Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A forgotten treasure... & More giveaway love...

**Before I show you my forgotten curb treasure and share some wonderful giveaways...I wanted to share something that happened today...Something important that hopefully will remind us all to slow down...nothing is so important... that we can't take a moment to wait for the next green light...

Today my youngest called me when she got out of school to let me know she was on her way home....10 min later she called me again in tears...I was trying not to panic... so I tried to get her to calm down and tell me what was wrong...Her friend, who she has known since kindergarten was just hit by a van as they were crossing the this is a very busy intersection that divides the block we live on from the rest of her 2 block walk to her close to home, yet so far! I know it sounds wrong...but all I could think is thank God, MY child is ok! Next thing I asked was is he ok, how bad is it, she was hard to understand and wanted to wait with her friends for the ambulance to pick him up and then would continue home...I didn't have the heart to tell her no, to just come home...after all this is a boy she played with when she was a tiny lil girl...I could see his lil face laughing with hers...The van that hit him sped thru a yellow light as it turned red, the kids were all talking as they entered the crosswalk on a green light for them... he was ahead and was hit by the van...In shock... the kids all ran in the street to pull him back onto the curb as their light changed and more cars were starting coming forward... He was pretty hurt and starting to pass out, his legs had gashes deep enough they could see bone and my daughter was in tears again as she said his other leg wasn't laying right and he wouldn't stop grabbing it, but that he couldn't even talk, just barely shook his head with his eyes closed, seeming out of it...Parent, kids, people in cars that saw what happend were all trying to tell the police what happend, the guy in the van tried to blame the kids saying he had a green light...All I could think was...what was soo important that he couldn't slow down seeing all these kids walking home from school? In one instant...he could have changed not only his life...but the lives of some children forever, even worse ending some childs life...We are still waiting to hear how her friend is. My heart breaks for his mama when she got that phone call...I pray that I am never on the receiving end of a phone call like that..

Thank you for letting me vent....

Now back to my post...seems almost ludicrous to do so but I don't want to leave my post on a sad note...I don't want to give someone that just wasn't thinking...that kind of power....

I had almost forgotten about this wonderful curbside treasure...Aren't they the best kind??? My husband was going thru pictures on the camera card...and looky what I forgotten treasure, that is still in storage...waiting ever so patiently :) Soo....A while we were on our way to get some tacos at our favorite Mexican people, I don't know about you...but I have the nasty lil habbit of looking in peoples open garages and the curbs when someone else drives...I just can't help it lol sometimes you find the most amazing treasures...right???

Well as we drove by, we saw that the taco place was closed....BUT the auto shop place next door to it caught my eye, I saw the back of a tall secretary desk, next to the trash did I know that is what it was??? becaus I already had one at home :) I asked my husband to go back...he gave me that look....I think most of you have seen that look on your loves face a time or 2 right??? come on...I know it can't be just me that is that lucky lol We went back, the gate was locked...think that stopped me? I yelled Hello!!!!! till someone came out and I gave them my bestest ...I'm not a crazy lady smile I could and asked if they were selling or getting rid of that desk...He said can have it, it is a piece of junk though...that is why it is by the trash, it comes in the morning...We had to come back and get it in mr wonderful's truck...but needless to say...I was a happy girl with plans for this bebe!!!...did I mention over 2 or is it 3 years and it is still in storage...waiting...hey no one ever said genious is fast process...Ha!! I hear you snickering :) Anyways this is my lil treasure :) enjoy

I love this desk :) I see it painted cream & distressed...what do you think??

Look at all the lil drawers & cubbies :)

I even have an old skeleton key that locks everything up...

It has 2 lil secret compartments on each side of the lil door as you can see and also in one of the drawers underneath...

I was so happy when I found this because mr wonderful never let me paint the one at home...but this...this is my demands to be painted :) I even found something to use as finial on that I found this soon as the weather is hot moves to the top of my projects ever growing projects list :) See it never hurts to look or just stop and ask...right???? :)

Now onto some more Giveaway love.....

1st is ...The lovely and talented Jill of Gypsy Brocante, she is giving away a beautiful silver tray that she has made into a that even a word :) Chalkboard tray....When you visit her blog to enter, make sure you look through her posts, it is a gorgeous blog...wait till you see her studio...I drool everytime I see it :) !!!

