Thursday, April 8, 2010

The beauty of nature in our yard & Giveaway love....

***Warning....Grab a cuppa coffee or tea.....another long ass post ahead..lots of pictures :)

I love when I look through old pictures and find wonderful surprises I forgot all about like the ones below...I am awed by nature in all is wonder...but sometimes the little pieces of nature that I come across in our own yard....well the beauty of it so inspires me...because the knowledge that there are soo many little worlds existing within my own world...truly boggles my mind

Awhile back we were working on cleaning up our yard....raking the millions of leaves from or avocado trees and trust me, after filling up 3 green trashcans and 5-6 huge construction trash bags full of leaves...there are millions of leaves lol we are lucky in the sense that we live in So Cal in the city and yet have over 1/2 an acre of yard...but not so lucky when you have to clean it and mow and rake...well you get the picture....

Anyways I I was saying, we were raking and I was cutting some branches down from the me they were skinny lil is all my weakling hands could manage to cut :) and when I cut one of the branches the heavier ones would then go up higher without the weight of all the smaller ones hanging on...well apparently when I did this and the bigger branch shot catapulted this gorgeous lil bebe hummingbird to the ground :( my aunt picked it up because she was afraid the hawk flying above or stray cats would get wonderful climbed up a very tall ladder and placed it back in its nest and you know what??? the mama fed it and what seemed liked days later...that lil bebe was flying around with its mama :) How awesome is that!!!! We were all so happy because, we had always heard that when you touch a bebe bird, it's mama would then turn its back on it and let it fend for it's self and we were all so scared of that happening to this gorgeous lil one.

(doesn't it look like this lil bebe is saying "FEED ME!" :)

These next set of pictures were also taken by my husband... mr wonderful :) You can definitely see the difference in our picture taking skills lol he is great at getting really beautiful and clear shots...but I always feel so bad bugging him to take pictures for me, but I have my new lil pink beauty and as I practice using it, I will hopefully be able to take better pictures to share with you and able to post more ....wooohoo...betcha just can't wait right...yup see how well I know my peeps :)

(Dawn amor, one of these 2 nests above is now sitting pretty in your casa :) look at the bits and pieces of paint chips from our home and the neighbors in the nest, along with string and bits of awesome is that!!)

The next 2 pictures were taken in the tree on our sidewalk, jackaranda tree (I think that is what its called but have no idea how to spell it :) Anyways it is a pretty tree with tons of purple flowers...the drawback is having to clean up all them flowers and the sticky gunk they leave on your cars and all over your floors from sticking to your shoes and trust me...they stain hardwood floors :( But on the plus side...the humming birds love them...and we LOVE the hummingbirds!!!

Now.... these next 3 pictures are of our lil Lola, or as lovingly call her "pudge" because when her fur gets long, she looks like a lil ball of fur....hence...the pudge and it just stuck...she seems to love that name more :)

Can you tell she has attitude? And just so you know in case you are offended because she is wearing clothes...she LOVES it, in fact if I hold up bebe clothes she barks and dances around, because she thinks they are for her and when you put them away, she whimpers for quite a girls say that is her way of pouting cause she didn't get her way :) And guesses it....she is the VP of my Fru Fru Gaudy Girls g'head and admit know you wanna join too! :)

(Dawn amor, thank you so much for fixing all these pictures of Pudge and makin her purrtiful :)

In this next picture...look at her baring her teeth (she never does this!) when my daughter tried to take the clothes off of her...told you she loves it :) ohh and by the way...the skirt is from the Build A Bear store, belongs to my youngest Kitty she made there and for a few minutes was "loaned" to our lil Pudge

And this is Pudge in all her fru fru gaudy girl glory :) My daughter says that in this picture...Pudge is sayin "smack that" lol

Ok, now on to some important stuffs.......Giveaways!!!!

***Please note that all giveaways will remain on my Giveaway Section on my R. sidebar until they are over ***

First....Is Andrea of Vintage Bella Studio is having a lovely Giveaway here!
Winner announced Saturday April 9th.

