Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A wonderful giveaway and a bebe studio update...

I am all about supporting other blogs, especially after I got my own, the support and friendships that I have made here are when someone has a giveaway for their readers...I think that is just great...but when it is such a wonderful blog to begin with, well how can you not share it with I am sharing a blog that I found thru Dawn of The Feathered Nest (btw have you seen her new picture on her header, I think that is what its called, it is gorgeous! I am so glad that she shared this blog, because I might have found it myself somewhere down the line, but this way I get to enjoy it NOW and I am all about instant gratification....Bet you never woulda guessed that huh? (do I hear you smirkin? ) But seriously it is a beautiful blog thru which I have already found other wonderful blogs. I so love when people share such wonderful links on their blogs, as soon as I can master that next herculean (sp?) feat I will be adding them to my side bar too. Dawn already gave me a mini turorial...I just have to work on it :) Patience be not thy (my) name! without further Adieu....Please go and visit the very talented Margaret of The French Bear Blog she makes the prettiest bears, bunnies and even dolls and not only that but I think her blog is ever so pretty and I just wanna bring all her creations that I have seen so far home with me :) So enough chit chat and hurry on over there because I believe she picks a winner this Friday.

clik here The French Bear Blog

Good luck everyone!!!!! Maybe...Just maybe it's your turn to win a wonderful giveaway and just can then post about bein happier than.....come on you can say it...try it... you might like rolls right off the tongue...Happier than a monkeys butt!!!! ... see I told ya :) (don't know if that helped you but my stars sure made me smile) And remember at least's all about me....Ha!

And now onto my lil bebe studio update... I know it is drama that you have all been faithfully following soooo...

My goodness with everyones wonderful comments inspiring me along, I am in and out of the studio, moving things around and then changing my mind and moving them again and again and again...did I mention I think Mr wonderful is feeling not so wonderful :) The picture wall that is on the right side of my studio is really starting to come together, I am sitting here just looking up and smiling...I swear lil things make make me happier than a monkeys butt, maybe that is why Mr wonderful hasn't complained. I seriously believe that seeing me happy... makes him happy...(kinda full of myself huh? I can't help it, he does that for me :) He has been measuring walls, putting up pictures and wall display cabinets then moving them around because I find that I actually like them over there...rather than where I thought I liked them here....(hey I never said I was easy lol) but I am going for a look in my head that makes me happy and like I said what I am seeing so far is making me happier got it...a monkeys butt! (I can just hear everyone reading this and thinking lordy will she ever get this done... I know this cause, I keep askin myself that same question lol. In a couple of days I will post some more pictures of our progress, just busy the next few days getting my youngest ready for school on Monday...Goodness she's starting the 8th grade and my eldest is now in her 2nd week of college...where did the time go??? Makes me wanna weep that I feel I missed so much and then I see what amazing young woman they are becoming and I wanna weep from happiness :) I know...I'm a goob, I am the VP of that club, I will save the Presidential spot for Dawn :) I know she would appreciate that :) I mean come on...I am usually all about me and here I am willing to take second in command....shhh don't let my kids know, we have a rule in this's all about me...(lol don't I wish)

Well, again it is almost 2 am and I need to crash or risk waking up with a swollen face and eyes again...btw...when did that happen? Seems I hit 41 and late nights just aren't what they used to be..I mean...I used to wake up looking good no matter how much I did or didn't sleep! (right..look good, maybe I just didn't look in the mirror as much lol)

Until next time dear friends....



Lisa@End of the Lane said...

Hi Rose!
HaHaHa! I am laughing as I type about the monkey butt. I have never heard that before....
Have a good day!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

You are too funny. I did know of Margaret's blog giveaway. She was kind enough to tell me about it. I think she's going to be overwhelmed with all the entries. They are so cute. I think I'm going to have to get me some of those little guys. I know the perfect people to give them to.
Can't wait to see the progress on your studio.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Rose,

I am with your there, about the early nights.
Gone are the days when you could stay up late, I like my sleep too much.
Margaret of the French Bear fame, is lovely and makes the most beautiful treasures, I have been following her blog for a wee while.
Look forward to hearing more about your studio.


Lori said...

i was over to visit Margaret already for her giveaway...she makes the sweetest little creations!!! how nice that you are working on a studio...i can only dream of having one

Candy-Faith said...

Hi Rose!
Your profile picture is so pretty!
Thank you for your kind comment. I am enjoying decorating our new place. Hope to blog more about some of the new items I recently bought but my computer crashed (Im using my husbands old fashioned work computer right now haha but it doesnt work with my camera as my own computer does so I cant show more pics yet until my own computer is repaired)
ANYWAYS :):) Thanks again for the comment. I like your blog too!!!

Candy :)

Karen Valentine said...

What a wonderful list of blogs you have compiled here! I am honored to a part of it. Thank you. I don't think your blog will load more slowly. Rose, please forgive me...but I can't remember if I responded to your question about the "please follow me" button on my blog. If I didn't will you let me know so I can answer your question?

My Desert Cottage

paperbird said...

Rose what a sweetie you are. Thank you for your vewry kind comments you left on my blog. Ok, you can have may hair but then you will need my daughter as well because she is the magician who covers the gray every four weeks!
I so would be doing the rump shaker dance as well- this blogging is tough- there are still things I can't figure out so way to go!
So glad you stopped by ti visit :)