Friday, January 8, 2010

Giveaway love....and a silly bebe...Natalia

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about 2 wonderful Giveaways that I found via Dawn of The Feathered Nest....yes I know exactly what your thinking....She knows all the best blog lowdown right :) beautiful blogs to share, wonderful giveaways, tutorials, you name it, you find it on her blog! Sooo without further adiu...please visit these beautiful blogs and leave a comment for a chance to win! GOOD LUCK :)

First Giveaway
is for the lovely Tammy of The Other Side of Me Blog, she is celebrating her 200th post by giving away this beautiful organizer that she made..I love it!

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Winner announced Sunday, Jan. 10th !

2nd Giveaway is for the lovely Leslie of Orphaned Decor, she has a newer blog, but I am so liking what I have seen so far and she also has a really pretty store in Spokane, Wa. & best of all she loves pink!... I know right!

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Winner announced Sunday, Jan. 10th also!

***I will be FINALLY be having a giveaway of my own...really soon!! Jan. 18th is my birthday and I am going to have a GiveBack!! Laura of 52 Flea did this last year and I love the idea...I have always felt like I should be giving you guys gifts for sharing your beautiful blogs, lives and creative hearts with me :) I am in the process of getting things together...and I will let you know more details on the 18th :)

Now let me introduce you to... my lil bebe cousin Natalie, who calls me tia... I call her Natalia :) She is something else! Precocious is her middle name lol She looks exactly like her mama at that age, in fact I remember when we saw her own mama for the first time...the day she came from the hospital after being born, she had the most beautiful cheeks...Natalie got them too :) At first she is really skittish around you, hiding behind my tia...who is her grandma or her parents....but....I found out that if I give her a piece of candy or chips...I am her new best friend! :) (just so you know, I tried veggies and fruit...bebe wasn't havin it! lol) This picture was taken at my dads service, she was looking out in awe at all the people that were arriving.

Natalia Feb 09

This picture above of how I feel when I am visiting all your blogs and I am just oohing and ahhing at everything! I feel like I am looking through a window into your worlds...Thank you all for sharing! Especially this Christmas, we didn't decorate in our house, I mean we took all the boxes with Christmas decor out of storage, the boxes stayed on our porch for 2 weeks, thank god no one jumped the fence to come see what was there lol I can't imagine losing some of those things...the memories they evoke are priceless and irreplaceable make me shudder & tear up just to think about it.... I even took the Nativity stayed in my bedroom... I honestly just couldn't...but I got my Christmas decor fix visiting all of your beautifully decorated homes, I know that next year will be different...I feel it in my heart...I will share with you...I promise! pinky swear & all that fun promise stuff....

Now here is our silly bebe Natalia on Christmas night, she suddenly disappeared and we were on a hunt at my mamas house for I walked down a dark hallway I hear a lil tiny warbbly sp? voice singing in one of the darkend rooms, so I followed the tiny muffled voice to the guest bath and I called out "Natalia?" she didn't answer...but I could see her little body moving... up pretty high and in a panic I turned on the light and this is what I saw..

(sorry for the poor picture quality of the next 2 pictures, but they were taken with my blackberry)

Natalia Christmas 09

No wonder her lil singing voice was muffled she was busy....We should all be so diligent about dental hygiene... right :)

When I asked her what she was doing up there so high all by herself in the dark...she gave me this lil look....and said huh??? silly tia for asking...I mean wasn't it obvious...

I love that she wouldn't be 2 yrs old for a couple of days and yet this bebe has no fear of the dark...crackers...I am gonna be 42 and I talk out loud as I go up the stairs late at myself...cause you know, I live in a 1916 house with creaking floor boards and stairs and well...gotta let my unseen peeps of the night know what I am up no one gets a surprise...I guess it is all good..until a voice answers me back lol did I mention I go to bed after 2 am...nuff said :) and yes I am afraid of the dark lol

Doesn't it look like she is saying...what do you think I'm doin...HELLO!

Well dear friends this it all for now.... will have more in a couple of days, I am takin a break for a couple of days... Tonight my mama leaves to Mexico to go visit and honor her querida madre (beloved mother)...who is my beloved Ita (grandma) see...tomorrow the 9th is the anniversary of my Ita's passing and even though I can now think of her and see her pictures without falling apart...I still need to give myself a moment to feel her love wrapped around my heart...

It is really cold right now in the province my mama is going to... and some areas down there..I have heard people have been in danger...kidnappings, etc.... I don't know why I worry so...maybe it is because there are no guarantees with this life and I have learned that each time you say goodbye, can be the last...Maybe it is because my Ita and my dad are both gone now...that I panic when she isn't near enough for me to be there right away if she needs me...funny...almost 42 and now... I really need my mama :) My things have changed in the last 3 years....

Now please don't get reason to be....other than missing my heart :) I now truly feel so blessed... that I got to have her so long in my life...see my Ita was 93 and oh so tired. (I just didn't want to see it then, but I understand that now) I know many of you have lost your grandparents young and some of you might not have ever had the chance to meet I know... that I am so fortunate that I have a lifetime of wonderful memories to give me strength and make my heart smile! I will visit you all as I can and I hope to be able to get it together and do a lil tribute to my Ita...but if not...I will at least share some special pictures of her...the only sad thing is that...I have no pictures that show just how amazingly beautiful her blue eyes were :)

Well...until next time dear friends.....




~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Rose~ ~What an amazing and wonderful girl you are worrying about your Mama. You touched my heart.
Natalia is a doll! What fun they are.

June said...

