Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...& Happy 21 or 22 years Anniversary to us????

If this is anyones image, please let me know,
I will give you credit for this wonderful picture

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas!!! Things here have been somewhat hectic, we have had some emotional, tiring, yet thankful moments (u get the picture) and we have been taking whatever quiet moments we can to get some quiet time and just relax. I have even stayed away from the computer for a bit to focus on family and somethings that need our attention...(but I will be back very soon to visit all of wonderful friends, how I have missed you! ) Our idea of fun these last couple of days is just staying home and enjoying some dvds and family time...before everyone goes back to school and things resume the normal hectic routine of our day to day lives...As I am sure this is the case in many of your own homes...


I just wanted a moment to wish you all a Beautiful New Year... filled with lots of love, new & cherished friendships and laughter...lots of laughter... less tears and may this New Year bring us all a more brighter outlook on whatever difficulties we may be facing...I mean lets face it... many of us haven't had the greatest of years, some of us have faced personal losses such as loved ones passing on to a better place, job slow down or even losing them completely, Possible home loss, finding someplace new to call home, financial or even family troubles...sadly many of us might be facing more than one of these issues at the same time, (God bless, everyone of us right now) so here is to hoping ...hoping that this New Year brings closure to many unhappy things and opens our hearts, souls and our lives to many new, wonderful and promising things and adventures! (Me personally, I need to start listening more to my heart and not my fears...)


I was just thinking, today is New Years Eve.....this in our home is a very special day! !! My husband and I celebrate our 21st or 22nd Wedding Anniversary today :)...hmmm...yes you are reading it right...I am not even sure which it is lol ....

So my dear amors...this is where I need your wonderful help & insight :)

We got married on New Years Eve I am thinking we are celebrating our 22nd Wedding Anniversary....BUT...yes I know....theres seems to always be a BUT....

My husband swears that this is our 21st anniversary....soooo everyone... which one of us is right???

No pressure here everyone....just keep in mind that I have threatened to divorce him if he is indeed cheating me out of one of my years of wedded pain err Bliss, yeah that is it.... lol...I am just so tried of trying to figure this out & arguing about this.... year after year :) My dad poor amor, always sided with me...he said he knew me since I was a child and knew my will...hence he knew better :) My husband after all these years is still working on that lesson (wink)

Before I end this post...

I just saw that I am up to over 80 Followers!!! My stars...thank you everyone that has started to follow my lil bebe blog, how I appreciate each and everyone of you and I will be by to visit each of you shortly (I always love this part...because I find such wonderful new blogs to visit & dream!)

I see a giveaway in my future...wooohooo!!!! Finally my turn to giveback to all of wonderful friends!

So....until next time my dear & wonderful friends (I have some new things to share...I promise)



Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas....May your heart be filled with Joy & Happiness today and everyday of the year

Isn't this a beautiful Christmas image...Thank you "The Graphics Fairy" :)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for making of the hardest years of my life...into one that gave me such hope and inspiration...The friendships that I have made here in Blogland have made me so thankful everyday for all of you...your creative minds and hearts are truly a blessing to be embraced...

Thank you Dawn amor.....for pushing me off that precipice on the cliff of hope & wanting to one part of such a world of creativity, friendship and love...that dropped me like Alice ...who fell down the rabbit hole...I so fell into..."This wonderful land of blog!"

So My Christmas wish for all of you is this....That your Christmas be full of the love of family and good friends...that your tables be full of wonderful foods and warm tummys...that your homes be warm and constantly filled with love and laughter and may all these things be abundant in your homes & hearts... everyday of every year...and that when you glance at the open space at your table for the ones our hearts so miss, may your memories bring you much warmth, love and laughter and not saddness and pain...Besos to you all!! Merry Christmas and God Bless!

p.s. I have so missed visiting all of you, as soon as things calm down, I will be by again to see what wonderful things you have all been up to! I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas in every language of my herritage...but at almost 3 am Christmas Day...I was just too tired to look up the spellings for 5 different languages... I am lucky I remembered it in English :) Nite!

Until next time dear friends.



Monday, December 14, 2009

Rose boots????...and a lil Christmas cheat & peak :)

**Giveaway Update** Lulu Kellog is having a giveaway and she is giving away this lovely crown...isn't it gorgeous!! Her blog and creations are just beautiful!! I thought I had lost her blog when we reformatted but I was lucky enough to find her again thru The French Bear...Thank you Margaret!

Giveaway ends Sunday Dec. 20 at 7pm est.

Clik here to enter to win! Good luck everyone!!!

