Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh My Stars to Infinity...

Oh My Stars...that is what keeps going thru my head this whole weekend. Lately things have been up and down around moment I am laughing watching a comedy with my kids, to watching a classic that I used to share with my dad and thinking...I have to call him in the morning and tease him that he missed one of our favorite movies "Kings Go Forth" because he goes to bed so early to make sure he is not one of but THEE first person at the Golf course on the weekend :) and then I realize...wait, I can't call him, not anymore and the saddness seeks into my heart and my bones once again as I sit quietly late, late at night by myself and cry quiet tears because I don't want my family to worry. What is it about quiet tears that... I don't know maybe it is just me...but they hurt lol, my chest and my throat burn and I sometimes get a lil headache...maybe that is why they say to "let it'll feel better... hmmm makes me wonder :) Then I visit my neighbor Renie and her beautiful baby girl who looks like a kewpie baby with huge eyes...did I mention HUGE eyes? this lil girl lights up as soon as she hears my voice and my stars that does my heart good! I will laugh with just the sound of her laughter till my eyes burn with happy tears...go figure :) Babies I think are one of God's greatest medicines (my opinion)

Wait I need to go back, to last week and feeling impending dread cause my mama was leaving for 1 week, I dunno maybe it was losin so many family members and loved ones in such a short time, that I was trying to keep myself from freakin out each time she reminded me of her plans...hmmm who woulda thought that at 41 I would be scared cause my mama was leavin for a few days :) But trust me I was...that and who would I talk to 20 times a day just to say "Hola, whatcha doin?" our usual reply "Nada and you?" lol then we talk for about 20 min about what we did since the last time we talked :) lol Lord the small things that make my day...I must be getting old :) This evenings she called from Mexico to let me know she got there safe and was visiting with family and forgot to call in the morning...did I mention all day I was wondering if it was overkill to call her cell and set up GPS lol...All I can say it is...hearing her voice calmed my heart, made me feel like she was sitting in her living room close by and not a whole county away.

late Friday nite I had the most amazing news... I WON the giveaway by Carole of the beautiful blog Maynard Greenhouse I just couldn't believe it! I won this beautiful magazine called Jeanne d'Arc Living! It looks like such a beautiful magazine....but thats not all, Carole is so generous she is actually sending something that is in the Jeanne d'Arc Living style. To me the magazine was such a sweet and generous gift but then to add anything else well...if you know her blog...then I guess it shouldn't be a surprise :) She loves tiny things too...but not only are they tiny, they are gorgeous and the way she photographs them well...all I can say is I wish she gave picture tutorials :) I am all about the details and she DOESN'T disappoint :) oh hey...that is a post idea for another day....I would love to see all the tiny treaures that make your heart smile :) Look at this gorgeous magazine...even the cover makes you want to sit in a quiet spot for some 'Me" time :)

But as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted my train of thought (I tend to do that ..ALOT) ...I was so excited talking on the phone to my dear friend Dawn of The Feathered Nest, since my best friend and hubby (same person) wasn't home yet, I shared my wonderful news with one of my sweetest friends. You know what was wonderful? Hearing the genuine heart felt happiness in her voice when she congratulated me. She truly is a heart. Tell me how you can not know someone in person...but yet you "know' Them?? Because let me tell you I can talk to her for hours and she is just the most amazing person, she makes me laugh at myself when I need to and she teaches me things that I never knew art wise and when my heart is hurting...she just listens...My stars...that to me is a wonderful friend. We share so many of the same likes and dislikes and I love that she calls me a goober and it doesn't hurt my feelings at t'all because....I know its true lol I mean come on who else but a great friend can laugh with you when you tell them some tiny accomplishment that might seem absurd to most but was MAJOR to you and understand where your coming from? which leads me to my next Oh MY Stars moment lol

Ok everyone ready for this....wait let me take a breath cause I am getting so excited again, that I am starting to get light headed from breathing so fast from the utter excitement ( and yes, thinking of winning Carole's giveaway does that to me too lol) Ok fair warning to EVERYONE out in blog land :)......ready...wait...trying to build up this amazing sorry I digress....I just heard Dawn calling me a Goober in my head :) ok here we go...I LEARNED HOW TO BECOME A FOLLOWER FRIDAY!!!! YEAH !!!!!!!!

