Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My favorite & most treasured cup....

First I have to give much love to my mr wonderful for running to the store for me this morning and getting me a card reader so that this and many more posts would be possible :) Thank you papi! te quiero mucho :)

I had to take all my "beautiful" pictures again cause...goober that I am...I forgot to use a flash and at 11 pm apparently I need one lol I hope you enjoy my first try at new pictures...these are all me...can't blame anyone for my booboos....so be nice lol I promise I will keep practicing and I am even going to read my manual so that I can actually know what the thingys on my camera are for :)

Like I said in my earlier post today, the lovely Mira of Belle Blanc is having an active giveaway...you get to share you favorite cup and let her know you are participating, she will then visit everyone and then choose her favorite... I might be too late to have a chance to participate in the actual giveaway....but I still wanted to participate because I think it is such a lovely idea :) Go visit her blog and see who else is participating...

These are some of my favorite cups, I started collecting cups & saucers with roses on them when I was 13, starting at my neighbors yards sales...I think I have about 50-60 sets and maybe another 30 just cups and I can honestly tell you most were in the dollar or under price range :) although when I got older and my tastes got into the prettier ones...the prices weren't so pretty...still I tried to keep it under $5-7 :) My favorites are the tiny ones...I love tiny things...but that is for another post :)

The littles came out to play Vanna White and show off some of my lovely cups for you...To give you an idea of how small some of my cups are, the lil bebe dolls are about 2 1/2 in. tall whenever I take out my tiny lil bebe dolls, my daughter says this to me..."they're coming to take you away..ha! Ha!, they're coming to take you away" cheeky lil munkey isn't she :)

Doesn't everything look better under glass...always makes me smile...
excuse all my stuff on the table I was also taking pictures of some thriftin treasures :)

This is my everyday cup...made of china and has my very own cheeky lil munkey given to me by my cheeky lil munkies :) sorry for the picture quality...I took this late last nite...no flash.

But of all my cups...I must confess...I have only one that is my most favorite & treasured cup...it is this one below...it may not be gorgeous, with handpainted roses or some fru fru name on the bottom...although I gotta admit...I love those fru fru names especially of far away places :) This lovely little cup is one of my most treasured possesions and if we were to have a fire or an earthquake, I would make sure it is one of the things that I take with me when I ran out the door...see it has a beautiful history...it belonged to my great, great grandma and she gave it to my uncle when he was a lil boy...he died when he was 3 years old of an illness that in those days killed so many...my mama thinks maybe a common cold he was the eldest of 10 children...but my mama and I figured that this lil treasure of ours is over 100 years old and it comes from Germany...My great, great grandma bought it with her and it was her favorite cup....see I think I shared that before...I am kind of a lil mutt...I am Mexican, Italian, German & Spanish all that wrapped up in a 5ft 4in American package :)

Isn't she beautiful..her history still can bring me to tears...

This is a close up...notice all the dirt and cracks...I haven't been able to bring myself to clean it, I am so afraid to break it or damage it even more...all the petals from the little flower have long since broken off...But I think she is more beautiful and more valuable than any of the beautiful cups I have collected in my lifetime so far :) My mama and aunts gave this to me, trusting me to be the care taker of many of our families heirloom treasures....aren't I blessed to be trusted so....I think I am :)

Now, that I have shared my favorite & most treasured cup with you, make sure you hop into the Cinderelli coach and go see everyone else favorite cup post too and enjoy them as much as I have...just don't be a goober like me...and forget to leave a comment...I know...my bad :) Now I need to go revisit everyone and tell them what I think of their lovely cups...cause you know in my world...my opinion matters lol

Mira, thank you so much...I am so excited because this is my first time participating in something lovely like this in Blogland :) Grazie!!!

Until next time dear friends....




Diva Kreszl said...

you have such beautiful cups!!! I believe I have one of those little dolls tucked away somewhere with my childhood dolls.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful, Rose! I love your sweet muse and the cups are gorgeous.

