When I first spoted them, I thought they were paintings, but when a nice man got them down for me (did I mention I am short lol) I saw they are seem to be printed on material like silk or satin, whatever it is...they are beautiful and I love them :) The pictures are about 8x10 maybe a bit bigger and the frames 11x17...couldn't find my tape measure, so I am totally guessing :) They had been "put away" whos knows where and to be honest I forgot about them, but when going thru things for my bebe studio, I found them in the back of a closet and I felt just like the first time I saw them in the thrift lost treasure...was found! Anyways here are the pictures...please let me know what you think, I value all your opinions because I am always loving and drooling over your finds and stars...where are they huntin and when can I go lol

This is the first picture...girl or boy, does it even matter? He/she is beautiful

Close up

This one is my favorite though...I just love this little bebe...again, boy or girl?

close up

I added these last 3 close ups... because I thought they were so pretty and could be enlarged to use for a project...if I am doing it wrong, please let me know, I have no idea how I would scan them to make it a better picture :) the material they are printed on feels puffy.

Heres the best part...they were only $4.94 for the pair!

Woooohooo I don't believe it...2 posts in 1 week!! I finally learned how to upload my pictures (cruddy or not...tis what you get :) and save them...hoping to start posting more often now that I don't have to wait on Mr. wonderful to help me on his free time...but nahhh don't count on it :) lets face it...I am still me :)

***One more special thing...did you notice??? I sure did, I now have over 60 followers!! After following and visiting so many of you, to have followers myself now is beyond amazing! Thank you, hmmm, maybe soon I can have my own 100th Follower can wish right :)

Until next time dear friends.


Rose ~


Lori said...

what a sweet post Rose, you stated beautifully the experience of blogland...i have made some really wonderful friends here also...those pictures you found are so lovely, the soft coloring of them is really pretty!!!

maría cecilia said...

Good morning dear Rose, a so deserved award has been given to you, your blog is welcoming and heartfelted... hope I express myself right.
I´m so happy you are learning how to manage with your blog because in this way we are having much beautiful posts often. These babies are so sweet and cute, lovely pictures. A very long hair, mmmmmmm, I like that!!!!!
Muchos cariños y que tengas un hermoso fin de semana
María Cecilia

Rebecca said...

Good Morning Rose
You are such a sweetheart, you so deserve more awards than I could ever give. I love you blog you are so thoughtful and grateful but we are grateful to you for such a loving and open soul. Bless you today dear friend.
PS The pictures are lovely - my guess would be they are boys but I am not sure on the first one the second one for sure.

June said...

Dearest Rose, I just adore you! I feel the same way about all you beautiful women I have gotten to know. I love the phrase 'kindred spirits' and it definitely is just how I feel about you. I love how you write, what you say, and how you feel about life. Coming here always lifts me and makes me so glad that I stopped by. So from one short girl to another, thank you sweet for being you.
I imagine how excited you were to find these darling little pictures and then to re-find them! I can't believe the price! I hope you are able to find just the perfect place for them, because they are the sweetest.

Ana said...

Oh my goodness Rose we are kindred spirits...Cafe de Olla (Love it, my mom makes it for me all the just made me miss her tons more...she off on a 3 month trip), French vanilla creamer (must have my Fufu Creamer...always, gorditas (love), tamales (rajas con fave) and you love to go thrifting too. Can't get any more obvious than that. I am very happy and feel so blessed to have met you. Thank you for your sweet and loving friendship. Oh! And I almost forgot....I love, love, love your bebes. They are gorgeous! Hasta pronto querida amiga.


Draffin Bears said...

Dear sweet Rose,

Your blog is one of my favourite places to come and visit. You always share so much love and kindness with others. You helped me out so much when my Dad died, you were like an Angel.
Thank you, for helping us all here.
I adore your darling pictures and I am not really sure if they are girl or boy. It was quite hard to tell, but I know they are cute.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Rose!!! They are BOTH just GORGEOUS!!!! I love their sweet faces and can see why you fell in love with them, and just so you know, I would have bought them too! You are always so precious, with each and every conversation and post I realize what a wonderful person you are ~ I for one am so happy to see another post!!! YAAAAAAY! And your pics are wonderful, you did a great job! hugs and love, Dawn

Fete et Fleur said...

I have tears in my eyes . . . beautifully written!!

The pictures are precious. It was a lucky day when you found them!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Rose, it is such a pleasure to meet you and become one of your followers. I hope your experience having a blog will be as rewarding as it has been for us. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful blog. Have a nice day! Twyla

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Those pictures are gorgeous at any price. I can see them fitting perfectly in your studio. And they are not gaudy at all! Reading your posts always lifts ME up. It's like visiting a good friend and having some laughs. It's too bad we live so far away from each other. I could see shopping with you would be a blast!
Please post more! even to just say hi!

Tracey said...

Hi Rose! With your beautiful heart, I am quite sure you will reach 100 followers and beyond! Your "bebe" pictures are so sweet and, well, calming...they are truly beautiful and I have always loved the antique pictures of babies and young children!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

:) T

Sandra said...

Hello. I have been blog hopping and found your blog thru Ana (A Petite Cottage) I immediately found myself connecting to your blog because my blog is called "My Bella Rose" :) You have a beautiful blog and I hope you don't mind me following along. Come visit my blog and i'm hoping you become a follower. I look forward to reading more of yours. :) Have a wonderful day. Hasta Luego.

Kelly Berkey said...

Hello lovely Rose,
I left you the Kreativ Blogger award also tonight!! Yikes, didn't realize you were just given another one! Well, that tells you what a special blog you have! Enjoy and thank you for sharing your beautiful blog with me!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tracey said...

Hi Rose ~

I just wanted to stop back again and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We both have one less family member at the table this year and that is so very hard...I will be thinking about you and will say a little extra prayer for you...

Many blessings to you and your family!!!

:) T