Do my daughters know me or what...My eldest Ashley found these Uggs for me, both my girls decided that they were "me" and that I should have them for Christmas, they are tall, almost to my knees & ohh so warm! :) Well as you know...Being in So Cal. we are pretty spoiled with our weather..under 50 degrees and we are freezin :) more than a sprinkle and we are on "Storm Track Watch 2009" My out of state friends tease me and say that this is our whimpy way of keeping track of our sprinkes lol....although in all fairness, these last few days we have had much more than just has been down right freezin and wet and yukkkk! Don't get me wrong we need rain....I love the rain when I am layin in a warm bed, reading....or sitting in front of a warm fire...but not out drivin in it and doing lifes day to day be honest...the cold, dreary weather with all that has been going on, makes me a lil bit depressed...So my girls decided that I should have these pink rose Uggs, my Christmas gift from them, that I could be warm and hoped it would give me a more rosy least I look cute & warm when I go out :)

I know right....Sooo me~ You know being in So Cal...wearing Uggs whether you are wearing shorts, a dress, jeans, sweats and yes even a is the norm, your arse might be freezin...but your feet will be warm...and well I don't know about you, but if my feet are warm ...I am good to go :)

Now before I continue with my post...just thought I would share another of "pudges" friends that has gone on to that loved toy bin in the sky...I think for Christmas I might get her a muzzle hmmm maybe one of those lil shock collars so that each time I see her getting that look in her eye..that says...destroy!!!... when she is playin with her toys...I can Zapp her :) lol Oy I have been listening to mr wonderful too long :) Just kidding...but I like to think that like with my kids...threats might keep her inline...although since it doesn't work with my girls..I guess with "pudge" it is wishful thinkin huh :)

RIP munkey, you served your master well....

Now these next few pictures are my Christmas cheat pics, they are from the dining room last year, but my decor this year as we get it done, IF we get it done, will look like this again...I liked the colors that we used, we added more browns, ambers & bronzes to our usual golds, reds, greens, pearl & I thought I would share that until we get this years decor up :)

Oh yeah...we were also in the middle of changing out our smaller china cabinet for a much larger one and had dishes and things on every flat surface in the house :) So please excuse the mess :) These were the dining chairs we had before the parson chairs we have now...I am thinking of putting these on Craigslist...maybe someone else can use them :) They are huge and really comfy but I wanted parsons with the parsons, now working on getting the slipcovers :)

This my gorgeous mirror over the buffet, we do a swag over it every year...the mirror was $30 and it is huge and heavy!!! but was on clearance in the scratch and dent department....because it has a scratch on the bottom left that you can't see...but hey, reduced from over $200 :) so I was calling mr wonderful to hurry and help me because I saw others looking at it too...or maybe they were just looking at the crazy excited lady jumpin up and down :) nah it was definately the mirror lol....
Can you see my chandelier in the mirror? twas under $30 on clearance at JC Penny a few years ago, in a box brand new, I changed out the crystals, fruits just weren't my thing, so last year I bought some huge amber color crystals at Target and loved how it looked so much I left them on year round....oh and I painted it too...I will do a post on that another time...

close-ups of the garland...

This next picture also shows our buffet, I love it along with my mirror, it is a swapmeet find from a few years ago...under $60! I know right...what can I say...Sumptuous living at its best....cause this is how I roll :) I am still trying to decide...paint in a cream with a darker glaze to antique it and distress of course or redo it in the darker color it already is a very huge, tall, heavy, beautiful piece that just needs some love :) I can see finished either way in my minds eye...gorgeous!

These next 2 pictures are a sneak peak at our tree...will post more pictures soon!

Night time picture with the lights flash, but I loved the way that the picture looked..what can I say...I'm a goob :)

Daytime picture...

Well until next time dear friends....



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The ultimate in Giveaway Love :)

I think that we all have favorite blogs that we visit, we might even have a select few that we visit everytime we see they have updated with a new post and then there is yet maybe a handful that we consider our peeps...You know...those special blogs that you have made a real connection with their owners, perhaps you have met them in person, email back & forth alot or talk to them on the phone regularly and have become your "friend" in every sense of the word, other than actually meeting them in person and getting to give them a hug and touch them in some way that tells you...I am real...but you know in your heart...just how real your friendship is, because of the wonderful heart that they have and it comes clearly across on their blogs...well Dawn of The Feathered Nest is one of those friends for me :) I loved how Anne of Fiona and Twig called people like that, who give unending support and are just there when you need them in anyway, encouraging your blogging efforts as a "Fairy Blog Mother" or "father" I think she nailed it with that phrase...that is how I see Dawn....I even call her my art guru and my lil blog yoda, because to be honest I am not sure who Yoda is, but I remember my brother always saying that Yoda knew all and was all lol ....sooo regarding Dawn.... nuff said right :)

Well Dawn is having a Giveaway celebrating her....are you ready for ready???

Dawn is Celebrating her 1200th post!!! Can you believe that!!! Not only that but she is also Celebrating over 400 Followers!!! Dio Mio!! lol I am still counting till the day I reach 50 posts or 100 Followers...which ever comes first :) I will be over the top crazy doing the happy dance to the blog gods and have to have a giveaway lol

Click here to ENTER to win...

**Remember...drawing ends Sunday, Dec. 13th at 6 pm EST**

Dawn is giving away this beautiful lil fairy bebe in a jar & that's not all...

She is also giving away this beautiful French themed journal !! And that's still not all....

She is also including 3 of her beautiful "The Feathered Nest" egg soaps in your favorite color, besides some other lovely lil gifts that she will surprise you with!!!....My stars how sweet and generous is that....

