Thursday, August 12, 2010

OH My Stars.....Can it be?????

Yes...mis amores....I am back!!

How was that for a warning ;) No truly mis amores...I am finally back...thru all of lives traumas, trials & tribulations and just losing myself for awhile there...I am back... I am still working on me, trying to be ok with all that is going on in life but I realized all in our beautiful blogging community have held me together with love & support when I needed it the most...and as bad as things have been in my imperfect life...I know I am not the only one going thru lifes those of you who are going through your own difficulties and heartbreaks...I send you my prayers and support...know that as I can, I will be visiting you all and catching up with you & your beautiful blogs & postings...I truly hope I don't overwhelm you as I start commenting on a couple or a bunch of your wonderful posts that I have missed :)The lap top is fixed as of this I can finally start posting & visiting everyone again, since all of my blogging treasures, pictures, favorite blogs lists were all on it, I really need to learn how to put these things on one of those lil doo hickies that I can take every where with me! :)...ohhh how I have missed you all! And for all of you that were so wonderful to have written me the loveliest emails...I received them, but wasn't able to reply due to a bad virus on our desktop computer that my amor was worried I would send to you all and infect your own...but now that issue is cleaned up and in the next couple of days so many will be hearing from me again.... Grazie from my heart...for your love & friendship, it has truly meant the world...

Dawn, Lisa, Rebecca, Nancy and so many others....Grazie for never giving up on me :) Besos & huge hugs to you all!

I truly hope to reconnect with you all...I can't tell you how hard it was when I felt that I was losing my way...not only in life but with the things that I so enjoyed & really made me panic when I would go into my studio and look at all my wonderful treasures and feel nothing...when the things that bring us so much joy no longer make us is time to ask why...and I did....I am still working on I start to go through my things and sort them, I am finding that lil old and tattered bebe shoes and clothing still make make me sigh....that is a good sign right???? :)

P.S. Grazie to all my new friends & followers, such a wonderful surprise to see you all :)

Until next time my dear friends,


Free Pretty Things For You said...

can it be soooo!?!?! my beautiful rose is back!!!
i've miss you so! i cant wait to see your lovely comments!
problems come and go But our God is always a GOOD God!
Love you mi amor!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wishing you all the best dear Rose. Keep smiling and looking up! :) Tammy

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Well GOOD happy you are back...I know it has been a very rough time for you since you were able to post consistantly, and I am sorry.
I too have been in a slump becuase of my leg/knee injury in seems to FINALLY be getting better..and am able to get about a bit more freely.

Love having you back..and see your smiley face once more.
Is this a new background?
If not....I still like it.


Rebecca said...

Good Morning Beautiful Rose Girl...

I am so happy you are back. Truly. I am.

If you only knew how imperfect my life is...and always has been. There is ALWAYS something out there that keeps me leaning on God for His strength, mercy, love and grace. As I grow older I understand more about my limitations in life and I'm so thankful for the peace that lives in my heart.

I have missed your sweet posts and your pretty smile. May today be a new beginning for you and your family, Miss Rose. As you look back upon your life may you remember this day as a fresh start with renewed focus on your purpose here in this earth.

Love to you my friend.

Blessings always~

Love, Rebecca @AGP

Diva Kreszl said...

oh sweet Rose it is so good to hear from you, I continue to hold you in my prayers !!!

stefanie said...

I am so glad you are back and feeling is hard, so many sad things, but there are good and it helps to focus on those, sometimes its the little blogging that will help us thru!!!

Victoria said...

It was so nice to see your blog floating by on my sidebar this morning, happy you are back and feeling good! We all need to step out for a while and re-focus:) I'm glad you're back tho my fellow California girl!

The French Bear said...

Rose, you are positively WONDERFUL!!!!
I have missed you, but I know things are difficult, but you're back! So nice to know you are okay and you are back......
Margaret B

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Rose, sweet girl, I'm so happy that you're back! I MISSED you a LOT! Hopefully Ashley is doing much better in the meanwhile. I can imagine that you felt kind of lost in your studio. It's hard to be creative when your mind is occupied with such serious other things. I'm glad that there were some items that still could made you smile :-).
Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!
Hugs to you,

oldgreymare said...

sauntering down the street on a lovely day, we do a double take and say....

" well, hello there, how are you, how have you been? I've missed seeing you; what have you been up to?"

and after a brief chat we part, and hope we'll run into each other again real soon when we have time for a long visit.

so..."how are you, it's so good to see you again..."


Draffin Bears said...

Dear sweet Rose,

How lovely to see you back here again, dear friend ~ you have been missed here so much. I often think of you and hope that all is going well.
Do hope that Ashley is feeling much better and getting around easier.
I hope that the difficult times can turn into sunny and rosy times for you.

Love & hugs to you and enjoy your weekend
Carolyn xo

Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Oh Rosa, I have been thinking about you so much lately. Wondering why you haven't posted or visited. Honestly, I was going to send you a message TODAY to check in on you and then I saw that you had posted late last night!

