Monday, December 14, 2009

Rose boots????...and a lil Christmas cheat & peak :)

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Giveaway ends Sunday Dec. 20 at 7pm est.

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Do my daughters know me or what...My eldest Ashley found these Uggs for me, both my girls decided that they were "me" and that I should have them for Christmas, they are tall, almost to my knees & ohh so warm! :) Well as you know...Being in So Cal. we are pretty spoiled with our weather..under 50 degrees and we are freezin :) more than a sprinkle and we are on "Storm Track Watch 2009" My out of state friends tease me and say that this is our whimpy way of keeping track of our sprinkes lol....although in all fairness, these last few days we have had much more than just has been down right freezin and wet and yukkkk! Don't get me wrong we need rain....I love the rain when I am layin in a warm bed, reading....or sitting in front of a warm fire...but not out drivin in it and doing lifes day to day be honest...the cold, dreary weather with all that has been going on, makes me a lil bit depressed...So my girls decided that I should have these pink rose Uggs, my Christmas gift from them, that I could be warm and hoped it would give me a more rosy least I look cute & warm when I go out :)

I know right....Sooo me~ You know being in So Cal...wearing Uggs whether you are wearing shorts, a dress, jeans, sweats and yes even a is the norm, your arse might be freezin...but your feet will be warm...and well I don't know about you, but if my feet are warm ...I am good to go :)

Now before I continue with my post...just thought I would share another of "pudges" friends that has gone on to that loved toy bin in the sky...I think for Christmas I might get her a muzzle hmmm maybe one of those lil shock collars so that each time I see her getting that look in her eye..that says...destroy!!!... when she is playin with her toys...I can Zapp her :) lol Oy I have been listening to mr wonderful too long :) Just kidding...but I like to think that like with my kids...threats might keep her inline...although since it doesn't work with my girls..I guess with "pudge" it is wishful thinkin huh :)

RIP munkey, you served your master well....

Now these next few pictures are my Christmas cheat pics, they are from the dining room last year, but my decor this year as we get it done, IF we get it done, will look like this again...I liked the colors that we used, we added more browns, ambers & bronzes to our usual golds, reds, greens, pearl & I thought I would share that until we get this years decor up :)

Oh yeah...we were also in the middle of changing out our smaller china cabinet for a much larger one and had dishes and things on every flat surface in the house :) So please excuse the mess :) These were the dining chairs we had before the parson chairs we have now...I am thinking of putting these on Craigslist...maybe someone else can use them :) They are huge and really comfy but I wanted parsons with the parsons, now working on getting the slipcovers :)

This my gorgeous mirror over the buffet, we do a swag over it every year...the mirror was $30 and it is huge and heavy!!! but was on clearance in the scratch and dent department....because it has a scratch on the bottom left that you can't see...but hey, reduced from over $200 :) so I was calling mr wonderful to hurry and help me because I saw others looking at it too...or maybe they were just looking at the crazy excited lady jumpin up and down :) nah it was definately the mirror lol....
Can you see my chandelier in the mirror? twas under $30 on clearance at JC Penny a few years ago, in a box brand new, I changed out the crystals, fruits just weren't my thing, so last year I bought some huge amber color crystals at Target and loved how it looked so much I left them on year round....oh and I painted it too...I will do a post on that another time...

close-ups of the garland...

This next picture also shows our buffet, I love it along with my mirror, it is a swapmeet find from a few years ago...under $60! I know right...what can I say...Sumptuous living at its best....cause this is how I roll :) I am still trying to decide...paint in a cream with a darker glaze to antique it and distress of course or redo it in the darker color it already is a very huge, tall, heavy, beautiful piece that just needs some love :) I can see finished either way in my minds eye...gorgeous!

These next 2 pictures are a sneak peak at our tree...will post more pictures soon!

Night time picture with the lights flash, but I loved the way that the picture looked..what can I say...I'm a goob :)

Daytime picture...

Well until next time dear friends....




Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said... always..your images and account of what is happening in your life are a treat.

Yes, get rid of the things that are no longer useful or delightful to us..and can be used by... and re-delight someone else.

With Love,
Rose ( VictorianRose)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I LOVE the boots, they are really awesome! You have wonderful daughters!

Happy Holidays!


Tracey said...

Rose ~

The boots are perfect for you! I LOVE my Uggs...they really do keep you warm (it's going to be a high of 17 degrees today)!! So sweet of your girls to get them for you!!

Your home is beautiful (last year's decor or not)!!! It's so great to get a peek into your house :)

Have a lovely day!!

:) T

Jenns Three Graces said...

Too cool - the boots are great - keep your tootsies warm! Hugs, Jennifer

Kimberly said...

Hey Rose, Cute boots! I have hot feet so cute as they are. they are not for me.....Your house looks so very lovely last year or not. I love feathers too and have them around all the time. Butterfly's too. Thanks for the congrats on my win I am so excited!
Kim said...

I NEED THOSE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where on earth did you find them???? Gorgeous!


Diva Kreszl said...

love the boots! I have several pairs of Uggs and these I have never seen before.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your decorations are Beautiful! Love the boots! I know you look cute wearing them. I used to like rain, but anymore I find it a bit depressing and I certainly don't like running my errands in it. I hope you have a very nice week and a very Merry Christmas! Twyla

Lady Pamela said...

Rose, I couldn't get over here fast enough when you told me about your rose boots! Your girls certainly know their mama. You won't forget this Christmas. Thanks for letting me know.

Lori said...

