Friday, September 11, 2009

2 Wonderful giveaways, Jeanne d'Arc Style and a sneak peek...

I seem to have caught a nice lil bug here and feelin a lil crappy to put it nicely...but I really wanted to share these 2 wonderful giveaways with you...The first giveaway is from the lovely Jana of the beautiful blog Collected Treasures, she is actually having a monthly giveaway on her great is that :)

Click here to enter giveaway!

The second one I already posted about here It is for the lovely Kathleen of the beautiful blog Musings From A French Cottage

Please...Take a moment to visit their beautiful blogs and enter their wonderful giveaways and just enjoy your visit...I know I always do!

Now for the Jeanne d'Arc Style part...well all I can say is this....And So It Begins...A new obscession that is lol Thanks to the lovely Carol of Maynard Greenhouse who was ever so sweet to send me the Jeanne d'Arc magazine as part of my winnings from her giveaway..that magazine and I seem to be joined at the hip :) I take it with me everywhere and right now feeling crappy like I am...I am literally going from the couch to my bed and back and always with that book...cause lets be honest...should you really call this beauty a magazine??? But when we were taking pictures of my winngings, I noticed that I had something in my home that was in the magazine..and add that with some tiny pewter chairs and metal flower frog and the lovelies that Carole sent me and well I am on my way to embracing this new to me style :) Don't get me wrong..I still love all my stuff...but I am looking at my things in a new light...The only complaint that I have about this magazine is that the pictures are sooo amazingly beautiful and I truly don't mind that I don't understand a least until I came across the gorgeous pictures of FOOD and what I can assume are the recipes lol my stars how I wanted to be able to understand more than the pictures then :) sooo I was soo thrilled when I found out that they were actually bringing out the magazine in English this month...oh the joy :) Look at the pictures below and see what I mean about on to a great start....See my wire basket just like the one in the magazine picture on the top left hand corner...and to think I paid a whole $1.91... I knew I was getting a good deal :)

Now here is a sneak peak at the picture wall in my bebe studio...still need to add more pictures and put more things away...or should I say a TON of things :)

I love this wall cabinet...I paid a whole $10 for it...Gaudy?...maybe...but tis me :) I just need to add the glass shelves and my treasures...

Ok it is almost that magical hour again...2 I think I better go try and sleep for a few hours before it is time to get up and start it all...all over again.

But before I leave you...Let us take a moment today to think of all those special people that we lost on Sept.11, 2001 on that awful day that forever changed our Beautiful Country and us... And whether you agree with these wars or not...God bless all our men and woman who are still in the fight...Bring them home safely to their families and loved ones...and Like I said before...God Bless America...Again

Until next time dear friends....



Lori said...

Rose, your studio is looking are SO lucky that you won that magazine...i have seen it on many blogs and it looks absolutely delicious...i am too cheap to buy one...LOL...but it does look amazing...i would probably carry it with me too if i had one...i hope you are feeling better soon!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

OHMYGOODNESS!!!! I am so in love with your bebe studio ALREADY!!!! Thank you so much for showing a few glimpses sweet friend! Those chubby cherubs ~ I just love....and how cool is that? You have the same basket girl! Rock on Rose, you are becoming a posting queen!!! I hope that you're feeling better today....hugs and love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Rose, the little ticking bag is lovely! I especially like the handles made out of, what is that, upholstery webbing? Inspired!!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Tracey said...

The Jeanne d' Arc magazine had the very same affect on me the first time I received it a few months ago! I've been painting everything around my house a pale gray ever since :) I think your studio is just lovely! Have a really wonderful weekend!!!

:) T

Diva Kreszl said...

Please feel better soon! My prayers are with you.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Rose I just love reading your post and not just because you mentioned Your enthusiasm pops off the page! Your sudio is looking fab and that cabinet is not gaudy at all. The first time I saw that magazine I was in a trance too. It's just such a relaxed and easy way to live.
Hope you feel better soon.....but I know when I'm home there's nothing I like better then getting lost in a great decorating book.

Sea Angels said...

Yes Rose join the obsessed with Jeanne D'arc Living, ha once caught never forgotten. Your style is lovely as is your blog.
Lots of hugs Lynn xx

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Rose,

Lovely post and I enjoyed having a peek in the Bebe Studio, it is looking lovely.
Thanks for sharing a page of the Jeanne D'arc magazine and that is neat that you have a wire basket like the one in the mag.

I hope that you are feeling better soon and have a great weekend


Kimberly said...

Hi Rose,
So sorry to hear you are under the weather. I hope to hear that you have a full recovery soon!

Thanks for stopping by to visit me and for the nice comments. Your studio is really shaping up. You have lots of good stuff! I need to find this magazine/book that everyone is talking about you make is sound irresistible!

Kimberly said...

Oh Rose,
I almost forgot the link you have here close to the bottom Country French Antiques in Louisville KY I was There! My sister lives there and we visited. It was really fun to see all the great stuff they had. Very old and crusty. My kind of stuff.

June said...

The wall in your studio is bliss. I have a thing for angels and cherubs, you know! I have yet to see the magazine,but I am soon going to order one. I have a sickness when it comes to magazines, and I don't want a cure.

My Shabby Roses said...

Sorry you're not feeling well!
I really enjoy that magazine also. So many beautiful pictures, it keeps your brain swirling!
Hope you start feeling better real soon!

The French Bear said...

OMG I love you cherubs on the wall!!!! That is so beautiful!!! Love the bebe studio, more pictures, please?!!!!!!! I really enjoyed reading your posts! Happy Sunday to you!
Margaret B

paperbird said...

Rose so sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. I hope that you will feel better soon.
I guess I need to purchase that magazine and I love the ticking bag- it is great!

cityfarmer said...

thanks dear for re-connecting ...somehow it's easy to lose track of each other ...the blog caverns run so deep ..someimes I cannot remember for the life of me how I ended up at some of these sites.

Your '"stash" is luscious!

Rebecca said...

Hi Rose
So glad the key worked! Nice to have a man around isn't it?(at least most of the time);)
PS Thank you for your gracious comments on my post you are always such a dear.

Elise said...

What a lovely post - thank you ! Have a great day...

Bill said...

Hi Rose,
Just stopping by to say thank you for the visit and thoughtful comments. Hope you're feeling better!

I don't think wall cabinet is gaudy at all! Great find. Looking forward to seeing it with your pretty things inside!

Bye for now,

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Looks like your coming along on your studio...can't wait to see more.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Thanks so much for stopping in and praying for my family. You are so sweet to do so, Theresa

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Oh, I'm so interested in finding out about the Jeanne d' Arc magazine. I just Love the pictures you showed. And yes, you are on your way... The studio is looking wonderful. Can't wait to see it done...


{ L } said...

That magazine sounds so good! I hope you feel better too by the way. I am really enjoying your blog!

maría cecilia said...

Hello Rose, gracias por la visita a mi blog, me diste un poco de ánimo justo cuando anoche me dije a mí misma que ya no quería seguir con esto del blog, ocupa demasiado tiempo. Bueno, me ha encantado leerte y conocer tu Bebe Studio, muy intersante y tan lleno de cosas preciosas. Me hiciste pensar mucho en mi madre también, ahora mismo voy a hablar con ella.
Muchos cariños
María Cecilia, de Chile

Lovey said...

OMGoodness Rose...I'm in Love...this is so me. I love how it turned out...we could go shopping girlfriend!