I will be praying for you. Leave your troubles at Jesus' feet. He alone can comfort you when you feel you have nothing left. You have a lot of people that care about you too.

Sincere Blessings,

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, Rose! So glad you're back in blogland! I missed you! So sorry things have been so tough for you lately...sometimes it seems we get more than our share all lumped up in one short period of time...I'm so sorry it happened to you.

I hope things are looking much brighter, and that you'll know we're all here for you!

Talk to you soon!


Beth Leintz said...

Rose, so glad to see your feeling up to posting-your friendly face has been missed in blog world- but know that you've been in our thoughts. Best, Beth

Anonymous said...

Rose, welcome back! Hopefully all the mess is in the past and you can go forward feeling refreshed.

Kate said...

Dear Rose
I am so happy that you are back HOORAY. We all love you and praying God's best for you always. Looking forward to the catching up.

love you

Yaya Chique said...

Hi sweetie!
Welcome back! I have been in this business for over 30 years, and for the first time in my life---I went through the same thing. I look at all my beautiful treasures just begging me to work with them and bring new life into them...but, alas I walk away. Too tired, too over stimulated, too "just not interested", don't know which path to go. Sometimes we just have to "withdrawl for as long as it takes". I promise, you will get your muse back and she will come back even stronger than before! xo...deb

Anonymous said...

keep update, please..bless you!!............................................................

Lovey said...

Yeah! I love seeing you back here! Love you, love you...Lovey

Lovey said...

P.S. I never gave up on you either...never, never, never...knew my Rose would be back very soon... leaving comments on blogs that warm the hearts of all those that read them!

fairmaiden said...

Welcome back beautiful Rose...

You have been missed but since I've been in touch with you through FB and phone It doesn't seem like you've been missing!

I have actually gotten to know you better through this trial and feel closer to you in our friendship. You are a precious soul that lights up my life. Thank you for all the love you give. I love you right back!

Enjoy the beauty of your blog again as we enter a new season~ Autumn. I think you need some fairy pumpkins!!! ox~ fairmaiden

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Rose I did a double take when I scrolled down my bloglist and saw you had posted 2 days ago. Geesh I guess my eyes aren't so good anymore.
I completely understand the lack of enthusiasm when your life gets turned upside down. The little things that used to give you joy are just not the takes time! but I'm glad to hear you're on the road to feeling better about life and that your daughter is doing better.


Romeo said...

You are so silly! Of course your blogging friends would never give up on you.

Purrsonally, I kept watching your link on my side bar for a new topic and *poof* I see it this evening!

Welcome back!!!! I am certain you will feel better and back into the groove soon. When so much happens, it is expected to loose ourselves for a time. Really!

So good to see you are back!

Romeo and "her"

Natasha Burns said...

welcome back to blogging Rose! I am so glad you are back. I hope you find your creative muse again xoox

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Hey Blog World!!! She's home!!! My sweet little amour has come home to her friends & all the peeps that love her.
I understand the feeling of losing yourself a little. You've had a LOT going on these past months. We all need a time out sometimes. This summer has been hard for me too. So hot, so busy. Can't wait for things to get normal again in the fall.
Most of all I miss the crazy 600 word comments from my california girl, the one I'm the boss of. Love & Kisses to you! Lisa

Kelly Berkey said...

Loves and hugs and beautiful hopes for you Rosa! I am so happy to see you back on the path to bliss...sometimes it's so hard to find, that is what makes it so sweet when you do!

Ana said...

Hola Chiquita,
Know that your sweet and cheerful ways have been missed, oh, and your long a** posts too...He, he, he. I can't believe I said that or should I say typed that... So happy to hear that you're back. Praying for you and your family...with special prayers for your daughter. Hope that life gets a little more normal soon and that soon those little things that brought happiness and smiles will do so once again.


Fete et Fleur said...

Glad to see you back Beauty. I've been more out than in this summer with blogging. Hope all is well.


June said...

Oh my sweet Rose is back!!! I have missed you! But I have not been around much either this Summer...I have been buried in work and more work. A few funerals of sweet friends and reunions and just plain Summer has kept me from blogging. Next Summer I make take totally off from blogging, because I just cannot keep up.
You have been in my prayers and I think of you always. i hope that things get back to normal for you soon, and that you will find joy again in the everyday. I have been where you are before, and it is a hard place to be. Soon though, things will be better.
hugs to you sweet friend...

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Good Sunday Morning, Rose! Finally catching up visiting some of my favorite blogs, and I'm so glad to see you're back. Computer problems aside, I hope everything else is going okay for you. :o)


FrenchGardenHouse said...

So happy to see your post, sweetie. It's okay to have time off, sometimes you just need to take the time to BE. Especially when you are brokenhearted, and need some time to mend.

But it's so great to see you back!! Your beautiful smile, your beautiful YOU. Thinking of you and your family in prayer, still, xoxo Lidy

patricia said...

querida Rose.....los milagros existen gracias a las oraciones,con fuerza se pueden enfrentar momentos difíciles.....puedo dar mi testimonio de que es así