Ok...wait a minute...gotta stop and...Do the "rump shaker dance" know the one that Cameron Diaz did in that first Charlies Angels movie, you know the scene from the Soul Train dance show?? well...lose that visual lol I did the dance alright but as my daughters let me know... my rump didn't shake...but hey I tried :) lol (hmm how can I do squats to get a booty without locking up my knee & blowin it out again? ? anyone have any ideas? cause hey I might be 41 but I would love a firm booty cause well ladies...have you seen my man...nuff said lol )

But really...If you see my lil icon...know that I might be a "new follower" but more than likely I am an "old lurker"...wait that doesn't sound right...but well you get the jist :)

I'm telling you I heard fireworks and band music when I saw that I had actually did it right and officially became a FOLLOWER!! Funny thing is my whole life I was told to do my own thing...not to be a follower, to be true to myself and be different....yeah whatever... I was thrilled to be a FOLLOWER :) sooooo...if you suddenly see this lil icon on your blog....TIS ME :)

Isn't this a gorgeous picture of me??? I know, I know...thats what I said...well that and that at my age I really need to learn a lil modesty :) But least in this picture I have a cute butt :) lol Actually when I joined my first blog, the lovely Susan's Peanut Petunia....I tried to upload my picture that is on my blog and well lets just say that until I learn to edit pictures...I didn't think you would appreciate seeing my nose and eye and my gorgeously arched eyebrow bahahahaha :) So I got this beautiful lil angel baby from Dawns blog, she shares some of the most beautiful images on her blog for you to create with...I am telling you as my dear friend Don from Tenn. that is now gone used to say "She is GOOD people" In my hearts eye...that means everything :)

Now I want to share something with you that I shared with Carole of Maynard Greenhouse...I trully hope she doesn't think I am nuts...but well maybe I am but...right now I am as my gorgeous lil niece Bella once said..."happier than a monkeys butt" lol Cause ladies, if you've ever seen a monkeys butt it has a rainbow and can you not be happy with a rainbow on your butt? My Stars I guess you can't fight the logic of a 7 year old lol

Well dear friends its 2 am here and my sleepy pill is finally kicking in....hope everyones weekend is an "Oh My Stars Weekend" too...

*** Just a lil note I wanted to add...when I wrote this post, that first paragraph wasn't meant to make anyone sad, it was just one sad moment in a weekend of some wonderful moments that I wanted to share...But seeing the beautiful comments that I have gotten, made me understand that there are so many out there that have either gone thru what I went thru or they are going thru it now and understand what I am feeling. I cried when I read your comments...but they were happy tears...these didn't hurt :) but truly I want to thank you from the depts of my know the sweet part that would share my favorite last piece of Godiva chocolate cheesecake with you...If you have ever had some of this cheesecake heaven...then you know I am must really mean it if I am willing to share it with you :) XOXOXO.......

Until next time dear friends....



IsabellasCloset said...

Dear Rose,
How my heart goes out to you! I understand your tears, sadness, pain over loosing your Father. I lost both my parents in 2 months time. Then just a few years ago my precious Daughter passed away. Life is devastating. Take each day as it comes.. cry when you must, the tears will be many. Hang in there sweet lady. Life will continue to be have many ups & downs...
Thanks for stopping by blog.. your blog is so very beautiful!
God bless you ~Mary~ :-}

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Oh heart aches for you. I hope you got a good nights sleep...cuz you sure were up late. Congratulations on winning the Jeanne magazine...they're all gorgeous.

xoxo, Andrea

Sharon said...

Oh Rose, I think I have cried and laughed with you through this post. I miss my parents and have silent tears like you. But I know in my heart they are watching over me still. Take comfort in that.
When you write I can almost hear your voice talking. I feel like we have had a real conversation. I find myself smiling as I read.
Have you had a chance to try silver or gold leafing yet?
Take care, Sharon

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Rose,

I was sad when I read your lovely post about your Father. I know in a small way, what you are going through I can understand your sadness.
My Father is sick in hospital at the moment.
He had prostate cancer and was operated on but seems the cancer has gone to his bones.
It is so sad when someone in our Family that means the world to us, and the pain of loosing them.

Well done for winning Carole's giveaway.
That magazine looks lovely and I heard someone talking about this the other day.

I adore the little picture of you and thanks for being a follower on my blog, I am just going to do the same.
Sorry this is so long.

Enjoy your week

Queenie said...

Hey Rose,
Thank you for visiting my blog...I appreciate your comments very much! Your blog is beautiful and you have got the sweetest heart it really shines through the words in your posts. I'll be visiting your blog again soon! Have a wonderful day!