Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mia Bella Mamma Maria.....

Tomorrow, April 16th.... is my beautiful mama's 64th Birthday!

I look at my mamas pictures....and I look at every nuance that is her....and I try to find eyes, my lips, my nose, my chin, no, nope...I don't see it, I don't see me in her beauty...BUT.....ask anyone and they will tell you....I have her strength, her sense of humor and her wickedly strong ability to hold a grudge and never forget the things I want to remember...notice I say...the things I want to remember lol

If I could grant her, her biggest wish....I would in a heart beat...without her even asking....I see it in her eyes...I hear it in her voice....I feel it in her quiet laughter...I would give her....just a few more precious moments with her own beautiful beloved Ita and her beloved husband Sonny...But I know that they are all around us...we can feel them.....loving her now, as they did back when a simple touch could make a memory to last in our hearts forever.

But God has a way of lessening the pain along the way, so that small miracles like holding your first great~grand bebe, can make your heart beat strong once again with the hope of many more beautiful tomorrows....

Feliz Cumple Anos mama...le deseamos un ano lleno de amor, felicidad con familia y queridos amigos siempre con nosotros, haciendonos siempre sonreir ....

(I know I more than likely totally butchered that, how in the world do you add accent marks above the letters?? lol, but she knows, it is full of love from her girls, My sister Celeste & me, my amor Chris, all your grand bebes, and our entire family & friends that love and adore you ALWAYS! )

Happy Birthday Maria!!!!!

Thank you all for allowing me this special lil moment to honor my bella mama,

Until next time dear friends,


Karen Valentine said...

Happy Birthday to Mama Maria!!!! She must be a beautiful person because she raised a beautiful daughter!

Rebecca said...

The most beautiful tribute to a Momma I've ever read.

Gorgeous Mother = Gorgeous Daughter.

Happy Birthday Mama Maria!

Love, Rebecca

Draffin Bears said...

What a lovely post Rose to your very beautiful Mama.
Like Mother ~ like daughter and I can see where you get your beauty from sweet Rose and your gentle and kind spirit.
Wishing Mama Maria the very happiest of Birthdays!

Happy weekend

Free Pretty Things For You said...

my love! look at your beautiful Mami!
it made me tear up! Your write your thoughts so beautifully! i wish i had that gift!
Tell you mami happy Birthday for me!
My mami's B day is April 29th!! cant wait!
Love ya!

sinnlighet said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

Your blog is wonderfully inspiring and makes me soo happy!

Agneta & Sweden

Ps. Happy Birthday to Mama Maria! Ds

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Best Birthday Wishes to your beautiful Mother, Rose.
What a nice way to honor her.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Mama Maria! Your mama IS beautiful, Rose--and you DO look like her!

What a lovely tribute to your mother--a birthday gift itself. She will love this!

Hope you--and Maria--have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful, Rose! And how blessed you both are!


Sandra said...

Hi Rose. Awwww! She is beautiful! Happy Birthday to your mama! What a blessing she is! And Rose! You're not going to believe this! My mama's name is Maria too! And I say "is" because she is still my mama. Even if she is in heaven now. :)
Ay Rose. Le deseo un feliz cumpleano a tu mama.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Your Momma is just so beautful and I see you in her! Sometimes it's not just the nose or mouth, but the "essence" of who you are.
Happy Birthday to your Momma, I know you ALL are celebrating!
hugs and love,

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Happy Birthday, dear Mama of dear Rose! Have a wonderful day! I'm sure that Rose will spoil you because your daughter is such a Sweetie and loves you very much.
Best wishes from Germany,

paperbird said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mother- such a lovely tribute to her Rose. You look very much like her. Have a beautiful weekend.

Rebecca said...

Oh Rose, what a beautiful tribute to your lovely mother. Happy Birthday to your Maria and wishing her many many more!
Blessings to you both

June said...

Oh My Goodness Rose...your mother is beautiful!!! I wish her the happiest of days. She will surely have a most lovely birthday when she reads this tribute that you have so lovingly wrote for her. She is blessed to have such a sweet girl.
hugs to you dear one!

Dorthe said...

Hi sweetie Rose,
congratulations with your mamma,I wish for her a most beautifull, and happy day,I`m sure she will get it with you dear,and the rest of her family.

Michelle Palmer said...

Love your post~
Happy Birthday to a very special Mamma! Rose, each generation... so very treasured!

charles said...

happy birthday mamma maria said...

Oh Sweetie,
I have tears, noooo not hokey at all. From your heart as always. It makes me sad, missing my own Mommy. Funny my mom had the same 'do' with painted on eyebrows only my mom also added the Liz Taylor mole drawn in on her chin. I'll have to send you the pictue. I love the picture of her at mass with her veil & cross. And holding your baby. Very sweet post, you need to show her. Lisa

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW! AND A BIG FABULOUS BIRTHDAY WISH TO YOUR GORGEOUS MOM!!!!! She is an Elizabeth Taylor type my dear Rose! No wonder you are so pretty! Oh, thank you for coming to my party.....sooooo kind of you. How have you been? Life is sweet, sometimes tough, but always sweet. Thank you for your kind words my dearest! Have a beautiful weekend and fun with momma! Anita

Ana Maria said...

