Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Bebe Studio... A work in progress...Enter at your own risk...

Did I mention it's a VERY LONG...LONG PROCESS? Ok, so not sure if you remember my earlier post about my bebe studio (here) that wants to grow up and be just like Dawn's of The Feathered Nest (You can see my inspiration by clicking on her Blog name) Well...I know that I have sooo many those of you that have been keeping up with my blog can surely attest too :) so to help you find it easier just clik on the bold (here) above. Well Dawn, my sweet wonderful friend, said that I should show pictures of it as it progresses and well...I forgot to show some before pictures of the maddness that I am about to show you... sorry (I love looking at before & after this is just for you guys that like them too...your welcome) Like I said in that past post, my Ita (grandma) is having fits for sure :) I figure if she pulls on my toes or hair while I am sleepin...I can always tell her it was Dawn's idea :) (Dawn if you wake up suddenly, sorry :) Goodness I sound like my kids passin the buck... I guess now I know where they get it from... well nice to know I am passin on somethin worthwhile :)

Does it seem like I am stalling???.......It's cause I am....Is it workin?....NO?...Darn, I thought not...well alrighty then...without further adieu...

Welcome to my present maddness. Now mind you that just like I keep reminding myself that this maddness is just temporary...Look at the date of that last studio post....SMILE...Now in a month or so...remind me that this IS only TEMPORARY...Deal?

This first picture is what you see when you walk in from my livingroom into my Bebe studio....I know...I know...sorry, gives me the chills too...and not in a good way *wink lol All I can say is thank goodness for pocket doors!!! (see that armoire? It is soo neat. I want to replace the stained glass doors with regular glass and vintage curtains (thank goodness I have people) and if you look on the left side of the armoire you can see all those lil shelves... they are moveable and can pull out and the door pulls UP just like on a roll top desk :)

Picture #2 is facing the right, I actually get a whole top of the wall to hang pictures! I am soo excited. We have a 1916 house and well...wall space is practically nill and windows are too abundant :) Wait... I digress...Ok this is my one of my work tables, I will hopefully soon have the computer outta the studio... I know I will hate walking to another room to use it but is takin up VALUABLE space. I love those 2 metal and glass display cases...they are a future project...I am going to paint them a beautiful antique aged bronze with either dark brown or cream colored velvet on the bases. (Did I mention I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects? Well, I am...Hey Mr. wonderful even bought me a banner to prove it...Smile...)

Picture #3 is to the left (what would you do if I didn't point that out? Hey unlike most brain does not come with built in GPS, this is for any others out there like me, I got your back :) That is my Ita's sewing machine, I used to "help" her sew on that when I was lil...I wonder if that is why she was always so tired after we were "done." Hey I would push the treadle for her with my own two lil hands :) She used to make me the prettiest doll clothes, wonder whatever happend to them. That area will be a special space dedicated to her, with all my (our) vintage sewing things. The sewing machine says Princesa sewing machine company, I can't find any info on it :( But it is really gorgeous. You know of everything that I own...that is my most cherished possession. My stars I miss her...

The final picture is the left, back corner...oh my stars did you see? I actually have a lil bit of window peeking thru my stuffs...I might just get some natural sunlight after all and not feel like I am in a cave :) That apothecary chest on the other side of the filing cabinet, the pine colored one...that will be my future doll hospital... or as I call it Doll Central lol Now looking at all this stuff can you see why I keep feeling overwhelmed and always closing those pocket doors to forget what is on the other side? lol I know when it is done I will be beyond thrilled... I want my bebe studio to look like an old mercantile store/art studio/display for my junk ( those in the know, that's everyone...right?) Have you seen the new VICTORIA Sept/Oct issue? The article called Crown Jewels on page 76-81 is my dream studio can wish....Blog gods, are you listening?

Now, I have a favor for you guys out there in blogland...please, please put in a good word for me with the blog gods....that I get this done in this lifetime, I sure would love to have somewhere to create :) Thank you, I would do the same for all of you wonderful friends in a heartbeat~

I still have to decide...chandelier or pretty ceiling fan...I mean...I know I can always run outside for some air when I start to feel light headed...but my lil chandelier has pink porcelain roses and lots of crystals...never mind...dilemma solved!! ( I have plenty of paper I can make pretty fans with :)

I just realized that my bebe studio looks worse now than in my first post about it lol. Sad thing is... this lil voice keeps telling me to "purge stuff" and in my defense as you can attest to by looking at these far I have been pretty darn good at ignoring it!~

Right now the plan is just to get everything where I want it, put things away in a somewhat orderly fashion (hey I told all you that I left comments on your "Where you create" blog party that if my studio was 1 tenth as orderly as yours I would be thrilled...thrilled I tell ya! See I wasn't lyin :) Then once everything is somewhat where it should be, I will start taking storage pieces out and redoing them (painting, cleaning, restaining etc...) then repainting the room, redoing the hardwood floors etc...etc....See their is a master plan, really there is (actually as you more than likely already figured it out by the placement of my things...I am making it up as I go...feel free to borrow this method anytime....your welcome :)

Before I end this post...I thought I would share this little tidbit of truth with you...You know why it takes me sooo long to post something new?....Well it is cause I am ALWAYS visiting everyone else's Gorgeous Blogs and leaving comments (cause I want you guys to feel special too, like I do when I read the lovely comments you all leave me)....See passin the can borrow that lil bit of knowledge anytime...I told you, I got your back...and you got it...your welcome :)

My stars did you see....I have 26 lovely followers...When did that happen??? I am one lucky duck!

