Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Beautiful Gift & Lots of Giveaway Love !!

Before I begin my long awaited post :) I want to thank everyone from my heart for sending so much love to our wonderful friend Lorraine during her loss...she is such an amazing woman and I know she appreciates every ones love and concern during this time. She has a loving husband, children, family and friends that I know are there for her in her time of need, but I think knowing so many of us out here are thinking of her, must have made her heart smile, I know it did mine. Besos & huge hugs to all of you!

In Decemeber I won a wonderful Giveaway from the beautiful Rebecca of Rebecca for Vintage Living but to tell you what a heart she is, it was her Birthday...yet she did a giveaway for all her followers...see she is a total heart :) Anyways, the day before I got sick, a beautiful package came in the mail...then with me feeling so crappy...I actually forgot all about it...I know can you believe it!!! So when I opened it, I was just soo thrilled because I got one of her beautiful stars with some lil pretties :) and you know I love her Christmas stars... with all the creams and mochas, but I also LOVE the star I got, the colors are so rich and the materials she chose are so luxurious...I LOVE velvet & vintage trims...without knowing it....she sent me such a beautiful piece of art for my lil bebe art studio :) I know...lucky me right ! I feel so bad though because I know my pictures do not do my gifts justice....Rebecca amor, I am soo sorry for that....But I know, that you know....I LOVE them :)

This is the gorgeous package I saw when I opened my box...who am I kidding, mr wonderful opened the box and handed me this beauty :) I was so weak from the bad cold/flu, fever & body aches, that my fingers hurt from trying to pull the tabs apart on the box...(awww I love sympathy when I am sick...thank you :) lol

Look at the details of this gorgeous package!!! (clik on pictures to enlarge) the flower is so beautiful as is the tag that she made for me...oooh another beautiful tag for my collection :) If anyone wants to send me some of their own tags...I will hang them up in my bebe studio to display their beauty :) (shamless I know....but hey in my defense I have like 4 tags now and until Dawn told me what ATC's are...I had no idea, I thought it was like an art club :) lol

This is the gorgeousness (is that even a word?) that was inside...Look at the colors, I wish you could see how beautiful it really is, again so sorry for the pictures Rebecca.... The colors are in rich jewel tones...the textures and trims just gorgeous! I think this is vintage silver metal tinsel...although I would have to ask my dear friend Rebecca because I don't know too much about beautiful trims other than I LOVE them :)

Again please, clik on the pictures to enlarge, mr wonderful helped me take all I guess I can blame him...Ha!!! I know I am such a goober...had I taken them I know I would have cut things out :) you should see how many pictures we have that have body parts missing lol Thank goodness for digital...processing pictures was getting expensive with all my booboos :) look at this lovely necklace I got too, you should see how beautiful the stone colors are...

Here are all my beautiful gifts...lucky me...I know :)

Wanna know an amazing thing....Rebecca is having another beautiful giveaway...I am telling you all about it below.....Lucky you!!!!

There seems to be sooo much beautiful & generous Giveaway love going on right now in our lovely BlogLand...and that is besides the Gigantic One World Giveaways that are going on now :) Here are a few really special one that I want to share with you....

But first... because as usual I am late with everything....I is such a bad habit :( But none the less I share this wonderful news with you...our beautiful & big generous hearted, our dear friend... Dawn of The Feathered Nest is having a 3 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!!! 3 Years can you believe that...and that doesn't include her 1000 + posts she has :) I know so many of you have already congratulated her...but if you haven't visit her and give her some love :)

Look at the beautiful treasures that Dawn is giving to one lucky winner :)

2nd Giveaway...Also ending on February 14th....The beautiful Rebecca of Rebecca for Vintage living is having a Feeling the Love Giveaway....Look at the beautiful necklace that she made for 1 lucky winner...since I don't want to appear too greedy...I would even love that gorgeous envelope pillow she made behind it :) ( I hope that is what it is...I am usually wrong with art work :)

Clik here to leave a comment for a chance to win :)

3rd Giveaway...The beautiful Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered is having a Thank You Giveaway...She like Dawn and Rebecca makes some of the most beautiful art creations and like them she also is of generous heart and shares with you how to make some of their gorgeous works...Look at all the beautiful treasures she has lovingly picked out for us :) Her giveaway ends February 22nd.

4th Giveaway...The beautiful Karyn of French Charming is having a Whole Lot of Love Giveaway and that is exactly what she is giving away to one lucky winner..Look at the picture below :) Giveaway ends February 28th!

Now....please go and visit all these wonderful ladies and enjoy visiting their beautiful blogs and while your there...don't forget to enter for a chance to win :)

I have my own giveaway to share with you still, I just wanted to share these wonderful giveaways first...I have some more gifts I received to share with you and if I forgot to mention YOUR giveaway...please let me know and I will add it to my next post!

Until next time dear friends....




cityfarmer said...

these are some of my favorite girls ... their hearts are big and generous.
how sweet of you to show them off and link us all to their beautiful sites.

your litle goodies should make you feel all better.

LiLi M. said...