Dear Rose,
Love your blog and today's post brought tears to my eyes.

Here's a cheat sheet on how to put accents on the letters:

Click and hold down Alt key, then click on the numbers on the right-hand side of your keyboard:

160 = á (For Mamá)
130 = é (For Bebé)
161 = í (For Felíz)
162 = ó (For Corazón
163 = ú (For Cucú)(my bird's name)
164 = ñ (For Cumpleaños)(Año)
165 = Ñ
168 = ¿ (For ¿Como estás?)
173 = ¡ (For ¡Gracias!)

Alt 135 (For the French ç)
Alt 136 (For the French ê)
Alt 138 (For the French è)

Many blessings to you and your entire family
Ana María

Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Your mama is beautiful, and I am sure inside as well as outside, to have raised such a sweet daughter.
Birthday greetings Mama Maria!

Lovey said...

Oh Rose...such a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your beautiful mama. Such a great honor to have your mama in your life in such a loving way. Happy blessings upon you and your family sweets. Happy birthday to a beautiful woman who raised a beautiful daughter...and such beautiful grandchildren to boot! You guys are blessed beyond words!

The Tin Rabbit said...

Rose, What a lovely tribute to your beautiful mama(& I think you look just like her!) I know she is sooo proud to have been blessed with you for a daughter~ Happy Birthday Mamma Maria! xoxo

Beth Leintz said...

Happy Birthday to your Mama- what beautiful family pictures- but especially the one with a baby.

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

Happy Birthday, Mama Maria......Mamas are the best and we are lucky to have ours still in our lives.......sweet post, sweet lady

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweet Rose...I see you in your gorgeous Mama!!!! And your Ita too!!! You come from a long line of beautiful women sweet friend ~ Happy Birthday to your dear mama!! And what precious gifts you would give if you could ~ I want to wish your Mama a wonderful day filled with all the things she loves!! Have a great weekend sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

sinnlighet said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it makes me so happy.

Agneta, the swedish one;)

stefanie said...

you all are sooooo gorgeous!!! happy birthday to your sweet mama!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Rose, come on by the blog, you won one of the mini give aways of mine!
hope you're having a great day!

shana said...

Hi Rose,

First your mother is beautiful. Send her birthday wishes. Also, thank you for the warm wishes on my new blog.

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom!!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh Rose, your bealoved mama is so beautiful! And how blessed she is to have such a thoughtful and loving daughter as YOU!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Rose~ your lovely words bring to mind my mother and how much I miss her. I hold tight to my cherished memories we shared together.

Feliz cumpleaños a tu mamá bonita!

Sweet wishes,

Tracey said...

Hello my sweet friend! I've missed you! Your mother is beautiful!!! A big hug and a happy birthday to her! And a hug to you too :) Hope you are having a lovely weekend ~


:) T

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

Hi sweetie!
What a beautiful and loving post to your mom! I am sure she is very proud of you and loves you as much as you do her...xo...deb

Sheri said...

Hello Rose!

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. You are blessed.

My Grama's Soul said...

What a beautiful post honoring your mom. She is truly a beautiful lady.



sissie said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom. She is such a beautiful woman and is lucky to have you as her beautiful daughter.


LiLi M. said...

Who is more beautiful, the mother or the daughter? I cannot choose that is for sure! I'm a little late with my birthday wishes due to some beautiful Spring weather up here, but I still want to give your mother my heartfelt and sincere birthday wishes: Happy belated birthday Maria, I hope this will be a happy and healthy year for you, sharing a lot of beautiful moments with your beautiful family!

Beatnheart said...

The love is in both of you...She gave it to you you give it back in return...hugs to both of you beautiful women..

charles said...

rose to great is pleasure read

Ana said...

Oh I'm late :-(...Please tell your Mami I said ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! May all her days be always filled with the blessings of love, family, friends and tons and tons of laughter. Muchos besitos...Guess what? My Mami's birthday is today! Yay for our moms.


Fete et Fleur said...

Your mother is gorgeous!! As I'm sure you are. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mama.


Natasha Burns said...

Happy birthday Mamma! Rose, your mother is beautiful, and she has brought up a beautiful daughter in you. I bet she is so proud :)

Alison May said...

Oh gosh... that was just such a beautiful tribute to a beatiful Mum...

Miss Gracie's House said...

this is so, so sweet...I'm sure her heart was overwhelming from her girl...THANK YOU so much for the heart-felt encouragement and prayers for me and my family...I was so blessed!

Candylei said...

Yes, a wonderful post. I saw your link on someone else's blog. I hope your mother had a wonderful birthday. Family is to be cherished!
xo, Candylei

chicroses said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your mother..she is beautiful and so are you. Gosh she is only 1 yr older than me...we are young still...times passes so fast...just noticing her updos back in the 60s...I am a hairdresser and miss doing all those updos..Ive stopped by here before and love your blog..Just wanted to say hi..sally

Nishant said...

my love! look at your beautiful Mami!
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