Giveaway ends Sunday

The last 2 giveaways I found out about guessed it :) Dawn of The Feathered Nest!!! :) I told you she finds the best blogs and their giveaways...

2nd is... Dorthe of Den Lille Lade, she makes beautiful dolls and other creations, she is celebrating her 100th post! and is giving away one of her lovely angel dolls to the lucky winner!

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Okay my wonderful and lovely friends, I need to crash...again it is after 2 am :( and I am sleepy....On my next post, I am going to share a wonderful award that I was given by the lovely Kolleen of HEARTWINGSISTERS blog :)

But before I close...Please keep all those poor people in Haiti in your thoughts and prayers...Being in Southern California...This is OUR greatest fear too....

So until next time dear friends....




Kim said...

What a day Rose, I do hope you got some rest. Sometimes the metal anquishes tire us much more than the physical. Your desk is sweet and looks to be a fun project. Thanks for sharing. Kim

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl!!! Omygoodness Rose, I hope the boy is OK!!! It's so scary to think of how fast things like this happen ~ I am SO IN LOVE with your gorgeous secretary and can SO see it painted too!!!! This is something I would LOVE to see finished ~ so, so gorgeous....I hope you are doing good sweetie!!!! hugs and love to you, Dawn

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh Rose, sweetie, what an aweful accident! I'm so glad that your girl is o.k.. Hopefully the boy isn't injured too badly.

The secretary - definitely a treasure and a great piece to store all kinds of things! What a great find! It will look fantastic when you are done with it.

Hugs and love,

Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Hi Rose
We will be sure to keep the boy in our prayers as well as your daughter and her friends who witnessed this accident. You are so right, nothing is so important that we can't spare a few moments time for another person's safety.

I LOVE your desk! I can see it painted, it will be beautiful. And two or three years in storage, hey, it takes time for all these great ideas to come about!!! Like fine wine-LOL!! Can't wait to see it when it is finished!

I too have gotten "The Look" when I drag some pitiful little object home with big ideas for it! And I love to look into other peoples houses, especially at night when their lights are on and the curtains/blinds are open. My husband always says if I ever get arrested he will know why...Peeping Tom!
Wish we lived closer, we could go for an evening walk...walking is best because you can slow down or tie your shoe ;) and get a better look!!! Okay, I am sounding a bit strange here! But I know you get it!!
It is like flipping through the pages of a magazine!

BellaRosa said...

Lisa lol...I soo get what you said...Chris threatened to buy my ones at that for when me go somewhere :) Even better...I find stuff on the curb on my block lol neighbors that know me, will now show me a piece before they set it out on the curb...isn't that awsome! My family doesn't think so..but what do they know :) Girlie if you lived near by...we would be in so much trouble and never get anything done lol I miss you chica! Hope your well. Besos, Rose

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh Rose I am so sorry to read about your young friend and his accident. How horrible for all of you and I can not imagine the pain your daughter is going through now. Please keep us posted on this.
I love your find and no your hubby should not get you blinders. hahaha
Thanks for the giveaways too I have try those sites out
Take care and I am so sorry you had to go through this

Anonymous said...

oh Goodness Rose, your story just touched my heart in so many ways, i am so sorry for your daughters friend, and family..that is just heart breaking..and I agree how much of a hurry could you be in to drive through a yellow light with children all around you, that driver should get in trouble...I do hope he comes out ok. As for your treasure, what a beauty,I bet you can make that look so wonderful and useful with all those cubbies and drawers! Thanks for sharing today...a lot going on in the world it seems, blessings, Tara

Susan said...

What a day indeed! Hopefully, tomorrow is better! I have almost the exact secretary! I started painting it white...but I think it will soon get a coat of gray paint and mirrors instead of glass. :)

June said...

Hi sweet Rose, I pray that little friend of your daughters is okay. What a shock for your little bebe to witness. I got a phone call like this once and it is an awful thing for a parent to have to go through. My son was fifteen and had a load of bridge beams that were on a hyster. His back was broken, but he has done well and healed up nicely. He nows owns a construction business, so all ended up well. I remember getting the call from my husband and my heart went to my feet. So I pray for those little boys parents.

How long do you think it would take me to drive over there and take that treaure off your hands? I would do that that for you, because I love you so much.

Sandra said...