Ah your were spoiled! Great presents from Rebecca! Thanks for pointing us at the other give aways, but I am only signing up when I do know the blogowner well, otherwise I wouldn't dare, would you? Except for OWOH of course! Have a lovely day Rose!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Rose, Sweetie! I'm so sorry that you had caught a flu and felt so aweful! Rebecca's package came in the right moment then to cheer you up. The gifts are beautiful! I love the color of the star. The rose and the necklace are sp wonderful too! Enjoy all those pretty presents!
To answer your question about that rhinestone thingy: It had been a tiny belt buckle once. The "25 frs" piece of cardboard came from the spine of an old French dictionary. It had been the price of the book in French Francs back then and it just fitted into my little belt buckle frame. Then I had added a piece of chain and now I use it as a decoration for a bottle.
Hopefully you will be fully recoverd soon, dear Rose!
Hugs and besos,

June said...

Hello dearest Rose,
I am trying very hard not to be jealous over here. I have wanted a star from Rebecca so bad! This is lucky little thing you! I can't think of anybody who more deserves these beautiful gifts than you though. That necklace is stunning and will be lovely around your pretty little neck.
Thank you for always sharing the news of the giveaways. I think it is so generous of you.
I want to thank you for the lovely words you left for me about angels. Your Ita must have been an amazing woman. Wise beyond words, just like you my friend. I am so glad that you had someone in your life like her to guide you. May your angels always be close by.
hugs said...

Sweet Rose,
Thanks for telling me about French Charming, how did I miss this blog? It is great! I love Rebecca too, I want to win the necklace to badly. And Dawn's art, well who wouldn't want that hanging in their home. You are such a sweetie of everyone Rose. Like I told you last night, if I don't hear from you or see you posting I get sad, you brighten my day! Lisa

Free Pretty Things For You said...

Hi my love!
Tengo algo para ti!
Me puedes madar tu addy please! lol
here i go wiht my spanglish!
Love ya!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Rose,

I love your presents from Rebecca, how wonderful that you won her giveaway The star and necklace are so beautiful.
I really hope that you are feeling better, sweet one and having a good week.


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Great giveaways and great ladies....all I know of except for the last one. I'll have to say hi!
Rebecca star is gorgeous but everything she does is over the top amazing to every detail.
She has a special talent.
I need to do a giveaway soon but I can't even seem to get out of my own way these days!
Hope you are well sweety!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Sweet Rose,

Sorry to hear that you've not feeling well...sending you get well wishes!

What beautiful treasures Rebecca sent you! So fabulous you lucky girl!

Thank you for featuring my giveaway, so very kind and thoughtful of you!

Love and hugs to you Sweet Friend!

Sandra said...

Hi Rose! What a stunning star, amiga! Oh I love it! (i'm typing way better than I sound, huh? *wink*) The necklace is very pretty too.
Umm, Rose? You'll have to fill me in as to what ATC's mean? I'm clueless, lol. Call me ditzy but I really don't know what that means. *blush* Thank you so much for telling us about the giveaways too.
Have a wonderful evening!

Andrea said...

Look at all those pretty giveaways! I know I sign up for a few of them will have to check out the ones I may have missed! Thanks!



Rebecca said...

Hi Sweetie!
You are too kind, thank you for such a wonderful post. You are so generous and I am so lucky to have found a friend in you.
I will have to go over to French Charming, the others I have entered. Thank you for the info. I have a workshop tonight so it will be late by the time I get home but I have your papers ready to go. Oh, and yes the trim is old on the star, actually the velvet is from the Victorian era and so is the trim. Just fyi :)
I hope you have a lovely day and thanks for letting me join the earth shakers club! Really... I wouldn't like that all the time.

Kelly Berkey said...

Hi Darling Rose,
Thanks for sharing all the great giveaways!! So much fun. And your star is just darling!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for watching my little vlog (i was so nervous!).
Hopefully someday you will make one too so we can feel a little closer to you!

Glad you are feeling better, and thanks for entering my giveaway! Yes, your daughter's art will make a great pendant!

Hugs to you my friend,

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Well..I guess your the go to girl to find out who's having a Thanks for sharing!

Tara said...

Wow there is alot of love going around blogland and you are the source!! What a beautiful giveaway you won Rose...the necklace is stunning...and I am so sorry for Lori's loss, I honestly can't even imagine....hugs to you~Tara

Karen Valentine said...

Rose, you are one of the sweetest most gracious bloggers out there! Thank you so much for coming over and leaving such a wonderful comment for me.

This does seem to be the time of year for Giveaways doesn't it!!! I'll be having one myself soon to celebrate 500 followers! I look forward to your as well.

Take care my dear and have a wonderful weekend!

My Desert Cottage

Beth Leintz said...

Hello Rose- I just had to accept your invitation to visit your blog. Such pretty gifts you got. I can't believe all the gorgeous giveaways going on in blogland. There is so much generosity and sharing out there!

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello Sweetie!

I hope you are feeling well now. What lovely gifts you won. The heart made me smile. It is gorgeous! I did go over and congratulate Dawn. She is an amazing person. Thank you for sharing all the giveaway love.


Anne at Fiona and Twig said...

Wow, you are one lucky girl! But you totally deserve it all.



Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, what lovely gifts! Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day! Twyla

T's Daily Treasures said...

What beautiful gifts you received. You are not the only goober as I don't even know what ATCs are. There seems to be a name for everything and so many products I know nothing about. Lots of fabulous giveaways out there. Hope that you are all better now and having a lovely, relaxing weekend. Blessings, Tammy

Shabbyfufu said...

Dear Rose....thank you for visiting me today, it's always a pleasure to come over and see you too! Great giveaways, I will have to check those out! ~xo~Janet

Relics said...

So So Pretty- I wish I was crafty...

I just love bits and pieces...