Friday, December 4, 2009

A quick note & more giveaway love :)

Hi everyone...Just a quick note...I seemed to have caught a nasty lil bug...see I knew I shoulda kept up with the 5 mile walks, I stopped awhile back and I am going downhill fast lol I am so slow right now that a snail could pass me up :) I have some good posts coming up...I promise...I just need to wait a couple of days so that I don't feel like I keep getting hit by that same semi truck each time I stand the way...did anyone get it's license plate number? :) just askin...but in the mean time, I wanted to share a lil funny that our lil Lola or for those in the know...."Pudge" did yesterday, while I was crashed out on the couch...gotta love those good cold meds :) my eldest took these pictures with her cell...ahhh lil pudge...just wait till I am better and can string you by your eber luvin tush :) After you see these pictures keep going...there are some wonderful giveaways that you have to go enter and you know what I love most about these giveaways??...That I always find such wonderful new blogs to visit...and add to my Favorites List....Enjoy :) &.....GOOD LUCK!!

Awwww....Doesn't Lola "pudge" look like a lil angel???.......

Ha.....Don't let her lil cuteness fool you....see her lil eye???? she is squinting as my daughter Ashley was taking these pictures and asking her "What did you do??? Course "pudge" just kept on keepin on...but here is what she was up to...while I was in a cold medicine enduced sleep coma and not even havin a clue what she was doing at my feet....

Awww Pudge :(.....another one bites the dust...that toy basket of hers is getting awfully low in toys...but ya know...I am feeling like...this lil walrus looks lol....So we took pity on it and tossed more stiches poor thing...pudge had the nerve to whimper around for hours looking at us like..."How could you???" Do dogs understand taking responsibility for your own actions....I wonder lol

Now......On to some important business :) Hurry and visit these blogs for your chance to not only win some great giveways but even better....for a chance to find some wonderful new blogs to add to your own list of "Wonderful Places to Visit and Just Dream"......
*** I put these in order of how soon they end....sooooo Good Luck...and yes I really do mean it...I am telling you these cold meds...are good! :) Now hurry up before I come out of my medicinal stuppor and start crossing my fingers...eyes...and other that only I :) hey I warned RUN.....

Click on the names of the Blogs to enter their Giveaways!! :)

The Junk Exchange This one made me laugh...& cry and then ooh & ahhh....these are the best...aren't they...

Vintage Lizzie
Very lovely blog...

My Bella Rose I know great name right??? :) Lovely & Beautiful Xmas decor too

My Trinkets Lovely Blog...

Now this last giveaway is just genius....sheer genius ...I tell ya....These are 2 sisters...yup TWINS...and by entering on both their blogs you get a chance to win some great that btw...complement what you win on the other one's blog...GENIUS....I told you :)

Six Divided By Two & Six In One Hand Sooo much to see and & do... lovely X2

I just can't wait to feel better so that I can go back & visit these great "new" blogs and leave some comments on my favorite posts :) I will be back to visiting the rest of you (My peeps & U know who u are :) the meantime...I hope this bug hasn't found it's way into your far I am the only one here....oh joy :)

Oh My Stars....did you see??? I have 73 FOLLOWERS :) WOOHOOO...Thank you all my newbie and past guys are truly my peeps :) Doin the happy medicine induced dance....I am writing this so that I remember later when I wake up lol

I see a Giveaway in my own future :)!!!

Until next time dear friends....



Does anyone know how to get rid of all this empty space?? It wore me out trying to fix it and nada...still there :(

**Update...Thank you Nancy of Fete et Fleur & Tracey from French Larkspur for helping me get rid of all this empty space :)


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said... are one of the most enchanting bloggers I have run acorss so far...NO WONDER you have all these followers...I am proud to be one of them.
You are SO funny, I bet you are more of a "HOOT" now too ...being that you are "drunk" on your cold meds.
Your kids will be able to get away with anything..along with the dog.
Cute pic's.

Rose ( VictorianRose)

Six divided by two..... said...

