Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The ultimate in Giveaway Love :)

I think that we all have favorite blogs that we visit, we might even have a select few that we visit everytime we see they have updated with a new post and then there is yet maybe a handful that we consider our peeps...You know...those special blogs that you have made a real connection with their owners, perhaps you have met them in person, email back & forth alot or talk to them on the phone regularly and have become your "friend" in every sense of the word, other than actually meeting them in person and getting to give them a hug and touch them in some way that tells you...I am real...but you know in your heart...just how real your friendship is, because of the wonderful heart that they have and it comes clearly across on their blogs...well Dawn of The Feathered Nest is one of those friends for me :) I loved how Anne of Fiona and Twig called people like that, who give unending support and are just there when you need them in anyway, encouraging your blogging efforts as a "Fairy Blog Mother" or "father" I think she nailed it with that phrase...that is how I see Dawn....I even call her my art guru and my lil blog yoda, because to be honest I am not sure who Yoda is, but I remember my brother always saying that Yoda knew all and was all lol ....sooo regarding Dawn.... nuff said right :)

Well Dawn is having a Giveaway celebrating her....are you ready for this....seriously...you ready???

Dawn is Celebrating her 1200th post!!! Can you believe that!!! Not only that but she is also Celebrating over 400 Followers!!! Dio Mio!! lol I am still counting till the day I reach 50 posts or 100 Followers...which ever comes first :) I will be over the top crazy doing the happy dance to the blog gods and have to have a giveaway lol

Click here to ENTER to win...

**Remember...drawing ends Sunday, Dec. 13th at 6 pm EST**

Dawn is giving away this beautiful lil fairy bebe in a jar & that's not all...

She is also giving away this beautiful French themed journal !! And that's still not all....

She is also including 3 of her beautiful "The Feathered Nest" egg soaps in your favorite color, besides some other lovely lil gifts that she will surprise you with!!!....My stars how sweet and generous is that....

So this is where I tell you...Run...Visit her blog and enter...and oh yeah....good luck...my mama said I have to say that...even if I wanna be the one to win it all... because it makes me not seem gracious if I don't... and her and my Ita raised me if anything to be gracious...even when I don't wanna...dang it... lol So there mama...that was for you :)

But seriously...Good luck to you all :) !!!!

Until next time dear friends.




donna said...

You are such a sweet and thoughtful person!
It is always such a joy to stop by...read your post and then go check out whoever you send your bloggy love to.
Thank you...donna

Collected Treasures said...

Thank you so much for the sweet words about my lil bebe....she is so precious I can't believe it! About the giveaway.....your idea is wonderful....all of them......hope you do enter....your things sound great!!!!! Your blog looks so good.......I can feel the love! xojana

Draffin Bears said...

Dear sweet Rose,

thank you for visiting me today ~ sorry about confusing you. We use metric over here so gm is a gram ( I will use a converter and get back and change the measurements.)
The little silver balls you can buy in the grocery shop, near the cake decorating section.\
Let me know if you can't get them there.
Also that is so kind of you to always be telling of all the giveaways, you are a dear friend. Yes, Dawn should be crowned the Blogger Queen, what a lot of posts!
Yoda, was a little wise Green man on the Star Wars movies.

I hope that your week is going well.
Carolyn (sorry this is so long)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

These two women are amazing no doubt, but you are equally as well. Your sweet spirit shines right through your comments and your smile would brighten anyone's day. Thanks for making mine by your sweet comment, T

Anonymous said...

I just love Dawn's work and her sweet posts!


The French Bear said...

I agree with you a hundred percent, I just love my friends I have met through blogging!!!
I think I missed her beautiful giveaway, but I am happy to see you entered mine, I wish you lots of luck, maybe you will win both!!!
Is that little angel in a jar the sweetest thing?!!!
Her work is so wonderful.
How are you doing? I have you in my thoughts these days, you are such a beautiful person and I know that sometimes holidays are the hard times, everyone seems to be so busy....
Big Hugs,
Margaret B

Anne~fiona and twig said...

I couldn't agree more, Dawn is one of the finest ladies out there! I am so proud to call her a Fairy Blog Mother and a friend. :-)

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Opps took me awhile to get here. Had to eat first! haha!
Oh well I missed out on her giveaway. She's one talented girl. It's wonderful that you have a fairy blog mother. I guess you could say that Laura is mine. Not sure if she'd like me to call her my mom though:)))
Off to say hi to Dawn and wish her a happy next 1200 posts!

maría cecilia said...

Hola Rose, quiero desearte a ti y tus seres queridos una muy feliz navidad, plena de armonia y paz. Lo hago ahora porque no creo tener el tiempo en los pròximos dìas. Tambièn decirte que agradezco el haberte conocido y que me hace muy feliz mantener contacto virtual contigo.
Te envìo muchas bendiciones para ti y tu familia.
maria cecilia
p.s. te escribo en español para que lo practiques.

Ana said...

Hola Chica,
You are just so sweet. Anyone would consider themselves blessed to be your friend...In case you couldn't tell, I'm waving my hand cause I'm one of those people. Thank you for the tip on the very cute giveaway. Have a beautiful day amiga.


jvw home said...

wish i would've seen this great giveaway before it ended!
found your blog via Marlye and Locklear...
LOVE the pics on the dog toys shredded...we go thru that alot here,so i can relate...but they love chewing them to shreds, its their job, right?
the UGG boots are cute too on the other post!!
have a great day!
(ck out my blog if you have time sometime....)