Hi Rose. Oh my heart is worried about that little boy. I'm so glad that there were witnesses since the one in the van was trying to say it was his green light. I cannot imagine how his mom must have felt when she got the call. ugh.
Mi amiga, what a beautiful treasure you found! I can't wait to see your final results on it! I've got the painting itches going on here and just feel like painting something. hee hee!
I hope you got some rest too. Have a wonderful evening.

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Hi Rose...I came by way of Sandra's blog. I am so sorry about your daughter's friend. Truly a parent's nightmare! I pray that he is okay and recovers from the injuries. Great possibilites with your curbside treasure. I hope to see it all pretty someday soon! Hugs!

Petit Coterie said...

My heart goes out to your daughters friend. I think everyone is in such a hurry that they have no idea how it could impact someone's life. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I do hope you will visit again.

xx, Michelle

Federica said...

Thanks so much for your nice comment yesterday and thanks for following my blog.
Many hugs

Kolleen said...

hi beautiful Rose...
wow what a story and what a scary thing for your little one to witness. It gave me goosebumps and I immediately sent a prayer up for a full recovery of this little boy and for the man driving the van as well. you are so right...what is SO important that you had to speed up to get through the yellow light...GOOD REMINDER!

and your treasure...i think drool is hitting my keyboard as i am typing to you. i am jealous. yes. i will admit it. jealous. that will look lovely painted and distressed!!! yummy!!

loved reading about your guilty pleasure on my blog...your so cute!!!

xxoo loves to you,

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

You are right, nothing is so important that you need to be in such a sad. It doesn't sound like the driver was the least bit sorry, either.

So let me get this got that beauty for FREE????? Nuh-uh, really? Wow.

Way to go!!! :-)


Denise said...

Hi Rose! I've had those calls where your heart just stops, and it's perfectly okay that you were happy it wasn't your baby. I hope your daughter's friend will be okay and mend quickly.
As for that piece of furniture....I can't BELIEVE that someone sat it out for the trash!! Lucky LUCKY you. It is a beauty. Can't wait to see the finished product.





Tracey said...

Dear sweet Rose ~

Hello! Your story just about brings me to tears for that poor little boy...and your daughter having to experience that as well! I do hope and pray he will be ok.

Great job scoring a beautiful secretary! You've got a good eye for beauty my friend!! Can't wait to see her transformation :)

I hope your week is a great one and you are doing well!!!

Blessings ~

:) T

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OH MY GOSH Rose...I am SO SORRY..I missed this post...I was gone all day Wed..( Doctor's approintment,errands, etc.) and did NOT see this post about your daughter's friend being injured..and your daughter and her friends to have to witness will stay with them now for a long time.
I KNOW it scares us half to death when we think our chilren are in peril.
I WILL PRAY for this boy and his family RIGHT NOW...please keep us all posted on his condition and progress.
I too am glad they had witnesses that the driver went thru the yellow light and that they NAIL him for this. need to change subjects before I end up in tears thinking about this boy and the physical pain he must be suffering.

It is great that you found this TEASRUE of a desk ..and that you were able to save it from the dumpsters clutches...goodness what were these people thinking ??
YES by all means paint will be delicious !

One of your newest blogging buddies,
Rose ( VictorianRose)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Why is it that the word I choose to CAPITALIZE is always the one that is typed incorrectly or plain misspelled ????? ...GRRrrrr.
Is there a way to spell check these posts before hitting Post Comment ? HELP !!!
I am always in too big a hurry..when I re~read them... and "THINK" I have spelled everything correctly. ( My old eyes and "think tank" deceive me all too often lately.)

*** MORE ABOUT GROWING OLDER later....(smiling)

Rose (VictorianRose)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Rose, that desk is just amazing! As for the accident, I'm so glad your daughter is ok, and hope her friend is alright too. I just don't understand what is wrong with people, especially driving and not taking extra care around children. It's a big problem in our city and just last week my son told me how he almost got hit by a "mom" (probably with her own kids in the car!) after school crossing the intersection just down the street from our house - can you believe she got mad it was "taking him so long" to cross the intersection (this intersection follows a very steep climb up a hill) so she just starts driving at him and yelling through her window!

SherryRoseBella said...

Rose, I love the desk! I can't believe someone would throw it away...they just don't see the beauty in it, I guess!lol Lucky you, my hubby would have never stopped!!!
hugs, Sherry