Until next time, dear friends....



Jennifer Froh said...

Hi Rose!
Thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first visit to you and I find you totally adorable!
I feel your pain. My office almost like your room. However, it looks like you have some pretty cools things in your room that just need to be unearthed. My office is just junk. I look forward to seeing your progress. I'm joining your blog after I this comment.

As for your choice between a chandelier and a ceiling fan.? That's tough. I live in Texas so I HAVE to have ceiling fans.. however, I hang crystal pulls from them to "glam" them up a little. I hang beautiful chandeliers in areas of my home that I don't need the circulation (kitchen & dining room). Sometimes we just need to be practical :(
Good luck! I'll be back when you post again :)
Hugs, Jenny

Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Hi Rose!
All I see in your bebe studio is lots of really neat stuff. I think it is good to show before pics, then you can see how far you have really come in the process, and it holds you accountable.
Good cover on the infrequent blog posts! (Can I use that line too? LOL ;) But it is true, there are just too many great blogs out there, and I know I am missing out on alot of them, but there are just not enough hours in a day...!

Anyway, it was nice waking up to a new post from you!

Collected Treasures said...

Hi Rose.the wonderful thing about creative people is that we see great stuff in your area and wonderful potential. creative minds are always have more cluttered is quilters who are neat.....can't wait to see it come together....thank you for your sweet notes you leave....xo jana

Sharon said...

Oh I see so many wonderful things in your studio.Remember to "make it your own". A place where you are comfortable and can be creative. I am struggling to redo my studio right now. It seems to get worse before it gets better. LOL Sharon

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Looks like you have lots of great things to play with in your studio. Just take your time and enjoy making it everything you want it to be. Oh...and I'm so glad you liked your package :o)

Linda K. said...

Your space is coming along, I remember one of your early posts compared to now and think of what it will be like in a few months! I have a favorite little saying: "Every Great Achievement Requires Time, Full Steam Ahead!" (author unknown).

Hop over to

Post your Heritage today and link back to my blog! Thank you.

Roxie said...

Hi Rose. I just found your blog and love it! I understand about needing a space to create. I'm finally getting around to finishing my "Candy Shop" Studio. You can check out pics on my blog. It is always a work in progress, and like you, I wonder if it will actually be done in this lifetime. Well probably not the way I want it anyway. For now, this will have to do.
Good luck, I'll be praying to the blog gods for you. heehee

The Feathered Nest said...

ROSE!!!! I'm in LOVE with all of your, drawers, and stuff!!! I'm so glad you showed everyone...I wanted to see too!!!! Your bebe studio is just amazing really is!!!!!! You are a sweetheart dear Rose and I can't wait to see MORE! hugs and love, Dawn

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi Rose,
You are a lucky duck!!! Congratulations you just won my giveaway!!!! Just let me know your address so I can ship out to you.


Nita Jo said...

Rose, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your bebe studio. Enjoy putting it together! You have some great treasures. I love the stained glass doors... They would be pretty framed and hung over a fireplace. That's what I hope to do with a piece that was my mom's. She always kept hers in a window and it made lovely varied light in the room. I still regret having to let her chandeliers go in the estate sales. You will enjoy having yours up, and you can always get a small, quiet desk fan.

I found you through Dawn of The Feathered Nest. She has my dream studio... so pretty. My work area is so much more chaotic than yours. I do little art and craft projects, but my main hobby is writing. I hope the blog Gods will be kind to you!

Nita Jo

nancarts said...

I found you thru the Feathered Nest. I love Dawn's blog and want my blog to be like hers. I will try to post some pics of my craft studio which is probably the worst in all blog land! Love all your pics.
Smiles and blessings.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Rose,

First let me say congratulations for winning Carole's giveaway and also what a lovely blog you have. I enjoyed my visit. thank you.
Your Bebe studio is beautiful.

have a great weekend

Bella Dreams said...

Hi Rose! Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment. You have some seriously awesome pieces in your studio to work with. I saw a piece not nearly as wonderful as one of yours, with all of the skinny drawers (it was originally a map chest) go for $600.00 at our local antique mall. So you have a Gold Mine in goodies in your studio! It's going to be glorious when you are done!