Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little disappointment and a big Thank you!!

I was all set to share a new post and all these gorgeous pictures that I just took tonight with my new camera that I got with my scratcher ticket winnings and come to find out that our reader (I think that is what my husband called it) won't work with my tiny new lil Sony memory stick....UGH and yes...if you know me you know most of this statement was a total fib....the pictures aren't gorgeous....but in my defense they looked really pretty on the camera screen lol Sooo I am hoping that these pictures will at least look alot prettier than what I normally shared before....(I hope...I hope)

I was intending to take part in My Favorite Cup..an active giveaway that the lovely Mira of Belle Blanc is having...I thought that the idea was so lovely...she is asking that you share your favorite cup and let her know you are particpating and she will pick her favorite picture for the winner. The Giveaway ends March 2nd... Maybe if I can get a new card reader in the morning, I can still join in :) Heres to hopin...

But in the meantime, if you get a chance, visit her beautiful blog, the pictures and posts are beautiful and I really liked the song by Billy Clyro called "Many of Horror" (I believe that is what it was called) that was playing when I last visited her, infact I liked it so much I kept her blog open while I wrote this post to listen to it over & over :) I also wanted to say how much I have enjoyed visiting everyone that has shared their favorite beautiful cups :)

You can clik on Mira's beautiful button
to see her post on this...

Now for that big thank you....THANK YOU!!!! to all of you that have sent me emails and left me such lovely comments asking if I am ok and probably wondering if I fell of this earth :) Well amores...I am still here...I have so many excuses...let me see...1. life is just taking over what is normally "my time" and although I am not happy about that...life is what it is right? :) 2. add in worries...financial...health...my families, friends....you name it...I think it...sometimes I know I think too much...I just can't help it...my mind seems to be forever going...one thought after another....3. then getting sick again...sounding like froggy of the little Rascals' is not my idea of a sexy throaty voice lol but right now....tis what I sound like....my friend who is a nurse said...stress...low immune system all can lead to not being able to fight all these lil colds....yeah like that can be helped right now ;) 4. And then feeling blue...what is that all about anyways??? I know I have sooo much to be thankful for.....I have a roof over my head, my kids, hubby, mama, sister, nieces and nephews are all well thank God, but still....I feel blue even when life is sometimes so overwheming....I am so ready for warm sun and gardening, working on our home....and that is one of the reasons I don't post or visit right now too much...GUILT....that I feel like this...when things are so much worse for others and I see on the news how they are snowed in, no heat or electricity, and yet I complain....I think Myrna of More Than Heirlooms hit it dead on with her post about Gratitude Journals....I think that is a wonderful idea to help me put things in perspective....In fact I just bought one of her beautiful Gratitude Journals that she made....I can't wait to get it and use it :) Anyways amores, enough about my woeswaysme tirade :) I will be back as soon as I can with pictures...lots of pictures of wonderful things I have to share with you....like gifts I got in the mail....lovely thrifting treasure hunt finds, Etsy finds and just sharing my wonderful... long posts that I know you all miss so much lol :)

Until next time, my dear friends.....


Rose ~


LiLi M. said...

Great that you are back again, alive and kicking! Your cup is really gorgeous, but I have seen quite a few good ones. It is fun though! Have a nice day!

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

I understand everything you said. And you know what, sometimes we just don't feel like sharing. That's okay, I'll still be here when you get back to feeling like yourself & judging by the number of emails you got I'm not alone! You are a special sweet soul Rose.
PS I have to look at the teacup blog, that button is beautiful!

cityfarmer said...

... I do know the sadness of the techy stuff gone bad ...hope you get the camera stuff worked out ... in the mean time ...I MISS YOU

The French Bear said...

Rose, you are so sweet, you don't have to explain anything, didn't you know we love you no matter what!!! That's what a blog family does....we are here for when you need some loving, help, understanding..... whatever! I feel like sometimes the world is spinning, the girls I work with always tease me and say Margaret's twirling again, I just get overwhelmed with it all.... Then I blog with you wonderful friends and I remember why I started this whole thing.... I think you are right, we all are ready for beautiful weather!!! I hope you get your pictures up, I would love to see your favorite teacup!!!
I will check in on you later!!!
Have a wonderful day and enjoy your journal!!!
Did you check out Heather from Pretty Petals, she is having an online class on how to make journals, I think I am going to take it!! She makes beautiful things!
Margaret B

Kelly Berkey said...

you just have a case of winter blues rosa, we are all going through this right now. i've been in a funk for weeks now! sunshine and grass is the ticket! i'm just counting the days until my much needed vacation!
this is a time to slow down, reflect, and get ready for a wonderful spring and summer.
glad to see you back my beautiful friend!

julie said...

Hi Rose, this winter has done a job on me to. I think what you are feeling is called Human Nature. It does make you feel better when you put it in words. Hope you feel better...julie

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

It's all good...you just take a break whenever you need one...we'll still be here :o)

Kolleen said...

hang in there my sweet friend!!

sending you lots and lots of love!!!

so happy to see you posted...i was missing you!!

i also emailed you back about getting together...let's do it!!! we live pretty close!!!!


Myrna said...

Isn't wonderful here in Blogland to have all these great gals who 'get' you..who understand what you're going thru, who don't judge by the quality of pictures, or even if there aren't any pictures. Sometimes life is messy and not pretty. Sometimes our troubles loom over us till it seems to block out the light.
I think when we get honest and admit that we're going thru a hard time, it breaks the spell. It cracks the darkness and the light begins to shine thru again.
As my mom used to quote from the Bible "This too, shall pass". And it will, Rose.
Thank you for sharing real life, Rose. For you, I'm grateful!!
I'm praying for you, sweet friend!

paperbird said...

Rose I am sorry I missed this post- I kept checking but somehow I missed it. You are feeling a little low, I am sorry. This happens to me every winter. No matter how hard I try to escape the blues, they still come. I too am SO ready for sunny days, I hope they come soon to you. Your package is coming soon I hope it brightens your day!

Rebecca said...

Hey ROse
Sorry to hear your sick again... I am finally getting over the one the babies gave me. I have been out in the sun trying to bake it out of me :)
I have been enjoying the Az sun and will be home on Friday, sure went fast