So this is where I tell you...Run...Visit her blog and enter...and oh yeah....good mama said I have to say that...even if I wanna be the one to win it all... because it makes me not seem gracious if I don't... and her and my Ita raised me if anything to be gracious...even when I don't wanna...dang it... lol So there mama...that was for you :)

But seriously...Good luck to you all :) !!!!

Until next time dear friends.



Friday, December 4, 2009

A quick note & more giveaway love :)

Hi everyone...Just a quick note...I seemed to have caught a nasty lil bug...see I knew I shoulda kept up with the 5 mile walks, I stopped awhile back and I am going downhill fast lol I am so slow right now that a snail could pass me up :) I have some good posts coming up...I promise...I just need to wait a couple of days so that I don't feel like I keep getting hit by that same semi truck each time I stand the way...did anyone get it's license plate number? :) just askin...but in the mean time, I wanted to share a lil funny that our lil Lola or for those in the know...."Pudge" did yesterday, while I was crashed out on the couch...gotta love those good cold meds :) my eldest took these pictures with her cell...ahhh lil pudge...just wait till I am better and can string you by your eber luvin tush :) After you see these pictures keep going...there are some wonderful giveaways that you have to go enter and you know what I love most about these giveaways??...That I always find such wonderful new blogs to visit...and add to my Favorites List....Enjoy :) &.....GOOD LUCK!!

Awwww....Doesn't Lola "pudge" look like a lil angel???.......

Ha.....Don't let her lil cuteness fool you....see her lil eye???? she is squinting as my daughter Ashley was taking these pictures and asking her "What did you do??? Course "pudge" just kept on keepin on...but here is what she was up to...while I was in a cold medicine enduced sleep coma and not even havin a clue what she was doing at my feet....

Awww Pudge :(.....another one bites the dust...that toy basket of hers is getting awfully low in toys...but ya know...I am feeling like...this lil walrus looks lol....So we took pity on it and tossed more stiches poor thing...pudge had the nerve to whimper around for hours looking at us like..."How could you???" Do dogs understand taking responsibility for your own actions....I wonder lol

Now......On to some important business :) Hurry and visit these blogs for your chance to not only win some great giveways but even better....for a chance to find some wonderful new blogs to add to your own list of "Wonderful Places to Visit and Just Dream"......
*** I put these in order of how soon they end....sooooo Good Luck...and yes I really do mean it...I am telling you these cold meds...are good! :) Now hurry up before I come out of my medicinal stuppor and start crossing my fingers...eyes...and other that only I :) hey I warned RUN.....

Click on the names of the Blogs to enter their Giveaways!! :)

The Junk Exchange This one made me laugh...& cry and then ooh & ahhh....these are the best...aren't they...

Vintage Lizzie
Very lovely blog...

My Bella Rose I know great name right??? :) Lovely & Beautiful Xmas decor too

My Trinkets Lovely Blog...

Now this last giveaway is just genius....sheer genius ...I tell ya....These are 2 sisters...yup TWINS...and by entering on both their blogs you get a chance to win some great that btw...complement what you win on the other one's blog...GENIUS....I told you :)

Six Divided By Two & Six In One Hand Sooo much to see and & do... lovely X2

I just can't wait to feel better so that I can go back & visit these great "new" blogs and leave some comments on my favorite posts :) I will be back to visiting the rest of you (My peeps & U know who u are :) the meantime...I hope this bug hasn't found it's way into your far I am the only one here....oh joy :)

Oh My Stars....did you see??? I have 73 FOLLOWERS :) WOOHOOO...Thank you all my newbie and past guys are truly my peeps :) Doin the happy medicine induced dance....I am writing this so that I remember later when I wake up lol

I see a Giveaway in my own future :)!!!

Until next time dear friends....



Does anyone know how to get rid of all this empty space?? It wore me out trying to fix it and nada...still there :(

**Update...Thank you Nancy of Fete et Fleur & Tracey from French Larkspur for helping me get rid of all this empty space :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway Love :).......

Good morning everyone, I just wanted to share that the lovely and sweet Tracey of French Larkspur is having a wonderful giveaway! She is giving away a copy of the current Christmas edition of Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine (and its in English, so not only will we get to enjoy the beauty of it...but we can understand it too :) along with 5 lovely ornaments from the vintage inspired line she carries in her store! My generous is that...she has the sweetest heart...Please, if you haven't been to her blog....It is absolutely gorgeous as is her store soooo...darn my stars... guess there go my chances :)'t walk..!! You are running now right??? wait!!! let me give you the link :) Wouldn't you running amok all over the internet, now would we :) .....and your welcome! Good luck to us all! (is it bad to say that and cross my fingers and eyes at the same time...hoping that I get to win?? :) Just askin...

Hurry...The giveaway ends tomorrow Dec. 2 at midnight!!!

Clik here to enter!!

Be Back a bit later with my new post...just wanted to make sure I remembered to share this wonderful giveaway with you :) You guys are soo sweet to thank me for telling you about these great giveaways....but.....pssst...just between you and me....I get 99 % of all the wonderful giveaway information from my wonderful friend and yours...Dawn of The Feathered Nest! :)

Until next time dear friends.