You are so fun! Your honey reminds me of mine. He'd do anything for me. Makes life wonderful.

Love to you~


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Rose,

Lovely post, dear friend.
Love all your pretty cups and I have the tea set of the Country Roses, see you have that too.
Your very special cup in under the cloche is gorgeous and was neat to hear the story behind it.
Also made me smile when I saw your little dolls, I had a few of those, sweet aren't they.
You were asking about the silver balls on cupcakes ~ they are called cachous balls, I get mine from the grocery store ~ let me know if you can't get them.

Happy week

Kolleen said...

love these beautiful, dainty sweet cups.

love even more the love you share with your darling husband!

sending love my friend!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hello Rose, oh how I love your little cups and little bebes. I would want to play with them too! And your heirloom cup is amazing. so precious as the history behind it.
hugs and blessings,

craftymarta said...

Hi Rose. I just found your blog via Theresa's Garden Antiques. I thought I have seen them all but there you were. I love collecting china and have like you so many of them and many with a story attached to them. I LOVE your little people. I searched for them and when I come across any they are so expensive. Have you ever participated in Pink Saturday blog parties? I think your babies and china will be right at home plus most of my blog friends I have made because of PS. I love making pretty things too so stop and visit some time. I will keep checking your blog.Blessings, Marta.

~Mlle de Sombreuil~ said...

Rose, your pictures are great. Looks like you have it. I love your collection of cups, especially the pretty blue one,with legs. Those small dolls are so cute! Have a great day! Audrey

Laura said...

Hello dear Rose...
Your collection is lovely...so many little treasures! I especially love that you showed us your great great grandmother's cup...that is certainly a wonderful thing to have from your family!
Have a good night...
Laura :)

June said...

Rose your cup has such a beautiful history. I love things that have meaning to the one who holds it dear. I love the cracks and chips, I guess I should, as I have plenty myself. Now as for the little babies...they're coming to take you away!
hugs to you, you cute thing you!

paperbird said...

Your cups are gorgeous. My Grandmother had a beautiful collection of antique tea cups. I have always wondered who got those- not me :)
Great job with your pictures. I always try to take mine during the day so as to get a good picture- I am terrible with the camera at night. Good job Rose!

LiLi M. said...

So you did it! Yep I believe it is hard to choose a favorite only the memories attached make it easier! I love small cups too and childrens teasets, well everything small, we have that in common. Thanks for sharing your priceless beauty, have a lovely day!

T's Daily Treasures said...

You have a lovely collection. I don't have pretty cups or mugs. Just useful ones. The history behind your cherished little mug is really so precious. Many blessings, Tammy

Kimberly said...

Rose, Really pretty! I have never seen a cup quite like your family treasure.....glad you are OK and that you realize, as we all must, that we are really blessed when we have our families.

CIELO said...

Very pretty... like YOU! So nice meeting you...


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

WOW Rose...2 posts in one day! I guess you're making up for lost time..lol
Your cups are lovely and especially the last one with all it's history.
Can't wait to see more with that new camera. You know I hardly ever use a flash. Just turn more lights on in the room it'll give everything a warm glow! just a thought!

ps...your opinions do mean a lot!

belle-blanc said...

Dear Rose,
such a beautiful story to your favorite unique cup. The Giveaway is over now and I will make a new post in a few minutes... now it is my turn and I have the very difficult job to decide which cup will be my favorite... I love them all, cause you all took part at my little Cup-party... and yes, all you have to do to see the other cups just click the comment of the others and go to their blogs, thank you so much for participating, hugs Mira!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Rose, sweetie, you shock me!!! 4 posts in 3 days - I can hardly catch up! I love your rose cups, they are very pretty. Of course the one of your great great grandma is very special to you! Good luck for the contest!
I thought it's exciting that you are Mexican and Italian. Now I learn that you are German and Spanish also. Wow! Then we can talk in German, right ;-)?
I wish you sweet dreams!