Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Please indulge me in this lil mamie moment...

My stars I remember the day that this picture was taken and how she laughed and ran on the beach and had her sister Ashley and her cousin Alisha chase her. She like me and my older daughter truly love the beach and the ocean...

She was walking on the beach leaving her footprints and when I realized what she was doin, I wanted her to turn and walk away from us so that I could take a picture of her, because it reminded me so much of my favorite poem "Footprints In The Sand" but she was tired, grumpy and this picture was as good as it got :) Never once did we think to GO behind her and take the picture lol

When I look at my daughter Anaissa now, this is still what I see in my hearts eye...she is now 13 and about 5'8 and I coulda swore 5'10 because she looks so freakin tall, I am 5'4 so it amazes me still...that I have to look up...if I want to look into my babys eyes...not to mention that it breaks my heart sometimes too :)

Both my daughters are least in my eyes :) They are both equally talented and love to draw, write stories, do journals and are just so artistic and talented that it blows my mind...I often wonder how, where did this talent come from? At just 13, Anaissa speaks like an adult... an albeit pompous adult :) hey I am "ama"...I can say that lol She loves big words and loves throwing her sister off with them...I can't tell you how many times I hear her leaving her big sister in a huff simply saying..."look it up" after insulting her and you know....(pssst don't say anything, this is stickily between us..but I sometimes have to leave the room because the need to laugh is just overwhelming...especially when I hear my older daughter yell "Mamie" and I have to define for her what her baby sister just called her :)

The other day, Anaissa left a paper at my desk that she was typing up for her English Gate class so uhmmm I stole this little piece...I couldn't help it...I thought it was beautiful :)

The Brightest Star...

A young girl. Full of love. Full of happiness. A bright girl.

One that literally shines with enthusiasm. A girl...that glows with

happiness & joy. She's carefree. She's young.

She is enlightened. She smiles & every other person in the world

can't help but smile with her. Star...That's what they call her.

The brightest of them all. The one that's not afraid of strangers &

embraces them with open arms. She's never afraid...

She's the girl I want to be. A girl, not a woman.

But sadly, that's a one will ever see.

Oh Nissa amor, if you only knew... that when mamie looks at you....that is the girl... I see :)

Update on me :) I am doing somewhat know how it is always ON so too much too soon rehurting my arm and so I am slowly stars feels like forever! but my arm is better each day...thank goodness it has been warm here in So Cali. because cold makes me literally see stars lol I hope to be back to posting more often and leaving more comments than I have...sorry, I have been visiting but was just too sore too type because well...I always have alot to say :) lol

Until next time dear friends...



Fete et Fleur said...

Hello, dear! I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. You're a wonderful Mamie! The truth of your feelings for your daughter brought me to tears. Children are a gift from God. You are blessed.


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Rose,

So lovely to hear from you again. I was wondering how you have been doing.
That is a truly beautiful post about your sweet daughters and ... The Brightest Star is just lovely. You must be so proud of them and they have the best Mamie.
Glad to read that your shoulder is getting better, do take care though and let it heal properly and we look forward to seeing you back when you are able.


Lori said...

Rose, your youngest daughter sounds like a delightful little spitfire...i bet she really keeps you on your toes...the portion of her poem that you shared is lovely...she is a very talented tall goodness...i am the same height as you and i remember when my first son started towering over does make you kind of sad...but proud 12 year old is just starting to be a little taller than me...he will be looking down at me any day now i suppose...

Tracey said...

Sweet Rose I'm glad you're doing a little bit better! This was a beautiful post and the love you have as a mom for your girls is a joy to read about! You're a special person and your lovely girl's are lucky to have you as their mom!!

:) T

June said...

So beautiful Rose...these feelings about your daughter. I am so thrilled when I read posts like these. Motherhood is a great art and I love it when it is done well. You are an artist, my friend.

maría cecilia said...

Hi Rose, so good to hear your doing much better, hope the weather be good with you.
A moving post as I have two daughters and one son and my god how I would love to have them as childs again...!! It´s so good that I have a one year old grandson with whom I can play to be a mom again!!
Muchos cariños y que cada día estès mejor de tu brazo.
María Cecilia

My Sweet Salvations said...

Hi Rose,

How are you? When I first received the pictures, of my parents I got very emotional. The picture only includes family from six sisters and two brothers. There are twenty five (25) grandkids and all are very caring towards my parents. Thank you for your nice comments as always:) Adios.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Glad to hear your doing well. i was getting worried but I haven't been blogging as much either.
Loved this story Rose! like I love all of them!

Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Hi Rose! What a sweet post. You are a good momma! I love how you say "my heart's eye". I am glad you are doing better! Keep resting that arm!

Kimberly said...

Rose, such a sweet girl! Mine is now 25 and if only I could go back and slow down. I wish I could remember more.
I hope your arm gets better. If you have a chance stop by and visit. I just did a post on a place you and your family will LOVE!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Your daughter writes beautifully...13 you say! Hope your arm feels better soon.

paperbird said...

Beautiful post Rose- I can tell you are a wonderful Mamie (love that)
I wanted to thank you for your very sweet birthday wish, you are so kind- it truly means a lot to me. (my kids really think I am older than dirt. LOL!
I hope you continue to get better each day.

Rebecca said...

Hello Rose
What a beautiful post to your daughter, you are so sweet. I have 5 daughters you know and they are all grown and not gone :) They are all getting back at me now :) No just kidding they have become my best friends and now having daughters of their own, it is wonderful how the Lord works. I have little girls around me again.

Rebecca said...

Hello Rose!
Love the piece your dear daughter wrote, how proud you must be of her. And 13 is such a hard age. And I hope you are slowing down to get better... bless your sweet mothers heart, it is hard to heal when you have to keep things going. You will have to let some things go and pick and choose your battles!
Thank you for stopping by and I only poke fun at the ones I love ;)

Cynthia K. said...

Hi there! Lovely post today and going back also as I have been doing. I really relate to your "pancakes and dad" post because I lost 3 family members in a 9 month period. So yes, I will know what you are going through with the holidays. But onward we must go - sweet memories and stength and grace from the Lord will see us through, I'm sure.

I signed up just now as a follower because I don't want to miss a thing...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Rose ( BellaRosa)~ How in the world have I not disovered your blog as well.. before now. ..I have become a follower....this very minute...~~
You have such a wonderful gift for writing...lovely, insighful, delightful things.~~ And your images are superb. ~
Wow... I do hope your arm gets to feeling better.~ I have I know about dealing with pain... if you wish to write to me at my addy...I will tell you a few things that help me get more comfortable. ~~
BTW..I make wicked "Swedish" pancakes (that I use to have as child as well )...rolled up and served with Crab Apple Jelly...beyond words delicious. ~~



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

WHERE are my manners...I did not thank you for adding my blog to your sidebar listing...
Forgive me.


Sandy said...

It's a cold, dreary Autumn morning here in Western New York. What better way is there to brighten it up a bit than to surf the Web and find wonderful blogs like yours? I have two daughters of my own, so I know the joy they can bring.

Rebecca said...

Hi Rose
I have an award for you if you care to come and get it...hope you are doing better!

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