Natalie is as beautiful as her tia Rose! What a darling bebe she is. I could hardly believe that she would sit there in the dark and brush her teeth. That is so funny! My best to your mother as she travels. It is funny how we never seem to outgrow our need for our moms, or our grandmother's for that matter. I do miss mine and wish I had been a better g-daughter.
It's so good to read your post today, I just love hearing from you.
Thank you for letting us in on these giveaways too.

Kolleen said...

what a lovely have SO much love and gratefulness! that little Natalie is too cute for words...she looks like a little spit fire!!! LOVE IT!!! OH TO BE TWO AGAIN!!

i hope you can pop over to my blog...i left you a little something there!

you inspire me and i am so happy that i found you through Kelly's blog!! sending you warmth and love as you move through some of your ups and downs!

stefanie said...

what a great post today...she is a cutie! thanks for all the giveaway info...try to stay warm

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post today Rose, and that little one is heartmelting, such a q-t!! I hope you find peace in the next couple of days and we will be here when you get back...blessings, Tara

Ana said...

Hola Chiquita,
Your sweet post has lifted my spirits. And the comment you left me earlier helped a lot too...You don't know how much! Gracias! Please give little Natalia a besito for me....What a cutie patootie. Preciosa. And my heart goes out to you and your Mama. Praying for a safe trip there and back.

Muchos besitos,

Sandi said...

What a lovely post Rose. Little Natalia is a doll baby! What a cutie pie! Aren't they so special at that age? I know I love my grands to death!!

I miss my grandparents so! I wish I could talk to them again, but I know they are in a better place and I would not wish them back again.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, Natalia is a doll! I'm glad you had your Ita for so long. My grandma passes when I was just 27 years old. There have been so many times since that I wished I could ask her something. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

The Feathered Nest said...

What a precious little bebe!!!!! I absolutely LOVE her cheeks sweet friend...and love the look she's giving you while she's so busy brushing her teeth too! I hope you are feeling alright sweet Rose, you have been so very quiet the last few days ~ praying your mom has a safe trip, hugs and love, Dawn

Sandra said...

Hi Rose. What a pretty little girl. Aw, such a blessing. I always wanted a lil girl, hoping I have a grand daughter someday. *sigh*
Don't be gone too long cause I enjoy your posts. Praying here that your mama has a safe trip. God Bless.

Kim said...

Thanks Rose for the information on other's blogs. As I am new I am getting so lost in this land of blog! So many wonderful sites I want to visit that I just keep clicking away and before you know I don't know where I am! You have a beautiful blog and I look forward to coming back to visit. And oh year your niece is a cutie! hugs,Kim from the sheep's nest.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Natalia is a cutie and such a good girl too, brushing her teeth willingly! I hope your mom has a save trip! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Rose!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Rose,

What a lovely post, I always love to come and visit you, my friend.
Natalie, is so precious and a little darling ~ ( must take after her Aunt Rose ) loved that she was cleaning her teeth.
I hope that your Mother has a safe trip away.

Have a fabulous week

Kelly Berkey said...

Hi lovely Rose! So glad you visit my blog, you always make me smile. I enjoy reading your posts, always so beautiful! Funny that I look like someone you use to go to school with!! My birthday is on the 24th, very close to yours! Wish we could go out for a mocha and girl talk!!
Hugs to you my friend,

The French Bear said...

Oh Rose, you are such a doll yourself, no wonder little Natalie looks like you, you are both adorable!!!! You must take care and try to not worry too much, I know it's hard, our Mamas are so precious. I miss my Baba (grandmother) and my Mother too, it's like a link has broken and we are just floating around, I am lost most of the time without her guidance.
That is why I love my blog family so much, we are always here for each other!!! I am sending you lots of love and hugs!!!
Margaret B

Sonia said...

Your blog is so pretty...thanks for visiting asked about the tiny cloche I put the tiny spoon in...I just happened to find it in an antique store. I think I've also seen them on ebay too. The pedestal is acutally a candlestick holder and the cloche fit perfectly on top! I used the matching larger candlestick to hold up a plate and put the larger cloche on top...I try to use things in new ways or repurpose them...anyway happy shopping! Miss Bloomers

cityfarmer said...

I could eat her UP!!!

Laura said...

Hi sweet Rose...
Your little Natalie is a charmer....this post is so lovely on many levels....your whole heart and soul shines through your words...I am so glad that you are a dear blogger friend. Have a happy week and thanks for the mention! I will look forward to your Give Back!
Take care, Laura

Anonymous said...


Collected Treasures said...

Such a sweet post....she is adorable!!! But I especially love little girls :) Hope the trip is safe for your mother and that your spirits are lifted are the winner of my December giveaway for the Victorian me with your address and such so I can get them to you....xojana

Rebecca said...

Hello Rose,
What a beautiful little angel - I am so glad you have her in your life, those little faces are such a blessing, aren't they?
Rose I will pray for a safe trip for your mother-I know it is easy to worry but the Lord has her in His hands and everyday I have to put my children in Gods hands and trust Him - our loved ones really belong to Him and they are only loaned to us, so I have to trust He knows best and He is traveling right beside her!
Blessings to you dear friend
ps...I finally mailed my giveaways out, I am so far behind. Thank you for your patience.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Your sweet little Natalie....just want to pinch those cheeks! I'll let you do it for me!lol! Enjoy your time to relax and hope your mom has a great time in Mexico!!! the weather has been strange all over the world. Global warming but in reverse I guess!
Take care my friend!

Denise said...

Hi Rose! Happy almost birthday to you! What a sweet and generous idea for a giveaway. Little Natalie is ohso cute. That dark hair is just beautiful and those rosy cheeks! I certainly know how you feel thinking of your mother. I hope she has a wonderful time and arrives home safely. said...

Your post touched my heart. Your bebe Natalie is darling. I can tell by her pictures that she has a sweet adorable personality. You are blessed.