Second...Miss Sandy of Quill Cottage is having a Sharing Spring Giveaway here!
Giveaway ends Sunday April 10th.

Myrna of More Than Heirlooms is having a Birthday Giveaway here!
Winner announced Tuesday April 13th.

Well amores, time to run and start dinner, the masses in my casa be hungry :)

Until next time dear friends,


Free Pretty Things For You said...

rosa! look at that precious little bird!! i love birds :)
You and my mama would get along so well!! she dress up her little white dog too! .. ill have to send you a picture!
Love ya!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Rose,

What a very sweet post you have shared with us and yes, I was sitting with my cup of tea, so I could enjoy what you shared.
I love that sweet little bird and so glad that you were able to rescue him/her and get it safely back to the nest.
Also enjoyed seeing around your yard and gorgeous little Pudge.
How very cute in the sweet little outfit.
Hope that you have a happy weekend
dear friend.


Sue said...

I LOVE the hummingbird story! I hate to see anything hurt or suffering. I'll rescue bees, grasshoppers, or whatever out of my pool whenever necessary. The Verizon guy finally had to spray a wasp nest that I've had for awhile now. But, it was either the wasps or my internet! I still felt bad though. And your little Lola is quite the fashion queen!
Take care, Sue

Marydon Ford said...

Oh, Rose, what a wonderful moving story of the 'biddy bird'. We have been in a similar situation ... have to do all we can to make sure they are safe.

Lola enroute to Doggywood? Darling ...
Have a great weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Rebecca said...

Hi Rose
Your little birdies are so sweet. I just love the hummingbirds and your little puppy is precious.

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

The baby bird is so precious....good for you for saving....don't you wonder how we have any birds at all with all the mishaps they
and "pudge"....she's a hoot...looks like her skirt is ridin' low on those hips, girl!

Michelle Palmer said...

Love, love, LOVE your sweet story and dear hummingbird photographs! Pudge is so adorable!
Hope you have a wonderful evening~

Debra@Common Ground said...

Rose the hummingbird photos are just wonderful, love hearing about it's success. And oh my, little pudge is just the cutest. It's so funny that she love to "dress up". I'm really laughin' at the "teeth" she is showing!
big hugs,
Debra said...

OMG you silly gaudy girl!!
I was all set to say all of these wonderful things about the amazing hummingbird story, & the great pictures! Wondering why Rose, why has it taken so long for you to show us your picture taking skills? Then the beautiful flowers & Mr. Wonderful & I'm just thinking Wow, Rose did it again. Touched my heart with her words. But THEN I saw the poor Pudge. Goodness Rose! I showed Kevin & he said the poor thing is going to need meds after being dressed like that! LOL I'm crying, the dog is shaking her groove thing! You crack me up girl! Love the post. Lisa
PS Good job on the pics!

The French Bear said...

How wonderful they are, so tiny and yet so brave.
Hummingbirds are very delicate and so pretty!

Your little Pudge is darling in the denim skirt, how cute!!! I will have to show my Belle these pictures, she will adore them!

Thank you for sharing the giveaway news, beautiful ones at that!!!
So many talented girls out there!
Margaret B

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Rose amor, this little bebe hummingbird is PRECIOUS!!!!! I'm SO glad that the mama didn't turn her back on him!!! I love that they are both flying around now, happy as can be ~ and believe me, I am so very honored to own that precious nest and it resides in my studio under glass inspiring me too!!!!! I love that diva Pudge...she is stylin' and profilin' ~ it's so good to see you post girlie and don't you worry, I'll have you taking those photos or bust! hugs and love, Dawn

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Rose...
I loved it from that first sentence! hahaha

Seriously though, can you believe that NOT many people get to hold a hummingbird, A HUMMINGBIRD, in their hands...ever? This is so cool! Plus the fact that Momma bird still loved her little one even after the dirty hand incident! ;)

I just love your blog and I have much in common, such as our "long ass" comments and our "long ass" posts. What's up with that? I just can't shut up. ever. You're going to be so sorry that Lisa ever told me about you! haha

And as for Lola...I'm scared of her with her ears back like that...she really means it's a NO~NO to touch her threads! too cute!