OH!!! i LOVE those boots...they are the cutest darn things...i want a pair too...i am cracking up about the RIP you wrote for munkey...our Gracie cat has a "baby" she carries around that is falling apart like crazy...we gave her a new "baby", but she shuns it...she likes her old, stuffing~falling~out, only two limbs intact baby...

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Rose,

I loved visiting you this morning. You have so much to show and share with us.
I love the Ugg boots and your daughters are sweet to buy them for Christmas, for you.
Poor munkey!... is Pudge going to get a new friend for Christmas?
I love all your decorating and you have some lovely pieces of furniture, mirrors and chandelier.
Happy week, dear friend.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

That's hubby said he was looking for Uggs for me too...I guess they're hot this year.

June said...

I'm laughing over here Rose, because my girls want these same boots for me for Christmas. They are holding off until they can find out if the lining has any wool in it. (Allergic ya know)I'm laughing because they think I dress with too many florals already and now they want me to have these boots. Go figure. I do love them so. You will be adorably in them. Esp. in the bikini!

Your holiday home is GORGEOUS! I know this year it will be FAB too! I love that you shop for brgains while decorating too. I don't think I've paid full price for anything in my house. I love the thrill of a good buy, don't you?!
I want to thank you for the sweetest comment on my hair. You are such a doll and I thank you girl for making my day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose~ your house looks wonderful, I love the mirror, and what a steal!! My mom got me Uggs this year, I have some but they are 15 years old and have many years of use, so it was time for some new ones...being that we live in such a cold! ;) Merry Christmas to you~

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hello Rose, It's so nice to meet you. I saw you exclaim My Stars on a comment somewhere and I just had to come on over and see what you were all about. I had a wonderful neighbor lady who used that expression when I was a child and I haven't heard it since. Love your blog got to be a follower.
See you soon.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Sandra said...

Hi Rose. Wow what pretty boots. I love your decor, girl! Have a nice evening.

Sammy Girl said...

Hello Girlfriend!
You mentioned not feeling well for a few days ... hope that you are feeling better! I LOVE the flowers on your new Uggs ... and the holiday decor. I just broke down and bought a pair of Uggs ... the short button ones ... in black (of course!) ...Did you make it to visit Sweet Paul? He is wonderful! (Kinda) sorry to encourage late night chocolate attacks ... but we have found a local 24 hr. grocery stores that makes their own yummy frosted fudge brownies. Always good for cravings -- and only 5 minutes from Whoville!
Sending you some hugs for a SUPER WEEK!!
Betty :)

The Feathered Nest said...

OHMYGOODNESS, Rose!!! Those boot are PRECIOUS and so very you!!! I'm glad you have them ~ what a great idea for the girls to give them to you for Christmas, it's fun getting what you love!!! That little Pudge is so tough!!! Taught that monkey a lesson or two! And I love your lavish Christmas decorating ~ so very gorgeous and rich...the buffet? AMAZING!!! No paint on this one, right?? hugs and love, Dawn

Federica said...

Hello Rose,
thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment!
Those boots are fantastic!

maría cecilia said...

Dear Rose, your last year xmas decor is so beautiful and your dinning room buffet has so many wonderful stuff on it!!!
I want to wish you a very, very HAPPY CHRISTMAS together with your family and may next year brings much happiness, love and blessings to you all.
Muchos cariños y abrazos,
Maria Cecilia

Fete et Fleur said...

The boot are great, so feminine and very you! Your home is BEAUTIFUL too!!! I love how your treasures have been discoverd and the wonderful deals you got on them! You have the magic flea-marketing touch.


debbie said...

Dear Rose,
I found you through a comment that you left on Becky's blog. It is very nice to meet you. You have a wonderful blog and I will have to follow you.
I just wanted to tell you that you are in my prayers and I pray Christmas will become easier for you.
I don't know if I will decorate this year but I will rejoice my daughter will be spending Christmas in Heaven and I praise God she is not suffering any more but it still grieves me.
Your house whether last year decor or very beautiful...I love your chairs that you are not using any more but you are far away from me...but they look gorgeous.
I look forward to getting to know you. I too, am married to my high school sweet heart...36 years.
The boots your daughters picked for you are gorgeous. You hold those two precious girls close to you.
Angel Hugs

Calming Scents said...

beautiful blog! I'm out visiting new blogs and came across yours. I love your home, and I have to tell you, I live in Wisconsin and those boots....well I have to go find a pair!

Natasha Burns said...

Great pics Rose, you sure were lucky with your mirror and chandelier finds!
Love love love the floral uggs! I've never seen floral ones before! LOL about your warm feet and cold behind!
Have a lovely Christmas :)

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

You are so a pink Ugg boot kinda nice of your daughters to know your style.
Your decorating is wonderful....can you come over and help with mine....I've done barely anything at home. Sad isn't it. I told you I don't decorate til after Christmas most years. I am so jealous of the chandelier for $30. I'm thinking of painting ours in my office. Winter project.
Merry Christmas,

Myrna said...

Darling boots, Rose! And I'm loving your Christmas decor! Beautiful!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Rose, I've been meaning to come by and say "HI". I've seen you on blog comments, so now I'm here and joining as a follower.
LOVE those UGG boots, the roses are fantastic!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Miss Sandy said...

So many delicious pretties! I wanted you to know that the ornament tutorial you requested is up and posted today, enjoy!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Andrea said...

Those shoes are awesome! Thanks for stopping by to say hello and merry christmas to you!!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Dear Rose, I just wanted to pop over again to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a wonderful time with your family! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog!


Anonymous said...

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JMay said...

Cute Uggs & Cute Blog!


fairmaiden said...

Oh my goodness I want those rose UGGs... HOw lucky are you!