Thanks you for swinin' by my lil ole blog! Good Luck with the Giveaways!! I love your much so that I am now a follower.

Ana said...

Ay Chiquita,
I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I'm sending tons and tons of "feel better soon" hugs. Just take a easy and rest...plenty of rest. Before I leave you to your resting just wanted to thank you for sharing those great giveaways with us....Oh! And how cuuuuuuute is Lola (by the way that's my mother in law's name...He,he,he!) She is too, too sweet. Ok, Ok...I'm leaving you to rest now. Have a good weekend amiga....Don't forget about me. ;-)

Tons of love,

Sandra said...

Hi Rose! I hope you get to feeling better. Drink lots of orange juice for the vitamin C. You pup is so cute! I have a Shih tzu named Skipper and he is my baby.
Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my bow post! I just wanna let you know that i'd love to make a bow (as my lil gift) for you. :) Let me know what colors you like. I have so many ribbons, it's unbelievable. *blushing here* Let me know, alrighty?

Fete et Fleur said...

Dear Rose,

I'm so sorry you are under the weather. Make sure you are resting and drinking plenty of liquids. Also, there is this wonderful antiviral that is called elderberry extract. It works wonders on viruses.

Your sweet little Lola "Pudge" is quite a rascal!! I just want to pick her up and cuddle her.


PS I want to see the cart when your done with it! :~)

PSS About the space. You have to go into the edit mode of your post, and you will see where the space is. Highlight the space you want to delete, and delete it. I hope that helps.

Denise said...

You always leave the sweetest comments! Thank you so much. Take that little doggie toy and imagine what a 60 pound dog can do! We go through toys like crazy! Hope you are feeling better.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Rose dear!

i seem to remember you when you visited me a while back.....thank you for coming! What a great time of the year It is to make new friends and see what creative things they are up to. I wish you a wonderful season and many blessings of love! Anita

Draffin Bears said...

Dear sweet Rose,

So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.
Your little Lola is adorable and she does look like an angel and can't believe that she did that to her toy. hehe.
Thank you for telling us of the giveaways.
Now please look after yourself and get over your flu bug, and start feeling better.

Sending get well hugs

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweetie pie!!! Your little Pudge does what my Ellie does!!! You give her a stuffed toy, her main goal is to pull all of the stuffing out AND the squeaker too! What a little goober ~
I hope you're feeling better sweetie, mama's don't have time to be sick, hugs and love, Dawn

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Rose,
Thanks for visiting my other post!! Please know that you are always welcome! Have a beautiful Sunday! Anita

June said...

Hi sweet Rose. It looks like Lola just wanted to make sure you knew she wanted some new toys for Christmas. I'm so sorry to hear that you are under the weather. We just got back from visiting two of our daughters and their families yesterday and one had a bad cold. The smarty pants said to me as I was leaving "hey when this cold hits you in a few days, don't say I've never given you anything". I wanted to smack her, but I took pity because she was sick. I'm off to buy me some good drugs now. Get better sweet.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

That Pudge...she's too darn cute!

Miss Sandy said...

Sweet Rose,

I hope you are feeling better very, very soon. Your Pudge is like my Sophie, a bit rough on the toys. Be well!

Tracey said...

Hi Rose! To get rid of the blank space go into the edit html section when you are creating your post (it's the tab right next to the "compose" tab), scroll to the bottom, then delete everything up to your sign off/whatever the last thing you wrote was...hit save...then you can go about publishing your post!

I hope you are feeling much better...such a bummer to be sick!

Email me your address and I will mail you some copies of my prayer cards so you can use them for some would be my pleasure!!!

:) T

Rebecca said...

Hi Rose
Aaahh sorry your sick, not a good time with all the things there are to do this time of year. I hope you get well real soon. Love your little pooch - can't get mad at that face!
Blessings to you dear

fairmaiden said...

Lola is adorable...I have a maltese too, Bella Bleu, she is my best friend...and came into my life at the most perfect time...just as my children we're beginning to leave the nest. Maltese's are the sweetest lil companions!