Andrea said...

What a cute little bird, thanks for sharing my giveaway!

fairmaiden said...

What a sweet lil birdie. Gotta love the birdies, for they give us the songs of nature. We once had three baby robins born in a nest in our tree. And we had to protect them from the mean neighborhood morning we woke to one on the ground dead and another on the ground barely alive. We rushed it to the country vet only to be sent home with a number to call of those whom rescue such critters. It was very sad. But one did survive and lived in our backyard where it learned to fly and then one day after about four months flew away. Sweetest thing.

AND NOW...your pudge *Lola* is SO CUTE!!!! She cracks me up how she likes to be dressed up. She's a girlie girl thats for sure. She has the sweetest puppy face. Love her xo Bella Bleu is in need of a trim or at least a bath. Poor girl...she is miserable if she doesn't feel pretty. Lil Lola feels pretty...she's a sassy one! Does she have a tutu? She needs a frilly tutu.

LiLi M. said...

Beautiful post Rose, I love the humming birds, they don't occur here. And your small doggie is LoLa is quite a superstar! She could easily fill your whole blog. I'm preparing a party this weekend, so I won't stay long, but I'll be back! Have a great weekend!

Dorthe said...

Rose dear,
What a wonderfull trip to take on your blog today,sweetie.
The Hummingbird photoes are so wonderfull, and so,great mother bird,did not say goodbye to this little sweet one.
Love the photoes of your sweet pudge, looks real proud wearing this dress.
Thanks for the giveawau reminder, dear
and have a wonderfull friday Rose amor.

Hugs, Dorthe

Jillian said...

SOOOO glad the momma birdie took to the little bebe again! I heard they won't when a human touches it...but not in this case! How did you manage to get a picture of it so fast?

Rose to the rescue!!!!

Thanks for the giveaway info!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Rosa, what a sweet post! Your little doggie is precious! Aren't they funny how they love to dress up and prance! LOL!

I hope your little bebe bird will be ok now! Hummingbirds are just the most friendly and curious of birds. Ours hang at the window and scold us if their feeder is empty!

Have a wonderful weekend! And go buy some "inchies" to play with!
You'll love them!

Diane said...

Pudge is adorable in her Teddy skirt!!

sissie said...

Your post today has got me smilin all over the place. That sweet little bird....awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
And your little prissy doggie. She is so in vogue and girlie, girlie. Just like you!

You asked about my crown. If I had one it would be silver with lots of bling. What does yours looklike Ms. Queen of All Things Girlie????


fairmaiden said...

Sweet Rose~

She is in downtown Las Angeles right now...staying at the Wilshire Grand Hotel. Ooo la la. She has been texting us to communicate that she is having an amazing time. She said they saw Ludicrous(sp?)in the airport. She loved flying. I'm so glad 'cause I think she may be going places in her future. She is a people person, very very friendly and thankfully very humble. Her name means 'friendship'.

I'm giving Bella Bleu a bath today. I have a job interview on Monday...I'm a bit nervous.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi sweetie!!! I love the darling pics of the baby hummingbird. We have them all over the place here too. I love to watch them! Your little Pudge is soooo sweet!!!!! It figures she would be such a girly girl!!! Look at her momma!! Have a wonderful weekend Rose!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

stefanie said...

the humming bird is just adorable...I had heard that two, see, the mama loved her baby sooooo much!!!!

Victoria said...

Oh I love your doggy! How sweet is she and that's just hilarious that she enjoys wearing her little fru fru clothes! I had to laugh when you flung the little hummingbird out of the tree tho, the image was funny but I'm glad the little guy was ok:)

Weird that we both had blogging issues yesterday, maybe it was a So Cal thing! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Beatnheart said...

Wow, so ironic..I had a hummingbird encounter story, alas is not so happy. Little bird hit our back window, it was alive when on the ground and I picked it up to put it in a safe place but when I looked later he had passed sad...sweetest itty thing...We have thousands of them...I have so much in my garden that they love...they dive bomb us and come very close to our faces. if you put the hose up in the air they fly and hover into the water...

