Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh My Stars!!!

Oh My Stars!! I finally took the plunge and did it, my very own blog! Well actually the wonderfully talented Dawn Edmondson of The Feathered Nest, who has been so loving, kind, supportive and generous as to create this beautiful blog for me! Is it not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? I get chills and tears in my eyes every time I clik on my link and see it lol (OMStars I have a link!!) I have been so excited that I have told all my family and friends about it, but I am such a novice to this Blog world, that when they asked me for the blog address.... I went blank :) I know with time that will get better, but I truly hope the excitement and love I feel for it never changes. I hope that with this Blog I will one day inspire someone as I have been inspired by soo many truly talented woman, whose first blogs I came across by accident over a year ago. I started with a small list of 2 and now have about 40 on my favorites :)

I guess this is where I intoduce myself lol My name is Rose and I am 41 yrs young. I share my life with my gorgeous husband of over 20 years, 2 beautiful daughters and a mini wananbe rotweiler named pudge. Did I say rotweiler? I meant tiny maltese :) I love to create, just the process of seeing the finished product in my head still thrills me after all these years...the actual process of getting things together and doing it, until lately has been my downfall. But I am now after all these years of wishing finally getting my own lil studio. BTW Have any of you ever seen Dawn's studio? It is gorgeous, I always turn a lil green when I see it lol Her studio is mucho grande! mine will be not so much, more like a lil bebe studio :) My wonderul husband realizing just how much I missed creating decided to sell his 65 in tv and give me my own lil place in our old 1916 house :) (is that love or what? He doesn't even know all the work that is still ahead for him, poor man) Oh hey, I just realized that I get to give my husband a great blog name like I have seen so many give their hubbys on their blogs :) Like Lidy Baars from French Garden House, she calls her hunny Mr. FGH, loves it! Hmmm I should take a vote and chose a special name......Paws?? he has huge loving hands or Papi or My McDreamy (wait till you see his pic ladies, you will vote for that one....and did I mention he has huge dimples??? lol sshh ladies he mustin know till we decide or he will figure out this blog thingy faster than me and make some changes :)

Oh dearest Dawn, I think you have created a monster here, I have sooo many things to write :) whether they make sense to anyone will be another story. But I truly from my heart feel so blessed that I finally took the chance and emailed Dawn and told her what I had been wanting to for so long. She has been like a wonderful breath of fresh air that has come into my life! Like I told her, I have since visiting my first blog, always known I wanted to make my own, but the fear of the unknown has ALWAYS held me back. In what seemed like seconds she created this beauty for me and like a mama bird pushed me out of my safe place (I say that with lots of love) not only that but she has offered her help and insight to guide me along the way, for that I will FOREVER be greatful! When I told my girlfriends my wish to contact Dawn and some other ladies about their blogs, one of them said something that I had never thought of. She said 'hunny they are just people like you and me, let them know they inspire you. I know I would love it if someone did that for me, my goodness it isn't like they are rockstars!" Little does she know that to me and I am sure to many more out there, soo many of you talented ladies truly are like rockstars. The Blog World sometimes feels like a Very small world, where you all know each other, I sometimes felt like the new kid in school looking in on all the cool kids :) I have for so long left lil comments when I got the nerve or just lurked. So many times I have read things on their blogs that have bought tears to my eyes, not just what they wrote, but the beauty of what they created. Sometimes they wrote about something that they are going thru or something they even thought mundane but didn't realize that to me (and many others, I am sure) it struck a cord, in our hearts, minds and that lil creative place we all seem to share.

As I get better with this I will add pictures and before and afters of things I am working on, treasures I find (that is one of my favorite things on many of your blogs!) And just the craziness that is sometimes my life. I think in the next few days you will see many more posts from me, I just hope they catch someones attention in a good way and not bore them to sleep :)

Dawn again, thank you from my heart. This, my favorite lil poem is for you:

The jump
is so frightening
where i am and
where i want to be...
Because of all
i may become
i will close my eyes
and leap!
mary anne radmacher.hershey ©


The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Rose, I'm just so glad that you are here and blogging!!! You have such a sweet spirit sweet friend, I can't wait for everyone to meet you ~ welcome to the Land of Blog!
hugs and love,

marie said...

Welcome to the Land of Blog ~ it's a wonderful place. Your blog looks beautiful and I love the little poem you posted for Dawn! She is a treasure, isn't she!

Have a joy-filled day!

Deborah said...

I love your blog, and it is nice to see your creative room, now don't straighten up too much, it must be a bit messy in order to get something beautiful made. Maybe I will create my own blog, one day soon.

FrenchGardenHouse said...


I am so glad you left a comment on my blog. It figures you know {and love} Dawn, who is just the sweetest blogger friend we could all have. I love your will have so much fun with it. Welcome...hugs,
xo Lidy