Monday, June 22, 2009

Tada...... Introducing our lil Pudge...

I have been wanting to post pictures of my daughters too, but well one is 18 the other is 13 and they have to have final editing on whatever I post about them, not to mention the simple fact that they will probably make me sign confindentiality contracts now that I have a blog, cause well you know, mom has no sense lol So my next logical choice to post about is our (my) lil bebe "pudge" Pudges' real name is actually Lola, but well when you see the pictures I think it says it all lol When we got pudge she was the runt of the litter and sooo tiny she was almost smaller than your hand. She got big so quik, well tiny compared to other dogs, but in spirit and love the girl is HUGE! She is under the impression that she is a tough guard dog and none of us have the heart to tell her other wise. Like I said in my profile, she aspires to be a rotweiler when she grows up :) When my girls picked her, her brothers and sisters were white, she was the only apricot one and a maltese, go figure. Her mama and dad were on the premise and although small at 4 and 6 lbs, pudge has actually stayed quite a bit smaller than her mama. Here are a few pictures of my (our) lil princess in training.....(Hey when your daughters no longer let you dress them up in frilly clothes, thank goodness for their lil loveliness.) And before anyone tells me that it is just wrong to dress her up, she digs out her clothes from her basket and brings them to you, once she is dressed she prances around and when you take them off she follows you around whimpering till you put them back on :) and she mainly wears them when it gets too chilly (smart girl)

Right before her hair cut and before we ever called her pudge.

BTW if my youngest ever lets me post her baby pics, you would swear they were related (same hair cut) lol
You know sometimes I truly wonder if they get traumatized when they get groomed :) note the following pictures.....

I forgot to mention that she is also an actress, when my daughter says "rigamortis pudge" (Sp?) she does this...Talented is she not? This was after we showed her the new hair cut lol

She was getting used to the new hair cut and loving the attention, but as cute as she was I missed her "false pudginess" So to make me feel better, I started calling her Pudge.

Cold night in a 1916 house and everyone wears jammies. Pudge bless her lil heart would actually nip at you when you tried to take them off in the morning....she is sooo a part of this family (no one is a morning person in this house) And this picture is not staged. This is one of her favorite sleeping positions whether she is on your lap or laying on the floor, you name it, she trys hugging it and goes to sleep :)

I hope you liked her lil pictures. She will now demand her own blog. Cause in her own way, she is a lil mini me. She is a true Diva in her own lil world (mind). Until next time dear friends, always remember to take a moment to just stop... breath... and smile.


Kimberly said...

Hi Rose, I just found you from Dawn at Feathered nest. She is really wonderful and I have read her for a while.
I just started my blog too and I am from the same area as you are I think. I just moved from Fullerton to Huntington Beach. It might be fun to meet up sometime.
I LOVE all of your furniture from Craigs list! I have not been able to find anything like what you have, Way to go!
I look forward to reading more about you and your cute family. I have a malti-poo named Georgie who I am crazy about too.
Welcome from one newbie to another!.........Kim

Christine said...

Your Pudge looks a lot like my Chloe! She is in the pudge stage right now and needs a hair cut bad. Se probably gets pretty hot.

Chloe is a yorkie poo. She has yorkie hair and the coloring of an apricot poodle. Her bff (my sister's dog star) is an apricot poodle.

Until next time,

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Rose,

Welcome to blogland! I found you over at Dawn's from the Feathered Nest. She is a sweetie isn't she? Oh my, I just love that little bundle of pink sweetness in her PJ's. Too cute! thanks for sharing her darling pics.
I am new to blogging too, and only have one post so far.

Debbie from NJ

Linda said...

She is SO cute!!!!!!!