Lisa@End of the Lane said...

That little Pudge is a hoot!
So good to hear from you and hope to keep in better contact after all this school stuff is finished. Only a few months left to go!
Your posts are a true tea break for me, I use them to reward myself for getting an assignment completed.
Oh,and I am soooo jealous of your avocado tree :)
Have a wonderful day!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

im going to call you today love when i get back!!

Valarie said...

What a sweet bird, and silly dog. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.
xxoo Valarie

Fete et Fleur said...

Before we moved into this house the owner said she would find a hummingbird's nest in her tree outside the kitchen window almost every year. Unfortunately, when she moved she must have taken the bird with her. In all of our years of living here I've never come across a hummingbird's nest in the tree she spoke of.

Sweet Lola is all dressed up and looks like a doll!


Free Pretty Things For You said...

yay! im so glad we got to talk!! :)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Rose, What a cute little hummingbird! I'm happy that mama bird accepted that he'd been out on a little tour and had been touched by a human being.
I just love jacaranda trees. We don't have them here but I've seen a couple of gorgeous pictures of blooming jacaranda trees. It's such an unusual but beautiful color for a tree. Please share pictures when yours is in full bloom!
Lola is quite a dog! I have never heard of one before that loves to get dressed. Really funny!
Have a wonderful weekend, Sweetie!
Big hugs and besos,

Charlene said...

Rose, those photos of the hummingbirds were amazing!!!!! I have NEVER seen one on the nest. Or one so tiny. I am so glad you picked that little one up & that Momma still fed her!!!! What a fun family day you guys had. And that sweet furr baby in her clothes is a hoot. My princess Reba would never wear clothes. It was as if she was embarrased to have them put on. Oh how I MISS HER!!!! Is the world still shaking & rolling there or has it settled down? My class was so much fun last night. I will post about it next week. HUGS! Charlene

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh my goodnes, I don't know what's cuter, the bird or the pup!

Rose, you are a treasure, don't ever change!

Have a great weekend!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hi Rose! First, I have to say I am so envious of your avocado trees!!! That little bird was so precious. How wonderful you all were able to save it. And I just love your sassy little Pudge in her cute outfit!

Thanks for the heads-up on the giveaways. Hope you're having a peaceful Sunday.


Kelly Berkey said...

bella rose, you beautiful lady, your puppy is just adorable all dressed up!
kolleen and i made a vlog together and said hello to you and many others..check it out when you get the chance! hoping some day the three of us can meet up in beautiful cali!
take care my dear friend!

charles said...

this beautiful blog much kisses

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi sweet Rose! You are so funny! I love coming to visit as your posts are real! Straightforward and honest. So very refreshing! I LOVE avocadoes and you have trees of them in your backyard. lucky girl! A friend in San Antonio can't wait for Spring to set in so that all the hummingbirds will come back to her yard. It's an old wives tale that if you touch a baby bird, the mother will abandon it. So glad you were able to get that little one back to its nest for mommy to take care of it properly. Now Pudge, she is a girly girl! She's a hoot wanting to be dressed in girly girl frou frou-ness. Ha! Hope you are having a great week, Rose. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Now you have to know that my FOGGY Fibro brain will not retain all of the above stories you told here..but I loved the one about the bebe bird and her mama taking her back. PERFECT LOVE.

LOVE, LOVE the dog pic's...our kids would always dress our dog..she tolerated it...not loved it..but she LOVED our girls so she was very patient about it all.
But that is so funny your dog did not want to take OFF the clothes.
OK..that's all I the moment.

ENJOY your blog so much.....I wish had your GIFT for gab...I mean that in the nicest way.


peggy said...

i once found a baby bird on the ground, with ants starting to attack it. unfortunately, no mama bird was in sight. my sister adopted the bird, read up on how to care for a baby bird, took it to office with us everyday until it was big enough to fly away. after flying away, it even came back for a short time, as if to say goodbye. here's a video of that baby bird "in training"( one of him kissing ( yikes, now that i look at it, it was unsanitary to do that!